This thing that came with my birth control…

  1. One of my female friends went into excruciating detail explaining what she has to deal with when her boyfriend cums in her. Pinning her labia closed and waddling to the toilet were mentioned. I also learned it drips out the next day too.

  2. Maybe a diaphragm? Absorbing excess before removing a female barrier method would be an important part of the process, I'd think.

  3. I’ll take 3. 3? Make it 10. 10? 20 sponges should be plenty. Did you say 20? Yeah 25 sponges is just fine. 25, your set with 25? Yeah just give me the whole case and I’ll be on my way.

  4. Clearly no one remembers the old Reddit advice from a gal who swore by putting one leg up on the bath tub ledge and a making a hard and fast push to quickly spit the entire cum wad out in one fell swoop like your pussy is hocking a big old vag loogie?

  5. My dad told me that his early girlfriends from the 80s would put ice cubes up their coochie and let the melting ice cube drip the cum away. I think he was joking, but was still a very awkward and funny thing to hear my dad tell me after I just told him seriously I lost my virginity and was worried about making sure I didn't get a girl pregnant.

  6. Say what you will about how awkward it is, but practicality is practicality. There are lots of girls who’d like to avoid being a dripping faucet if they can.

  7. I have used these before, as I got a three pack sample once. They are pretty phenomenal…I just wish it didn’t contribute to the whole plastic waste problemo.

  8. I originally saw this on an ultralight backpacking tiktok…the next day i say an obgyn on tiktok say “just use a wash cloth” (both for hygiene and the environment)


  10. My boyfriend and I often lay around after, which of course leads to goofing around and play wrestling, and I can't count the number of times I've had to stop and yell, "Wait, it's starting to drip out now!" and then run to the bathroom. 🤣

  11. At the same time as I appreciate the casual tone of the message, I am shocked at the repeated use of 'cum.' Figured they'd want to pepper in a 'semen' or 'fluid.'

  12. i was just thinking like, man at least they said “to hell with professionalism” but man they are comfortable with that word LMAO

  13. Yeah they should've replaced "excess cum" with "excess splooge". That would've been far more corporate.

  14. Not really the point, but I like how companies are starting to just use regular words instead of dancing around it with medical terminology or euphemisms.

  15. These would actually be useful tho if a box of 50 or whatever is reasonably priced. Even after waddling to the bathroom and peeing to get rid of the mess and then sitting on the toilet it’ll be like 30min later sitting on the couch now and she’ll just look at me like “ugh your cum just oozed out of my pussy” and I’m just like ok! Neato! Gross!

  16. before i read the note, i thought the bottom part is just the holder and the upper part is the one you scoop the excess cum. now i know why they warn people not to use it on their butt. the spongehead might come loose when inserted there.

  17. I thought that toxic shock syndrome was only a risk if you left the absorbant material inside? There shouldn't be a problem if you wipe and toss it immediately, right?

  18. Yeah, I was going to say this seems.. unsanitary? Unless it’s a one time use.. but then it’s just plain wasteful

  19. There's a very small print asterisk beside that, and in even smaller print at the bottom of the page (not pictured) it says: Definitely for the butt

  20. The company does say that you should still urinate after sex. This is just to make the walk to the bathroom less likely to get messy. (or to make it less likely that a mess emerges later.)

  21. Finally, a company that's addressing the stigma of birth control with words like "awkward" and "cum sponge." The way adults handle the topic.

  22. We just keep washcloths in the drawer by the bed. Tuck one in, get in some snuggle time, then wipe up and head to the bathroom normally. No drips.

  23. They, as in this company, 100% still instruct/advise you to urinate after sex. And you absolutely should. That goes for both males and females.

  24. I'm an idiot. I was imagining someone using it like a windshield wiper for the stomach and couldn't see why a paper towel wouldn't suffice. This makes way more sense.

  25. Nowhere on the package does it say, disposable, single use only, reusable, lol people are gonna be rinsing and reusing 🤢

  26. I’d much rather have a paragraph that uses all the medical terms instead of trying to make it all fun and quirky. I wonder who had to write this.

  27. Not hating on this but it seems unnecessary to me. I just put a towel between the legs for a bit during cuddle time and maybe stand up with it in place for a min or two if required.

  28. I heard about these months ago on a sex based subreddit and lots of women were saying they loved them.

  29. OMG these things are amazing. Can creampie my wife six ways to sunday and these things yoink the mess right outa there. Best part, when they mail them to you, their sender address is from "Richard Cummings".

  30. I feel like stating "Not for your butt" is just going to prompt more people into thinking "Hey yeah, I could shove it up my butt!"

  31. I want to see the shark tank episode where they pitch for it. "Now which of you ladies and a gentlemen would like to come down and try this out? Mr. Wonderful?"

  32. After use, simply return to its packaging and freeze for a tasty protein treat for the summer months.

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