Guy Finds Naked Methhead Taking Over His House

  1. I think he was purposely showing, presumably the destruction she'd caused before drawing herself a bubble bath. Though I'd think most normal people would have called the cops before entering, or at least when they heard the incoherent cries coming from the bathroom.

  2. When i see stuff like this all i think is that is/was someones daughter before she became a drug addicted mess. I have kids. I hope this person gets help.

  3. Even if she trashed his home,I don't think it gives him the right to share her naked body. By all means make a recording to give to the police or a lawyer but everyone including very sick addicts have basic rights.

  4. hahah - The groan of frustration when the guy finds her on his bed and his room destroyed. The guy is super chill to have tolerated that for as long as he did.

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