What do you guys think of the new skin?

  1. They know exactly what they’re releasing. And I’m sure it will take a super long time to fix so they can milk as much money out of the game as they can before mw2 drops.

  2. The thing is that I agree with you and at the same time I don't. Getting realistically old fashion guns from the battle pass makes sense cuz it's a ww2 game (Vanguard) but I'm so sick and tired of them cuz they all look the same and none are unique. The most used skins that I see are still the scream skin and the Joker ones and now this one. They are unique and people like that. But yeah screw this rose 2.0 the devs knew exactly what they were doing

  3. I actually think it's a funky design futuristic ninja like, I like the purple bits that they have added to it (even if it doesn't really show in game) . Also the 2400 cod points means the skin basically comes with the cod points as a bonus for slightly less than buying the cod points alone.

  4. Agreed, as cool as I initially thought Scream, Snoop Dogg etc were. I think it's just a money grab, which is sad. Cause in a sense ruins the game. But I guess the money that's put in to the game, the more money they can use to fix cheaters, glitches, etc.

  5. Hell yeah. I bought the infiltrator pack and didn't realize for $10 more I could've had this skin and an extra 1300 cod points

  6. I want to hate you for buying it, but also I kinda get you. If you want to play the game, you really need to level the field and since everybody and their uncle is using it...

  7. Straight up who buys this shit? If my kid asked me for my credit card to buy a fucking ‘skin’ in a game, I’d make sure he learns to fear god.

  8. A little too much rage my friend. People can spend their money on what they'd like to. Is it a good investment for some? Probably not.

  9. The Infamous Roze skin pay to win hate, I never understood. It was part of a seasons battle pass. I've literally bought every battle pass from the same $10.00 investment since season 2 of MW 2019. As compared to all of the other 20.00 packs that makes the argument seem like a mute point. Don't get me wrong, I have the character, refuse to use it out of spite and seeing her brews up a bit of automatic hate for the other player, but pay to win? Nah!

  10. I think it's cool, I don't have it. But it does have a pay to win feel. But it also doesn't make sense for a world War 2 game

  11. Desperate money grab on the devs part? They included 2400 cod points which is the same price as the operator bundle (19.99)

  12. So in recently updates they fix Roze old skin making it more bright and now they bring another one with same problems that the old one in the shadows , this is just pay to win again for another skin till they nerf and bring another one for more “pay to win”. Disgusting company $__$

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