Episode 642 - The Royal Tenenbaums

  1. Love this movie, love Wes (although French Dispatch is the first one that didn't quite land right with me). Looking forward to this.

  2. Their jokes can feel like they are complaining about dumb tweets they came across. I really enjoy those bits but I get why that would rub someone in a wrong way.

  3. Ha, same. (But I definitely see their point about [some] people performatively dismissing movies with privileged/rich characters and then ignoring movies about poor and working-class people. Or worse, lavishing praise on poverty porn movies. I totally get not liking WA, but anyone who thinks this movie is unironically fetishizing wealth just plain watched it wrong.)

  4. This film is so good that the boys donning their best Baldwin narration voices repeating the line 'Chas was the only witness to his death' had me hit in the gut on a train.

  5. Love it. Wes Anderson kinda disappeared into his own dollhouse but before he did that, he was incredible. He’s operating in the real world for his first three or four, if an under sea world is “the real world” haha. Then he loses me like crazy, but I should give ‘em a second chance.

  6. Hadn't tried watching this since like 20 years ago when I noped out after 20 minutes because of rich people doing rich people things but I passed the stick out of my ass by now and loved it while watching it before listening to the episode. I still think I love The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr. Fox more, but glad to finally appreciate this one.

  7. Can you help me with something? He says “I’m going to kill myself tomorrow” then immediately does it. Is there a scene where he said that to someone, or just a forced error, or what? I still think it’s effective but I’m always confused by it

  8. I was so overdue for a rewatch and now I think I'm finally ready for a Margot Halloween costume. (Not with a Richie.) Not sure where I'm gonna get a belted caramel mink coat, but I have 11 months.

  9. The story is that Gene Hackman just eats at that place in diners, drive-ins and dives. Total random happenstance and Guy didn't realize who it was until after.

  10. I feel like there is some type of irony in Chris hating on people who don’t like WA and in the same breath brings up marvel as per usual 😂

  11. Wonderful episode that hit on basically everything I love about the movie. Especially loved Chris shouting out Bill Murray's "May I CONFIDE in you?" line delivery which has always been one of the biggest laughs for me

  12. Yeah. I've given Wes Anderson a fair shot, but for the most part I can't stand his movies. I'm really not looking forward to listening to the guys pretentiously suck his dick for two hours.

  13. I like most Wes Anderson films. I did not like this movie for reasons I cannot quantify. It just did not do it for me.

  14. might be worth revisiting. I watched this when it came out and it didnt really hit any note with me. I watched it again this year and it was a completely different experience.

  15. I've only seen two. Grand Budapest Hotel is one of my favourite movies and I've watched it several times. This one, I was bored out of my mind and can't remember a single thing or character. Most films this month I don't like or don't care about but I'm very excited for Hannibal and Dracula.

  16. Did I miss a bit or did they not shout out Luke Wilson's performance in this at all?? Bit gutted about that if so, he's the best one in it. And never properly worked with Anderson again so would have been an interesting discussion as to why etc.

  17. I haven't listened to the episode yet but I really hope that in between the jokes I can understand the hullabaloo surrounding Wes Anderson movies. It's frustrating, like being the only one who can't see the hidden picture in a Magic Eye.

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