Looking back at this panorama I took in 2016, I thought I was alone at the time.

  1. No, the only thing more terrifying is when you can’t find what people are talking about but are afraid to admit it.

  2. I'm a photographer who spends most of his time in the wilderness. I've been in a lot of situations that people say they'd be scared of out there. Face to face with a grizz? Check. Forest fire so close you can see embers popping off the tops of trees? Check. Stalked by a mountain lion, caught in a whiteout, hail storms above the treeline? Check check check.

  3. It's likely just some homeless dude, or someone doing some drugs. But then think of all the crazier possibilities. Behind that door he was chopping up someone(s), and just calmly watched to see if you noticed him or came close. You didn't so he let you live naturally. Did he think to himself, "good on that guy for getting into photography that's cool, wonder who he's gonna show. Oh well back to getting rid of this prostitute". Spicy picture hell yeah.

  4. I’m sorry but if I was murdering someone and there was a dude taking pics in the adjacent room, I wouldn’t let him leave alive in the off chance he snapped something he shouldn’t have. So my bet’s on hobo lol

  5. When I was growing up, we lived next to an old abandoned building. I don’t remember if they were apartments, dorm rooms, or if it was a small clinic/hospital, but it had been abandoned years ago. Of course, 7 year old me hopped that fence and went exploring.

  6. Oh man, I went urbex with a buddy of mine. I’m stumbling around the basement of an abandoned observatory, graffiti all over this place, nearly pitch black. My friend says “oh have you heard about the dark men down here?”, as I’m fumbling with the flashlight on my phone. I said “the WHAT” as my light turned on, then illuminated a pitch black figure painted on the wall dead in front of me. I fucking froze seeing that. Also I was super on edge cuz like, not a minute before that my friend had commented “huh, I was here last week and that blanket wasn’t hanging in that room…”. Cursed as fuck, 10/10 would recommend Warner and Swasey Observatory again.

  7. When I was in college, some friends and I went and explored a big abandoned factory a couple times. We always went at night since it was in a pretty exposed area and we were trespassing.

  8. You know how some people are afraid of being alone, that fear isn't actually of them being alone, it's that they might not be alone

  9. That was me, I was concerned you weren’t drinking enough water but didn’t know how to tell you so I hid back there with my opossum.

  10. I was just doing urban exploration photography in a place that looked a decent bit like this last month. All the hair on my neck is now very much erect. This is why I always have a big ass knife on my hip in abandoned buildings. Never encountered a person, but nearly tripped over a frickin bear one time in the auditorium of an abandoned elementary school, that made me always aware that I am never truly alone. That's some nightmare shit in that picture though.

  11. Assert dominance. Whip out your member, fart loudly, and make the creepiest sounds you can think of while twirling your thing in the air in their direction . . .

  12. I was urban exploring with 5 other people and we were in an abandoned coal mine. We saw a figure move through a doorway and we heard footsteps, so my friend just said "It's probably a guard or something let's go" and we ran as fast as we could. It never hit me that maybe he had no idea who this person could be either, and he was just trying to keep everyone safe.

  13. Heyyyy protection is great and all but I think common consensus among professionals (cops, military, etc) is, if you can avoid it, DON’T BRING A KNIFE INTO THE FIGHT. If they have a knife run the fuck away or shoot them. If it’s fists, keep it fists. Lacerations are a nasty thing. Pepper spray or a baton may be better options.

  14. That’s a very odd and defined silhouette. Looks like a mannequin but you might have just edited it, the edges are too sharp.

  15. Very weird that the figure is completely dark even though everything around the figure is lit up pretty well and it even has a nice glare on the top of his head

  16. To me it looks like a bald guy, looking up to the right whilst his back is to the camera....and it looks like he has something like a spraypaint can in his hand.

  17. Didn't realize there was a second picture. So, I zoomed in and searched. Creepiest game of where's Waldo I've ever played.

  18. Lol yea it be like that when u go to sketch ass spots you gotta bring something with you if your going to do shit like that or bring ppl with you There's homeless ppl and ppl on the run that use places like that to hide out

  19. Possibly another one, right side rafters, the pole with the orange fencing wrapped around it. At the top looks like someone with a jacket hiding behind it.

  20. Man 1: This looks like a great place to shoot up and pass out for a few hours. This building has been abandoned for years.

  21. My thought was fake too. How is the rest of the stuff on the wall some want lit up and the figure completely shrouded in darkness except maybe a reflection off his head lol very very define/ crisp outline especially for a panorama pic

  22. Maybe another one loom where the wall is that is mainly graffiti and look below the dark ominous entrance and zoom in on the darkspot in the lower door also zoom in on the one above it , for reference complete left side of hhe picture

  23. Have a situation almost exactly the same I was just in the woods and not a warehouse. No one around whatsoever all day we were off the trails. Took a panorama and later when I was checking it out there was a guy staring directly at us with his hood up. You couldn't see his face. Creeper me the fuck out for a min lol.

  24. I’m only downvoting because I want it to go away. I’ll come back tomorrow when it’s sunny and safe and change it to an upvote.

  25. That’s just Jerry. He like to hang out. He also brings extra solo cups and 30s of Pabst to party’s. He noticed you were busy so he didn’t want to impose. Cool guy.

  26. Not to be a buzzkill, but if OP is triggering this camera he has to be hiding somewhere as well. That looks like it’s probably OP hiding from this camera..

  27. My dumb ass zooming and search for 5 minutes and finding him only to realize there was a second shot that was already zoomed in for me.

  28. What I can't understand is how it's so dark.. there a ray of light hitting what appears to be it's head but everything else is pitch black even though the rest of the room is not..

  29. You can make out detail beside and behind him, but not the person themselves, which makes zero sense. I say it's just painted on.

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