1. I'm also hoping that the part where there's yelling at the beginning was only a small portion of how they were trying to convince him not to perform this asinine stunt as the tree is not going to budge, while he was arguing that they are idiots and he's seen his uncle's cousin Ibrahim do this dozens of times without an issue...

  2. It really is. We need to get our dumbest friends from every nation, put them on stage and all join in their misery.

  3. It's because he tied it to the wrong part of his car. It should have been tied off at the frame, not the rear wheel assembly. That part of the car is put together to deal (mostly) with vertical forces, not the force of being pulled horizontally from the frame.

  4. Rope can be surprisingly strong. The fall protection lifelines I used at work are 5/8" in diameter, they're rated to 5000lbs. In practice they can exceed that limit by a large margin.

  5. Favorite part is when he walked back to the driver side with a “screw you guys I’m going home” look before his shoulders drooped and he realized he’s not going anywhere.

  6. Laughter is great. I don’t speak of lick of their language, but I’d be right there laughing with the dude. In that moment we wouldn’t need to speak the same language to communicate 100%

  7. That’s Arabic, Omani accent. Not many arabs understand it, probably just the locals. In the beginning he was asking his friends to back off. After he cracked the car, (not his car apparently, but his friend’s), he told the man who was laughing “you told me you had a good car, now look what happened” or something like that

  8. Fuck man I miss the Middle East. Growing up there we used to do stupid shit like this all the time . When we were in 8th grade we drifted too Much in a very narrow road and hit a curb and the front axle came off. We all ran out of the car and had to calll a god damn crane to lift the car off the road.

  9. “Geico service center, how can I help you?” “I’ve been in an accident and I will need to claim a new car on insurance.” “Ok sir, can you describe the accident?” “Yeah, I probably could, but I don’t think it is relevant.” “Ok sir, can you send a photograph of the damage.” “Umm, we’ll, I could, but I think you just need to take my word for it that the car is a total write off.” “You were being an idiot, weren’t you?” “Yes ma’am, and I promise to never do it again. Can you please just give me a new car now?”

  10. Looking at this again looks like the subframe and suspension assembly was disassembled before hand. at 29 seconds you can see the damper (on car) is fairly damage free and it's mount (near the right wheel) is also undamaged. The long bolt that would connect both together seems to be missing.

  11. The laugh makes it that much funnier!!! U can tell it's a legit laugh, and tht guys probably peeing himself he's laughing so hard!! Definitely made me laugh!!!💜💜💜

  12. My bro just put a posi- trac in this civic so strong it'll tear trees out.. Bet it wont.. then dare me Darryl! I dare ya. Hold my camel leash.

  13. When will people learn that this will literally never work. Anything small-medium or bigger with a halfway grown in root system, especially if it’s not dug out AT ALL, is NOT going to budge and it WILL fuck up your car

  14. Was that a Palm they were trying to pull up? Those are fibrous, with long fibers running up and down the entire length of the trunk. They are built to survive hurricane force winds... and sedans with snatch straps for that matter.

  15. Yeah not sure if any of you have ever tried to pull a stump up with a pickup before but it's normally fucking impossible if it has any sort of root system.

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