Episode 643 - Hannibal

  1. If anything, the guys are underselling what an OTT character Mason Verger is. In the book and I believe the show (which is pretty damn good btw), Verger is not only a pedo, he harvests orphan tears for his martinis. Cruella DeVille would see that and be like, "Come now, that''s too much."

  2. And he used to have Cordell bring in kids for him to psychologically torture, also. The scene with him and Franklin actually made me cry.

  3. Oh good somewhere to complain about Thomas Harris. This is a gripe that keeps me up at night. Thomas Harris loves to act smart. All of his books appear to be quite well researched. Especially in Hannibal, he was tossing in Fun Facts like “DID YOU KNOW HENRY THE EIGHTH INVENTED THE THEREMIN” all over the place. Same for Silence, but about like, criminal profiling and how the FBI works.

  4. I very much enjoyed your rant but isn't the human suit in Lambs multiple persons? That's what I always thought, because he had the suit there and was going to use her to add to it.

  5. Has anyone read Thomas Harris’ latest? So after Red Dragon/Manhunter he started writing like this is DEFINITELY becoming a screenplay. He got away with it for Silence but it kept getting worse. The latest should not be adapted. He’s hardcore-ing it up but there’s nothing there.

  6. Cari Mora? I liked it, but it was total self-parody. I got the feeling he was laughing his ass of during some of it. “You like hot self-inserts? I got your hot self-insert right here, you fucking pigs.”

  7. The Rotten Rid bit reminds me of a great line in the Gervais series Extras. His character is trying to pretend he knows Riddley Scott in front of a reporter. He asks his friend to pretend Scott is on the phone. She misunderstand and says: "I have a phone call from a Wiggly Scott for ya."

  8. re: Verger in the wheelchair, they make this very explicit in the book and show (i think it might get a quick mention in the movie), but Hannibal also broke his neck in a way that paralyzed him

  9. This was really fun, was hoping it would have a Richie Rich call back because they had Verger sharing the estate with the Riches.

  10. Like Chris I was also excited for the release of the book. I had devoured Red Dragon and Silence. Reading the book I had the same sense of revulsion, pretty much from the first chapter on. I remember getting to the end and just being disgusted with it.

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