Part way through making a base for Mortarion, when my wife tells me it looks like some kind of really dodgy steak and peas 🤔

  1. I know 🙈 it's all I can see when I look at it now, hoping once I've finished adding to it and painting it it will look less a dodgy carvery meal.

  2. And that's not a bad thing! It's Nurgle, it's supposed to look effed up. Also if you paint it it'll look like whatever you want it to look

  3. I’m not gonna lie, I thought this was some sort of food art, so your wife might be onto something… alternatively, it looks like the base to a really wicked, nauseating, carnivorous plant, so you might be onto something OP!

  4. I looked at the picture, thought "is that some kind of weird steak and peas?", realised it was from this sub and that it was actually painted stuff and then read your title. Yeah she's right.

  5. She is right, and it's amazing. Go for broke and garnish it with some fetid steak sauce and a desiccated baked potato.

  6. I was just scrolling through Reddit and thought this was someone's dinner. You should get one of those jobs making fake food for adverts. Not sure they'd sell many but it would fool everyone.

  7. Yeah, looks a lot like raw liver slices with mysterious green vegetables. But you're very good at making raw liver slices with mysterious veggies.

  8. I was a little unfocused while scanning over this post, and absolutely thought I was looking at food... all the way up till I read the title.

  9. 100% with her on this one. Litterally just scrolled past and had to come back to see what kind of nightmare I missed. 10/10 mate.

  10. Thanks lol, its something I'll bear in mind going forwards, might be able to have a go at a flayed Gargant or daemon prince or something with enough practice.

  11. It looks like those fake steak made with questionable meat, the peas looks like rotting, and the "vines" looks like a vegetarian's constipation.... Fitting for Mortarion!

  12. The actually sculpting isn’t that bad. If the organic parts were more pink and tentacle-y and the rock was more rock I think it would be fine.

  13. That's kind of what I was going for tbh, the green stuff is going to be painted as intestines and boils, the raised areas were meant to look like large peices of organs, and the general vibe was meant to be a kind of organic hellscape that Mortarion would be floating over.

  14. Lol my speed scrolling through reddit, I thought it was some weird asian recipe (I like Japanese/ Korean culinary groups). It was so baffling I did a double take before realizing it was the 40k group lol

  15. Well she’s not wrong… but that doesn’t seem like an issue to me! Who knows what nurgly things are going on on that base…

  16. I spent a good 10 seconds trying to figure out why that plate of food looks so weird before looking at the title lol

  17. not gonna lie, from the thumbnail it did look like nasty steak, peas, and green beans, in the fridge next to ketchup and some yellow drink.

  18. Looks a bit like that meat americans make on st Patty's day, cant think of the word rn but you slow cook it in water and it comes out super soft. Theres always a bit stuck in your teeth when done eating though

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