WTF happened to bully breeds (UK).

  1. They’ve been bred to the point of not functioning normally by people who think the way the dog looks is more important than them living a healthy life

  2. There's three just like this that come into my work (a breeding pair and their pup) and the poor things can barely walk. They are incredibly sweet but it's a huge pain working with them because of how massive and limited mobility they are. I second the "owners/breeders do this for attention" 110%. It pisses me off just as much as pugs... Really any "flat nosed breed" has been bred to hell and back to the point they barely function.

  3. I never understood why the English Bull Terrier even exists. It was bred for vermin control, but looks like it was bred to have 3 extra chromosomes. I don’t know why anyone would purposefully want to selectively breed for a dog that looks like a facially-reconstructed burn victim.

  4. Dog breeding in general is awful. Breeding for traits strongly associated with disease and lameness. Kennel club breeders inbreed and select for aesthetics while shitting on mills and backyard breeders. They are just as bad if not worse because they have the power to influence the standards. If they had any of the ethics they espouse they would create new standards based almost entirely on health and performance.

  5. As a breeder myself i can confirm there are people out there breeding only for the money. However, many love the animals and treat them better then most pet owners. We've raised 7 different breeds, includeing American Bullies (pictured) for 12 years. Frankly we have gotten out of the Bullies for several reasons, but mainly because we've become disgusted of what they've become through excessive line breeding done by others. We've raised 17 champions and 3 grand champions here, and none of them look like this. Right now, we are focusing on imported Minature Bull Terriers.

  6. grandparents have a friend who only buys hers mini schnauzers from one particular breeder.she is on her 3rd dog in 10 years plus my grandparents were gifted the twin of one of the pups.all of them died from serious health issues well before 10.

  7. Not sure if it’s exactly the same situation, although I’d wager it is, but reminds me of the US ‘exotic bullies’. It’s ridiculous to me that this aesthetic is appealing, but far worse and sadder that the breeders and customers think it’s fine to sacrifice their dogs’ health just to achieve said aesthetic. You’ll find people boasting about how inbred their dogs are, it’s wild.

  8. I rescued a female bully with a cleff lip when she was born the breeder would have killed her because of her defect and she is the greatest thing ever and to think people do that.

  9. Reptiles and insects frequently have their legs out wide. These almost look like reptile legs. Reptiles get their balance from their body shape instead forcing the brain to work hard to maintain balance.

  10. That dog is disgusting, and I am not against dog breeding, they can barely walk or breath, and they are ugly as hell.

  11. Yes the idiots are now breeding “shorty bulls.” I do English Bulldog rescue and we’ve had now a couple of these thru our rescue program. I had one as a foster dog and she was absolutely darling, but clearly she had been abandoned by her owners after her reproductive life was over. Fortunately she had been well treated enough by the owners that she was a good house dog and was a happy little good girl. We found a great home for her. I still miss that little squatty thing.

  12. They died because humans don’t know when to stop. Also they had lost of health problems to start with and it became an “unwanted trait” so no one breeds them anymore

  13. i don't have an opinion on this honestly. but for the people who are saying this is wrong, have you ever thought that we are all just a large series of genetic mutations? why is if different if it is artificially selected for?

  14. Because generally natural mutations occur in order to improve the survivability and quality of life in most creatures. But these types of artificially selected breeds are bred for aesthetics to the direct detriment of the health and quality of life of the animal.

  15. Pitbulls aren't cute regardless of what they're called. Ironically, calling them Velvet Hippos is pretty apt too given the destructive nature of both Pitbulls and Hippos

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