Waluigi could possibly be the last character

  1. I really don't believe in the assist trophy rule (literally every other fan rule has been disproven, I don't know why this one wouldn't be as well) so in my mind he's still as likely as anyone else.

  2. I can understand why you don’t believe in any leaks, but even if you take away the Paragon Leak part, there’s still quite a bit of evidence supporting Waluigi.

  3. For the stage, they could pull a Min Min and have the stage not be specifically tied to Waluigi but still close to his origin series. Possibly Bowser’s Castle seeing as how we don’t have one yet somehow.

  4. Stage is obviously Waluigi Pinball, the new version from Mario Kart Tour. Music is super easy, here's 35 Mario Soundtracks not in Smash Ultimate yet:

  5. Yeah also they tend to do a first party Nintendo character on the last one so I think we will get one more cool third party character like crash bandicoot or fortnite guy or Doom guy (I wish) or whatever then we'll get waluigi as the closing character I think that will make the roster feel complete

  6. Honestly, I think Crash will be our E3 reveal since E3 is such a big event and they did have some very highly requested characters there like Ridley in 2018 and Banjo & Kazooie in 2019. I think Steve would’ve been our E3 2020 reveal but wasn’t because of COVID. And then after we get Crash at E3, Nintendo will do some sort of reveal presentation with the final fighter and it would be Waluigi.

  7. God I hope this is the case, Waluigi is the last character I really want. If this really is the end of smash ultimate dlc I think Waluigi would be the perfect character to end it on

  8. I think Sakurai would do it just to prove once and for all anyone can be in Smash and I think it would just be amazing to see the Internet truly lose its mind

  9. I have no idea whether he will be or not, but with how much suffering I’ve seen merely from another Swordfighter, (Is Pyra even a swordfighter? I haven’t played Xenoblade, so I don’t know why people are upset) it’d be interesting to see how people react to Waluigi.

  10. Great post. Nintendo has been leaving clues on Waluigi since back in May 2019. The selection for Fighters Pass 2 were most likely finished in Feburary/March 2019

  11. Also include the fact that Smash has representation from almost all types of popular games, but nothing that solely represents spin-off games, and you've got a solid chance

  12. Do you seriously think that an enormous company like Nintendo is gonna let the horrific actions of two fans influence their business decisions?

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