deformed ronald mcdonald at christmas parade

  1. For more detail, that’s supposed to look like a Boll Weevil, which was a pest that ate cotton before it could be harvested. In Enterprise, Alabama, they celebrate the weevil as it forced them to diversify into different industries and kept the town from financial ruin when cotton became not enough to run a town off of. I’ve been to Enterprise but unfortunate wasn’t able to see Weevil McDonald.

  2. Obviously a blessing in disguise for the town, but I still get a chuckle whenever I heard about Enterprise and its bizarre celebration of an insectoid pest.

  3. Thank you for this info. Im here wondering why tf Ronald has so many arms and a dick for a nose? The whole Weevil thing makes sense.

  4. I lived near a city in Alabama called Enterprise that had a Boll Weevil statue in the middle of it. The town I lived in, Dothan, had statues like this, except they were peanuts. They were made by a local artisan and you could buy them from the local Hall of Commerce and they would promote you on their "peanut tour".

  5. He looks like those clunky cheap looking weird 4 eyed versions of the old McDonald's toys in the adult happy meal boxes. I didn't find the online pics the slightest bit appealing, but other people can go right ahead and buy them at those crazy high marked up resale prices if they like them.

  6. I want to know about the guy in the brown coat on the float looking like he's having a religious transference moment with the abomination.

  7. i live in enterprise, where this monstrosity comes from, i didnt go to the parade, but i can tell you that statues been through some shit

  8. As others have said, this is a Boll Weevil Ronald McDonald, so probably a Christmas parade in Enterprise, AL. Could be another weevil-positive community, but my guess is Enterprise.

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