American Airlines flight crew duct taped a woman to her seat to stop her from trying to open the plane door while in flight

  1. I wish I knew what was going on in the women’s mind, was it some sort of psychotic episode? I would assume so, or was she afraid of plane rides even though this happened an hour in?

  2. Looks like some sort of episode. It's perfectly alright to not understand it, because it doesn't make sense...

  3. It could be something pharmaceutical. A lot of blood-pressure and cholesterol medications can cause serious mental side effects in people, especially if they're just going onto them for the first time. In fact I think a lot of the 50 year old Karens that you see melting down on this sub are probably having an adverse reaction to being on statins (which roughly 30% of Americans over 50 take). They can cause mood swings, tantrums, and hysteria.

  4. The attempting to open the door mid-flight definitely screams "panic attack" to me, if so the only thing going through her mind then was "get out get out get out get out"

  5. Flight attendants deserve more respect than they get. ESPECIALLY considering how the ones on 9/11 behaved in light of their possible / impending death.

  6. I’m mostly shocked by the fact that this is “first class”, looks like rather shitty business class if I’m honest. As for the rest, well, short of forcibly administering to her some powerful sedative it is not clear what the crew were supposed to do? “There’s a temporarily insane woman thrashing the plane and biting people, but since she’s a valued passenger, let us just try to reason with her” does not seem like a very viable tactic.

  7. My understanding was that it is impossible to open an airplane door while it's pressurized.

  8. is this a current trend or something? i swear this is like the 5th “person stopped while trying to open emergency door mid flight” video.

  9. "The FAA does, however, keep data on the number of unruly passangers it has identified. Through May 25, the agency has already recorded 394 potential violations, while in all of 2019 and 2020 there were just 146 and 183 violations, respectively."

  10. And you hear about every one of them. Maybe some people are having mental breakdowns but I wouldn’t be surprised if some were looking for a lawsuit and that donation money. And apparently getting your name in national headlines makes you qualified for public office now.

  11. Not just opening doors in commercial airlines but a teen tried to kill himself and everyone else when he took control of the planes yoke in Alaska. That was this week also. Crazy shit.

  12. There's been a general uptick of people losing it on flights. It's a combination of more stessful times, anti-masker attitudes clashing with business policy. Keep in mind a lot Karen/anti-maskers have psychological problems that inform their delusions.

  13. I've been a frequent traveler for nearly a decade and never witnessed an episode like this, but just last week on a flight to Phoenix we had to be diverted after a couple got into a physical altercation. They were escorted off the plane and taken into custody.

  14. It’s been happening for as long as there has been passenger travel. The more the industry has expanded and become accessible to more people, the more these are going to happen. A few flights a month or whatever you call frequent I suspect is hardly the frequency to see these things.

  15. The pilot finally says on the intercom basically "sorry, folks, it's a bad situation on the plane" lol may as well screamed we're all gonna die!

  16. Yeah he could have thought of a better message than that. Reminds me of a recent flight where the pilot said the weather was “deteriorating”. I don’t know something about that word wigged me out.

  17. Imagine if you didn't know anything about what's going on because you're in a different section. The staff has stopped all normal staff duties. They are agitated. They tell everyone to buckle up. A few minutes pass, and then the pilot says that there's a "bad situation on the plane". A few more minutes after that you catch a glimpse of a flight attendant with a bite on their arm. This is the stereotypical beginning of a zombie movie, but in real life.

  18. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your stewardess speaking... We regret any inconvenience the sudden cabin movement might have caused, this is due to periodic air pockets we encountered, there's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your flight... By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?"

  19. Hey crazy people, you cannot physically open the boarding doors when the plane is pressurized, however I do believe that attempting to qualifies as attempted murder for everyone on board, including yourself.

  20. Yep. The door handle on pressurized aircraft actually pulls the door into the cabin as it opens. When the aircraft is pressurized, the door is held in place in the door frame by several tons of air pressure.

  21. I can just picture this chick going on a road trip with her friends and without warning open the door and then do the ol tuck n' roll.

  22. Its to the point where it's reasonable for a bag of zip ties and a ball gag to be standard kit on the drink cart.

  23. Some idiots are saying duct tape is excessive. If you are attempting to open a door mid-flight, biting, assaulting, and spitting on staff/crew, screaming and acting violent, you are now viewed as a terrorist and any means possible should be used to restrain you until authorities can take over. Also the airline does not owe you a play by play of what’s happening and why the crew are running around. Their priority is to keep you safe and handle the situation and get you back down on the ground.

  24. How brainless would someone have to be to see duct tape as "excessive? It's almost negligent. There's a lawsuit here but not for the rabid animal they so mercifully allowed to live.

  25. I kinda feel like a plane should just carry restraints just for this situation instead of improvising

  26. No idea there was a movie. Side note: I find it hilarious that the YouTube video put the title in caps but "Trailer" in quotations.

  27. Higher than normal domestic travel demand, lower than normal airline staffing, people are fussy after being cooped up for a year, and it’s one of the only places where masks are still required for everyone so you get the anti-maskers causing trouble.

  28. I will take no Southwest slander when Spirit and Frontier exist. if southwest is a bus, those are NYC taxi cabs in the air

  29. I'm pro duct tape on a plane. It's so fucking stressful flying for vacation due to the criticality of the flight getting there on time. If some one is wild'in out they need to get the tape and keep the flight going.

  30. I'm sorry, but she really does look like the type of person who'd bite a flight attendant. I don't know exactly what it is, but if you told me this woman tried to bite a flight attendant, I'd believe you instantly.

  31. It's probably part of the flight kit kept in the plane alongside first aid stuff and maybe some tools should something in the cabin need a quick fix. Just a guess tho

  32. It may have been done kind of acute episode, like a panic attack or dissociation or something. We don't actually hear anything she was saying as she was trying to open the door.

  33. People crap on buses, but in all seriousness, the driver WILL NOT put up with anybody's shit as I have witnessed them drop someone off in the middle of the night on the highway.

  34. There was a study recently that theorized most people experience a mental health disorder at some point in their lives.

  35. Well, if she opened the door for no real reason, she would kill everyone. If we tape her to the chair, everyone survives. I’m not seeing the issue.

  36. If you are tik tok child who views this incident as an overreaction I’d like to say simply, fuck off. Highlighting this as being a lawsuit worthy event means you’d rather crash a plane so you didn’t offend a mentally ill suicidal person. I applaud American Airlines flight crew for dealing with a difficult situation

  37. My coworker was on this flight, the videos she got of the lady and the other altercations on the flight were absolutely hysterical.

  38. If someone tries to open a plane door while at 30,000 feet, you have my blessing to kick the sh*t out of them until they are subdued.

  39. These people who say they are “scared for their life” sure are quick to make demands to every single person around them

  40. I'm not even a little mad at this. Fuck havinga breakdown at 10k feet and another 100 people having to suffer/ possibly fucking die cause of it.

  41. Alright I’m a little confused. I found an article from 2018 where something similar happened to a woman in first class on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte…

  42. Probably a "if shit goes wrong" training tactic they've taught their employees. If they feel there's a legit threat to their or anyone else's life they're better off doing something like this than letting someone fuck around and hurt someone else. Both of these cases were violent passengers so seems pretty warranted.

  43. You don't get on a plane, attack and bite people, then try force your way out the door at 30,000 feet because you feel entitled to be an asshole.

  44. I think there's been an overdose on the madness needed to see the way things are here as normal.

  45. People have really forgotten how to act in public over the past year. Seems like these incidents are happening with much greater frequency than they did before the pandemic.

  46. I see more and more often these videos being posted of people’s entire flights being fucked because of one asshole, This woman shouldn’t have ever been on this flight and deserve to get her shit kicked in until they landed

  47. You just wait until this woman harms someone in flight or worse causes an accident where hundreds of people could get seriously injured or killed. I'd want anyone who is not in control of themselves to be tied up too until the airplane was empty if I was in that flight.

  48. Technically, it's not allowed to restrain an abusive passenger to the seat or duct tape their mouth.

  49. For anyone saying this looks bad, I just want to ask: How would you have handled this at 30,000 ft going 500 mph with other passengers on board?

  50. Yeah, nearly 20 years on from 9/11 and we still don't fuck around with flight safety. Regardless of when you were born, this is pretty common knowledge.

  51. I would have been unable to keep from laughing so hard right past here and smile at the flight attendants for a job well done. hahah I am cracking up so much seeing her hahaha

  52. I'm glad AA did what was necessary. More and more asshat crazies are starting to abuse Airline employees and disrupting passengers.

  53. People need to stop taking ambien after drinking at the airport bar. This always ends up being the result.

  54. See ductape is the best, you can repair the aircraft with it and restrain the person trying to break the plane in the first place!

  55. in 2019 the FAA received 146 complaints about unruly passengers. so far this year....that number is now over 3000 since Jan !st.

  56. Because new behavior has been added to unruly. All of which is COVID related, such as refusing to pull a mask over your nose.

  57. This begs the question: What's the safe way to tape someone's mouth so they can breath but not make a ruckus?

  58. Moral of this story… remember to take you meds before boarding a flight… and don’t fuck with flight attendants

  59. Maaan, I remember after 9/11, they tried to tell us that there was a secret Air Marshal on every flight, but the more horror stories that come out about unruly passengers, the more I think they’re full of shit. Certainly someone attacking flight attendants warrants intervention from a trained professional.

  60. Fucking good. What else are the flight crew supposed to do with some crazy fucking idiot who tries to open the door mid flight and then starts fighting and biting the crew? Jesus people have lost their fucking minds and have no god damn decency.

  61. Is it because of the pandemic and peoples mental health getting worse, or are more people just abusing the worse drugs out there (i.e. meth and heroine + shit laced with fentanyl) that’s causing so much of an uptick in these incidents on airlines… especially in the US?

  62. Due to barometric pressure, and the way the doors are fitted in an aircraft, the door should be incapable of opening in flight, particularly at a high altitude. The door seal may loosen, and create an airleak (high pitched whistle).

  63. We need a federal law allowing the flight crew, with the agreement of the pilot, to tranquilize disruptive passengers. One shot of horse tranquilizer and problem solved. /s

  64. That’s actually standard practice for Astronauts that lose their shit in space. It’s equally effective for a Wild Karen too apparently

  65. Attention airplane captains: Do not say there is, "a bad situation in the plane". Be more specific, lest people prepare to die.

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