How US Black Water PMC’s deal with vehicles getting too close to their convoy

  1. It's perpetually fucked because getting ambushed and killed as a US soldier or BW mercenary is also not ideal.

  2. Yeah it is. If you watch until the end it was in the news. There are books about these asshole, as other commenters have said. This wasn't the US army and nobody liked the group.

  3. Video had been removed from subreddit. It is no longer possible to upvote/downvote it and is only accessible to people with direct link.

  4. Wow, this actually makes me kinda understand why so many people become terrorists. I can't imagine living in a deprived country and having a wealthy country have people doing this awful shit.

  5. So once more, please explain to me why some nations get pissed with the USA? What's that thing about hearts and minds?

  6. These cunts really made US safer for the next generation 🤡🤬 the market square massacre was horrific! Absolute small dick chads. Aaaand they filmed the evidence! real Einsteins.

  7. And then there's shitty YouTube channels like Shawn Ryan that interview the Blackwater guys involved in this shit and let them tell a one sided story which makes it all seem okay. Wtf indeed.

  8. Once again Americans will gaslight themselves into thinking they are the good guys... This post will attract them like flies.

  9. No, these guys are. They just happen to be from here and in no way represent the majority of us, just like the fuckheads that assaulted our capitol do not represent the majority of us.

  10. Not saying this stuff didn't happen, but there were several contracting groups working in Iraq when this stuff was going on. It seems Black Water was always the one being named. Here is a interview with the founder of Black Water.

  11. Murrica hell yeah .... but those terrorists keep bombing our convoy's of peace and liberation because their religion tells them so

  12. I was under the impression that Blackwater no longer exists. How do I know that all of these things are Blackwater related?

  13. This is that group thats parodied in GTA V online. You pay them a couple bucks and they attack anyone else on the map.

  14. Those assholes made it so much easier for the world to paint the US as bad guys. People don’t believe we were there to fight terrorists.

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