Very expensive Freudian slip

  1. If anything, it was this exact moment he knew he could just close the door in the dude's face and go back to living life guilt-free. I hate solicitors coming to my front door, and I hate that I'm too polite to give them the old "fuck off." This dude got a 10/10 out to walk away without giving this guy the time of day. I'd call that a win.

  2. And unlike most of my core cringe memories I have to relieve at night, this man made his in the age of camera recordings everywhere. This man will never forget because whenever he tries it'll just make its rounds again on twitter/reddit/wherever and bam, it's back.

  3. But heres the thing. I'm not black, but not once in my 26yrs of life have I ever thought to call a black person the n word.

  4. This has to be one of the best videos I've seen on this subreddit in a while. The seller is uncomfortable, the neighbor is uncomfortable, I'm uncomfortable, everyone's just cringing.

  5. I had this happen when I lived in West Philly in a predominantly black neighborhood. Someone came to my door soliciting something, and there was a block party happening somewhere a few blocks over. I asked him, "Is there a block thing going on around here or something?" He looked confused for a second and paused, then said "I thought you said 'is there a BLACK thing going on'" and we both started laughing. (He was black) I said "Yes I KNOW there's a black thing going on!" Thankfully the exchange wasn't cringey.

  6. “That’s okay. Why don’t you just cracker on up the block? I believe Mrs. Whitey might be interested. She’s a little deaf so maybe honkey your horn before you ring the bell.”

  7. I did this once with my brand new boss… I sat down and was talking with him about some changes and I tried to say “non-stick” but I said “non-spic” then I yelled “SPIC! I MEAN STICK!”… he’s Puerto Rican.

  8. I 100% think that he was under the impression black people could not live their, for some delusional reason, so when the neighbor opened the door his brain was screaming “There’s one living here?!!” so loud that it drowned out his “public vocabulary” thoughts.

  9. I was thinking "Freuidian slip? What, is a woman gonna come out and he says boobs instead of books.... OH. OH GOD NO. no no no."

  10. At a funeral, I asked the father how his dead son was doing. I meant to ask about his other (living) son but yeah, instead, I asked him how his dead son was…

  11. at my mom's funeral, the priest at her roman Catholic church was a 60 year old Chinese guy. Giving a eulogy in a second language is probably harder than anything I've ever done, but this guy really didn't understand the difference between the idioms "in the arms of" and "at the hands of"

  12. Dude even had to stop and rewind his entire life after he got out of the porch lmao. This is going to be the last memory to fade even if he gets dementia.

  13. I have never actually died inside myself watching one of these vids. That was the absolute last thing I expected him to say it hit me like a truck

  14. This might be the pinnacle of this sub or of any cringe content. It was almost physically painful to watch. I think I sucked a breath in through my teeth that may still be lodged in my chest somewhere.

  15. Worked with a Mexican dude for a little while, I kept calling him brother.. Except I wasn't, I was saying asshole in Spanish.. It wasnt until a couple years later I realized. Bet the guy thought I was a total dick.. Which I guess I am for not knowing the difference.

  16. So, a white guy told you it was OK to paint the house? I thought he was in charge! Why would you think he was in charge???? Cause he was white!

  17. I had to stop watching the Boondocks for this Freudian slip reason lol. I have a tendency to casually parrot things from TV shows I watch, and when I binged season 1 I was walking on eggshells for months cause when you accidentally slip into your post Doctor Who British accent nobody panicks, but accidentally start talking like Riley Freeman and everyone loses their minds.

  18. I saw the typical sales approach of "hey we're at this neighbors place..." And was like ahhh this guy's gonna accidentally reveal that's a lie huh? Then he dropped the hard r.... All I could think was bro take the L apologize run away, highlight that street on your map as completed, call it a day, and go to the next neighborhood over tomorrow.

  19. This is why you shouldn’t get comfortable using this language with “just the guys,” your brain may call you out on your bullshit without realizing it

  20. Oh, that's what he said. Damn I need hearing aids or something, because I legit thought he said neighbors twice and didn't understand what the hell happened.

  21. I really wasn't expecting that and immediately backed out as I couldn't handle the cringe. Definitely wasn't the first time.

  22. Similar experience. After I told my ex partner that my Mom was retired, he texted to her: "So, you're officially retarded"

  23. I partnered up with a coworker during training. Sharing a computer, I typed in the url "pornhub" instead of "pronto". I didn't realize my mistake until he starting laughing. Stupid brain.

  24. I once asked a black woman, while waiting tables, if she wanted a chocolate erection for dessert. The cake is called chocolate eruption. I wanted to die right there and I think her white husband/boyfriend wanted too as well.

  25. When I was young enough to be in school as a student (maybe 14?) I asked about a masterbating class instead of meditating class.

  26. So, I'm from South Asia, but I'm mixed race so I kinda just look generically mixed. Anyway, I'm at university in the US, and I stop by one of the two Subways off campus to get so lunch. I notice how everybody working there is Indian. And they ask me what kind of bread I want on my sandwich, and I want Italian bread, but I said "Indian" and that was the last time i went to that Subway.

  27. My colleague printed and distributed 1000 flyers that proclaimed the company was a champion of the pubic sector instead of public sector.

  28. In high school biology, we were doing a lesson on lipids and was asked a question, and I said "lipids are hydrophobic." Turns out I actually said "homophobic" but didn't realize it and was confused why everyone was laughing. Cringiest day of my life.

  29. Mine was when I said orgasm instead of organism in 6th grade and everyone laughed. I didn't get in trouble because I had no idea what I said.

  30. Middle school history and geography class, learning about African countries by having students read aloud the names of each one from a map. When it came to be my turn, I had Niger. I didn't know how it was actually pronounced...and welp, let's just say the teacher was mortified and quickly corrected me lol

  31. Honestly that’s not even cringe if you play it right and are popular, probably my worst moment was when I asked the teacher about perpetual motion machines but instead of perpetual I said perpendicular motion machines lmao, it was only embarrassing cos I said to my friend “watch this, I’ll show you how smart I am” and then proceed to do the most idiotic shit lmao…

  32. My mom said “n***** please!” while telling a story to my black girlfriend, my sister and me. Then walked away like nothing happened…. Realizing after about five seconds what she had said, running back, apologizing profusely, and then telling my gf that I used to say the n word all the time.

  33. Poor black guy. The dude is just having a regular day then some guy rings his doorbell, calls him the n word, then walks off

  34. Thats exactly what I did today. Scrolling reddit instead of getting ready for work then this post popped up and I just cringed my way into my clothes.

  35. I almost got roped into door to door sales in college. Even went to a few trainings. This guy is using a classic door approach, almost exactly the same dialogue I was taught. Which is: “Hi, I’m in the area getting your neighbors set up with (product), what are you using for (product)?”

  36. Speaking as an industrial electrician, solar farming is extremely common these days, and is typically a quid pro quo arrangement. The companies selling the service are often third parties and can be shady, but the actual service is not necessarily a scam.

  37. No matter what your occupation is, if your first thought upon seeing a black person is "Don't say the n-word," there is clearly a major issue.

  38. The real wtf moment for me was that I actually heard it as neighbors, then he apologized. I was like "huh? What did I miss", rewatched and heard neighbors again. Then I went to the comments, saw what he said, rewatched and now I really don't understand how I heard neighbors because he says the n word clear as day.

  39. Massive respect to the homeowner just saying "goodbye" and going back inside. No point continuing the interaction, they both knew it was over at that point.

  40. Part of me is sitting here going “damn, but if I was already interested in solar, I’d be thinking I can get a massive discount here…”

  41. It is a video that I was like "huh, I wonder what he is going to say..." then the moment he says it you get so uncomfortable for him that you press back on your phone so many times that you actually close Reddit. And you still don't feel like you have distanced yourself far enough away from that slip.

  42. I remember the heads of the voice department were trying to get my girlfriend at the time to re-enroll. Instead of saying “you guys need to gang up on her” I said “yeah you guys should gang-bang her.”

  43. Okay so something similar happened to my husband is a very innocent way at his work. He sells mattresses and he was in the middle of selling a temperpedic which is very very expensive. The couple he was selling to was black and had their kid with them who was climbing all over the beds and his parents. My husband and i have a daughter who we call chunky monkey, sometimes just monkey. So when the kid was climbing around the store he said "Look at that little monkey go!" He had to frantically explain the slip. he ended up selling the mattress though lol

  44. Wow. This is more cringey than all those videos of girls telling guys “no” in those public marriage proposal videos. My body has contorted this much in awhile. He will never forget that for the rest of his life. When he least expects it, this memory will pop into his head and he will relive the shame. Wow.

  45. I did something similar with a Freudian slip. I meant to ask my wife to pass the salt but instead said "you ruined my life, you bitch". It was pretty awkward.

  46. As uncomfortable as it made me, I cannot imagine how bad it was for the person who said it and the person who heard it.😬

  47. I literally stopped the video after he said it. I couldn’t finish it! I ended up finishing it but shit I’ve never felt myself die inside from any of these videos. I like was NO!

  48. I never accidentally say that word. I never say it on purpose either. I wonder if those two things are linked...

  49. What makes this 10x funnier is that the guy didn't flip out on him, he's calmly like "aight man", like an unspoken acknowledgement that their conversation is now over, and the other guys clearly rehearsed spiel is now worthless. I don't think a funnier end to this interaction is possible.

  50. This is like, literally my nightmare. I’ve never said that word in my life, but for some reason I’m paranoid I’ll say it at the worst possible time.

  51. Yeah I stumble over words all the time and they come out gibberish, especially when I'm nervous or anxious. At some point I'll stumble into a word like this. People on the internet don't seem to understand that it's possible to accidentally say shit that you don't say on a regular basis.

  52. Bro there’s no way that he wasn’t thinking it after he saw the guy, like how do you slip up that badly lmfao

  53. I accidentally said “Are you a bitch?” to a friend’s daughter, to make fun of the t-shirt she is wearing, which wrote “witch” on it.

  54. I did this (type of thing) to a woman once, it was so weird and mortifying. I don't even give a fuck about anyone's weight and had no conscious thoughts about this person in particular, but somehow I said something like 'i don't think we should get a new fat this year...I mean fence! we should wait for next year for the new...fence. sorry.' It was so stupid, like a TV moment. I don't know why or how my brain did that. I still cringe and feel awful, ugh.

  55. See i think it’s doubtful this would have happened if that word wasn’t already a part of his vocabulary. That particular string of syllables has never been put together by mouth, so I have no concerns about saying it. All I feel is disgust towards the salesman and sympathy for the homeowner. No embarrassment.

  56. It's hilarious to see that both people defending this guy and people insulting this guy are getting down voted. The only acceptable take on this thread is "welp that sucked"

  57. I was born with a birth defect, and I limp because of it. In high school, I was once talking to this girl I had a huge crush on. She asked me about my condition, and instead of saying, “congenital defect”, I blurted out “genital defect”.

  58. I once had a bit of a slip up, when someone asked me what was a chalupa. (I was working at Taco Bell) and I accidentally said "fried fat-ass" instead of "fried Flatbread." Thankfully the customer didn't notice when I said it, but just about everyone in line and all my coworkers heard me.

  59. Two psychiatrists meet on the street and say hello. “How are you?” asks one. “Eh, not so good,” says the other. “I had a stupid misunderstanding, a slip of the tongue. I was visiting my mother out at the old folks’ home. We were having lunch and I asked her to pass me the salt, but instead I said, ‘You fucking bitch you ruined my life.

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