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  1. Tech support: “Sir, have you attempted to restart your system? Ok…well just for good measure, lets go ahead and try that again.”

  2. He may wish he was a goner. We have no idea what kind of internal burns he got from that. He’s operating on adrenaline right now, so appears to be unhurt (besides his hair on fire.)

  3. Just to give some insight on this my uncle who was a former journeymen electrician was put into a 6 month medically induced coma because of faulty grounds on a factory transformer. The transformer was for a 200,000sq ft factory and had something like 200,000 volts running through it. The burns my uncle received covered 40% of his body, with 40% of those being 3rd degree burns with the rest being 2nd degree. During the 6 months he was in hospital he remembers absolutely nothing but from the accounts of his wife and family that visited he went through different personas, with one of them being a pirate, and another being able to speak fluent Spanish, which my uncle knew some but not the amount he was spewing. Through all this though he would talk about what a nice butt his wife had and how he'd love to get a piece of it because he had forgotten he was married to her. The craziest part of all this is with the temperatures that my uncle was exposed to which were explained to him as being as hot as the surface of the sun and being exposed to them for a time period of less then a snap of the fingers, his cloths were completely intact, but completely charred black. The tops of this thighs, bottom of his stomach and forearms where he attempted to guard his face took the brunt of it. Now what my uncle experienced was a flash arc {look it up} and looks exactly like this. So if i had to guess I'd have to agree with ofcourseitsok below hes got a lot of injuries, or at worse doesn't realize hes dead yet.\

  4. My step dad came home one day and showed us his space suit. It was cool to a 10 year old. He showed us a video kinda like this to show why he had to wear it

  5. Can this happen in household breaker boxes or electrical panels? Or are they setup to break the circuit if this is bound to happen?

  6. See fuck that, that's too much static for a 0v reading. How does that even work? Phase was grounded really far away? Maybe really high up in the mountains or something?

  7. Thought that he must have been killed when I saw the prone body with flames and and he didn't move for a bit. Relieved to see that movement !

  8. He'll for a second I thought it blew his head off and we were seeing a smoldering neck, which also made me think that he licked the power box for that to happen. Lol

  9. It's quite likely he did die, just as soon as the adrenaline wears off. The gasp as the explosion hits while you have literal plasma in your face kinda just fries your lungs

  10. In all likelihood he died later. That’s a high kV level explosion which can easily cause 4th degree burns (burn through skin, flesh, down to bone). If he survived he’s probably wishing he didn’t, is for sure blind and without a face since he wasn’t wearing safety gear.

  11. "Just in: Electro-man's short lived stint as the world's first superhero tragically ends, as he dies in hospital just a few hours after receiving his powers. May he rest in peace."

  12. For those that think he “made it” through that: he may have initially but could have died later. If you aren’t killed immediately by that kind of electric shock, often times the internal damage that does to your organs and tissue (basically flash cooks you) catches up a few days later or so and you die then from internal bleeding or organ failure. He was by no means out of the woods when he came to.

  13. Also if that isn’t arc rated clothing, any polymer may have been fused to his skin in the burns. The shock from the burns could be leathal

  14. Apparently according to another comment, you'd have to be holding onto something in order to get cooked

  15. There are also arc flash working limits that were probably violated (99% sure). I'm not sure where this was, but in the US, NFPA 70E provides guidance on working boundaries when working on live electrical equipment, as well as PPE requirements based on voltage level.

  16. As someone in the maintenance career that deals with voltage of over 400+, it’s incredible to see how this person survived… main reason why I double check my lock out.

  17. Yup, I do electrical maintenance for a coal plant. I work on everything from 24V up to 13,800V and I never fuck around when it comes to LOTO on any voltage or arcflash gear on anything above 600V.

  18. I'm pretty sure what happened was - his heart was replaced with a battery operated one and he's been racing the clock all day trying to keep it charged.

  19. I do electrical maintenance for a coal plant. I work on everything from 24V up to 13,800V and I never fuck around when it comes to LOTO on any voltage or arcflash gear on anything above 600V. WTF he was doing inside that without it being powered down is bewildering to me. Even if I need to measure a live voltage if the system is this large I will power down, hook up my meter with wireless displays and re-energive when I'm safely away.

  20. Me and my workmate did some testing in a transportable HV(66-11KV) substation on a mine site one day. One of the HV breakers was out of service and left racked out of the cubicle. A snake must have got in there overnight and caused a phase to phase fault on the line side busbars and tripped the 66KV breaker feeding the substation. Probably took less than a second to trip. In that short amount of time, it literally vaporized half of the cubicle and the HV breaker in front of it, and melted the plastic light cover on the ceiling and most of the plastic covers on various protection relays on the switchboard in the room. No chance of surviving if we were there when it happened. It was certainly an eye-opener...

  21. I think they had a similar thing happen down the road near Chernobyl, only, the scale was slightly larger.

  22. He probably isnt. After an arc flash of that kind of calorie, people get 4th degree burns and cook from the inside out, its highly likely he died within hours.

  23. Everyone thinking this dude survived this, you forgot "temporarily", at the end of that sentence. He's probably do fucked up that he likely died or is just half a cucumber drooling on himself. I don't see how you live a normal life after this unless you win the universal lottery.

  24. Yeah I bet he makes it 30 ft off camera before he goes back down again. Dude is almost certainly somewhat blind, probably can't use his fingers, either his clothing is melted onto him or if he's lucky it burned deep enough to kill the ends of his nerves so he doesn't feel it, but I'd imagine if he does it's probably an awful buzzy feeling. Pretty tragic but he's probably spending his remaining time wishing it had done him in right away. That looked fucked

  25. It's a walking corpse. Autopilot to get back up, nerves burned beyond feeling the horrific damage, in shock and becoming numb to how bad it actually is.

  26. Welp. I’d say that was significantly more than 40cal. I’d wager a bet that even if he’d been in full PPE 40cal suit with earplugs and bank robber mask and everything FR rated underneath it, that person would likely still have injuries of some sort.

  27. He's not really and very easily died a few days later. Arc flashes are around 20,000°c Much hotter than the surface of the sun vaporising metal. They release an intense amount of infra-red heat and also UV. That intense light on skin is instantly absorbed and and turned in to heat causing burns. So if you survive the initially event. The burns get very deep and cell death occurs. Organ failure can result as so. The UV burst on top of the thermal burns causes sun burn too. Eyes can cataract too. They have special suits for working on substations.

  28. he like, "..................... Fuck! I overslept again. I need to get going. For some reason I have a weird craving for barbeque"

  29. That is Arc Flash. Basically the electrical current shot circuits through the air. And yes, it will FUCK YOU UP! ~400 people die every year. In arc flash training videos, they show you some of the deaths and charred corpse aftermath. Don't fuck with live panels.

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