That escalated quickly

  1. Damn i thought the escalation was the plantiff's comment and the baliff's reaction. Was totaly not expecting the news story drop.

  2. Yeah that look was a “you trying this shit right now” slowly fading to “ah ok, it’s just a good natured joke”, but it was hiding a “what the fuck do you know?! No, you don’t know anything, you couldn’t know… right?”

  3. People are pretty intuitive. Body language says a lot. In fact in 90% of domestic violence cases you can kind of tell who is lying and who isn't just based off of how they are posturing themselves. Don't take my word for it.

  4. "Don't look happy" is a pretty far cry from "Going to murder your wife" so I don't think you can give credit for him predicting it.

  5. Seriously... I went from laughing along with the courtroom to my hand over my mouth and a sense of horror in my belly.

  6. Damn, what if big dude planted the seed in his mind that he wasn’t really happy. Then 27 10 years later, boom!

  7. Reminds me of Bill Burr's bit on marrying women. Everyone looks unhappy after being married for so long, except gay guys. They're too happy.

  8. This is legit. I have a few gay couple friends. They are so happy. I imagine it has to do with their unwavering sex life. I just imagine 2 gay versions of me being married. Yup, sex all the time.

  9. I’m no expert, but from what I’ve heard, a lot of gay male relationships, even marriages, are open or at least semi-open. That’ll help keep you happy, I’d guess.

  10. Did the author of that piece have a stroke while writing or did the site use the cheapest AI/Bot writing software?

  11. The way the judge says “he’s very happy” makes me think they were having an affair that would eventually play a part of the wife’s death.

  12. I went on Judge Jerry a few years ago, and before we went into the room to film, one of the ladies pulled me aside and told me she wanted me to get heated, call my ex/ex roommate a whore and all this shit. I just wanted my landlord(who i had no ill with and him/management and vice versa) to get some of the money my ex fucked us all out of and the eviction off my record.

  13. Goddamn. I saw this the other day but it was just the first clip in /funny. I was like why’s this wtf then saw the other half lol

  14. The two people at the beginning are a married couple in court because they are unhappy in their marriage. The judge is basically saying not all married people are unhappy and uses the bailiff as an example as he has been married for 27 years. The husband of the unhappy couple then says that the bailiff looks mad and doesn't seem to be happy. The cut then shows that the bailiff has been charged in the murder of his wife, which seems to prove the first man right.

  15. English is also not my first language and I had to rewatch a couple of times to understand the words. I got this. Hope it helps:

  16. One of the litigants was saying the court bailiff looked unhappy (about his marriage). They all laughed about it. But then later it turns out, that same court bailiff ended up murdering his wife.

  17. This is some quality shit right here... I was laughing and enjoying the moment, then shit got dark quick!!

  18. I commented this the last time this was posted. I have a complete hearing loss. I can’t understand this. Can someone please tell me what happened? I’m dying with curiosity.

  19. This is exactly what John Oliver just did his show on. Whether this guy is guilty or not the news reports he's charged, everybody thinks that means he's guilty, and then the news doesn't bother to follow up.

  20. Absolutely. This was also confirmed on the podcast. It was part of his motive. I dontthink the judge was implicated or knew about it tho

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