To compete with Grand Seiko’s Snowflake, Rolex has released their newest dial: Precipitation. Water resistant because it is water itself.

  1. Haha - what will it cost? Your dignity walking to the AD and telling them you're too dumb to screw down a crown...

  2. uj/ is it true that there's a process where you get to know an AD and buy several watches just to get the one you want if you buy a rolex? Or is it just a meme

  3. How do you think vintage watches get patina? Obviously sun and water “damage” but it’s not damage if it’s desirable. Damage is just a term invented by watch repair lobbyists trying to take more of your money.

  4. Leaving the crown unscrewed. No way this was defective, Rolex tests each watch to 10-20% over the pressure rating. (Dive watches they test 30% over)

  5. It has so much moisture in it. You could turn it into a mini ecosystem! A couple baby shrimp, baby snails & baby crabs. Small ferns, some top soil.

  6. A liquid filled watch that's not water tight is practically water proof up to any depth. They might be on to something here

  7. I really hope they just forgot to screw down the crown. Otherwise this is unacceptable QC for a couple year old $11k MSRP watch

  8. Copying pocket watches (a lot of early Rolex innovations were "pocket watch feature with a bracelet!"), Blancpain (the Sub is a 50 fathoms homage), now Ressence.

  9. Did this guy go diving in it or sit in a steam room with the crown not screwed down? That is a relatively new watch and the rubber gasket would still keep water out even if the crown was not screwed in while taking a shower.

  10. I've said it before and I will say it again. Rich people are wild. Do all rich people treat their things like this? It seems like this person doesn't deserve such a watch.... Because of.... Intelligence 😬

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