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  1. I love silver because it is a stable investment in a world of instability. It is beautiful and grows in value over time. Silver is the currency of the blue collar worker throughout history. It has antibiotic properties and intrinsic value that is felt upon seeing and holding just one small Oz.

  2. I love silver because it is honest money that represents sound reasoning and liberty for the people. It is the Achilles heel of the corrupt establishment, and it is how we ultimately win.

  3. I love silver, because it’s one of the few things you can spend money on, yet have more money left over than you started the transaction with.

  4. I like silver because they are gorgeous, shinny, and protecting us from inflation. After I held 10 oz bars in my hands, there is no going back!

  5. Because there was some dum idea that if you would pore water into silver cup and put it under moon light it would get purified

  6. Because it's the only thing that hasn't gone to all time highs plus I have a hard time with authority. I still believe in freedom

  7. I love physical silver and gold so the bankers can’t own the world for free because physical doesn’t lie and the truth always comes out aka gods money

  8. Silver physically showed me what value is. It's history should be thought in schools. Silver is one of my most important personal discoveries. It's kinda like my wealth guardian.

  9. I'm currently more of a spectator to this sub. Would love to become a participator <3

  10. Looking cool and shiney are ancillary benefits, lets face it flowers are pretty too but do little in regards to preserving wealth.

  11. It quite literally has the best vibration. The purest tone when struck, the finest ring. The best conductivity, is accountable to only itself.

  12. I love silver for like a hundred reasons, but it's ability to protect my wealth is probably number one. Thanks for the opportunity, dude!

  13. I love silver because it gives me hope. Even with as little as I can get during college, it at least makes me feel that I can save something for my future in these ridiculous times.

  14. I love silver because once someone understands that it is real money and our fiat is a lie… they start to question what other lies they have been feeding us!🤘💕🐒

  15. Because my Money Market savings account yields 0.015%. Also I can fondle my silver, on rainy days. Try it. With a hot chocolate. You'll thank me.

  16. I like silver because history hasn’t been proven wrong yet. The idea that what is done today may pay off for the kids in the future brings piece of mind as a parent.

  17. I love silver because it probably what will lift me out of poverty if I continue to accumulate. Its my freedom, its my future, its my future freedom. Keep stacking boys !

  18. I love silver for it's unique physical properties that I'm still learning about. Most intriguing to me right now are its anti microbial properties.

  19. I love physical precious metals because they are the only asset class that isn't in a giant bubble, and the zero counterparty risk is a huge plus because it lets you become your own bank.

  20. It’s the most prudent, contrarian bet to be made against all ‘house of cards’ institutions. It will secure my family’s future. It also affords me the most peaceful sleep while the societal storms rage. Thank you for all you do!

  21. I like it because it makes me feel like a pirate 🏴‍☠️!!!! Ready to take down the 🤡 federal reserve and it’s shitbag consortium!!!!

  22. I love silver because all the greatest coins were made of silver, everything nowadays is silver plated garbage, just ask the Hunt brothers...

  23. When I was a kid I had a coin collection (for the most part, nothing truly amazing...mostly foreign coins where I liked the design). What I'll always remember is holding the coins of other nations...and just knowing they felt cheap/chintzy when compared to US coinage.

  24. I love silver because I see it as the only way to free us all from this central bank slavery that has been put upon us for so long. I am convinced if we can end this system, we have a chance to end wars and even poverty.

  25. I love silver because it's shiny and looks nicer than gold. Gold is yellow like pee and I don't like it as much. I like platinum too but it's too expensive and I can't buy as much. Eventually I want to create a wall of silver so pure that it's actually a mirror and I can see the other mirror on the other wall on the other side of the room and it will make an infinite silver mirror.

  26. Because when I was a kid, silver coins were still widely in circulation & I never lost the love for a real silver coin or ingot.

  27. I love silver because it’s the easiest way to save money while giving your brain that spending money dopamine rush, definition of a life hack!

  28. Silver is the antidote to the Digital Fiat Coin. Silver has real value. Silver will be the preferred medium of exchange in the Underground Freedom Economy. Silver’s value will skyrocket in the next couple years.

  29. Silver made me dive head first into numismatics (after watching the 3,000 oz Pawn Stars episode) and then, find this subreddit! 🦍🦍🦍

  30. I received my first 1982 A-Mark Liberty Bell silver round from my Aunt as a High School Graduation gift. I still have that round and great memories of my favorite Aunt who was a mentor and inspiration to me. She would impart to me things like, don’t spend money you don‘t have, and, always spend less than what you earn, and always save something from every paycheck. She is why I started stacking and still continue to stack 40 years later. Need I say she was Scottish.

  31. Silver is sound money. It is the 2nd most versatile commodity and oil being the first. When there's true price discovery, not only will silver be valuable as a protection of wealth, it will signal a righteous shift to a better economy. That's what I love silver.

  32. I love silver because someone can't hack my account and take it. Precious metals are an essential part to a diverse investment portfolio. ✌✌

  33. I love silver as it is a culture of society I want to be a part of as I have grown older. It isn't a get rich quick scheme but it brings rich's on a different level.

  34. I think silver has an elegance that’s often missed by people. It’s always been my favorite. I love it’s history and it’s never ending place in the future.

  35. I love silver because its real money you can hold in your hand. Not a digit on a screen or some amount of paper.

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