Good blender or no? Thinking about buying it secondhand, but not sure if it can hold up to lots of ice and xanthan gum. I also don't know the model. Opinions??

  1. It’s a great blender. I have one and it works with everything I’ve ever thrown at it. I got mine for $120 USD brand new FYI. I love it.

  2. My parents have one and I hate it. We ended up getting a refurbed vitamix and that monster will liquify anything. Id pay the extra and go with the classic.

  3. This sums up my experience with this blender too. I ended up returning mine after a few uses. The blender does a great job chopping stuff up, but an absolute terrible job actually blending things no matter how long I let it run for.

  4. I thought I was the only one that experienced this! I returned mine because I got tired of stopping it every 3 seconds to scrape down the sides to get a kinda smooth smoothie.

  5. Honestly I really hated mine: it blitzed ice fine but I always ended up with unblended chunks of spinach or other ingredients no matter how long I ran it for. I ended up donating it since I’d gotten it final sale somewhere.

  6. This looks to be a blade style where you take the blades apart, right? Personally, I hated that style. It was annoying to store and hazardous to clean. But others here seem to be vouching for the machine, so I would go with their opinion over mine. Just be careful dealing with those blades!

  7. Kinda off topic but What is the best blender/device for protein ice cream?? I have a Vitamix but it’s not good at making high volume protein fluff ice cream

  8. I just bought an off brand food processor basically a giant blender they sell al Walmart doe 45$ way better than this abs cheaper . Remington James shows it in videos

  9. Got to love the ninja blenders...if it's a good price go for it and wear it out making anabolic ice cream :)

  10. I have one and I love this sh*t. It was a Christmas 2016 gift and it STILL runs great, blends everything I need.

  11. I have a different model but I really like it. Handles ice like a champ. My pitcher has a few cracks but I think that was from blending hot soups; so be careful with temperatures!

  12. I use a ninja to make smoothies every morning and it turns my frozen strawberries to liquid in no time flat.

  13. i have one of these and i love it, it has never failed me in all my frozen protein smoothie ventures, very strong blender.

  14. I found a vitamix on the side of the road last year, about 18 months back. I've used it every single day since then and I'm constantly greatful to have found that ridiculous thing.

  15. NOO! I hate this blender. I have to blend in multiple stages to make sure everything is liquefied properly. Do not recommend!

  16. I have both a Ninja and Nutribullet and I use the Nutribullet far more. I will however say while I don’t totally love the Ninja blender, mine is strong enough to make nut butters and cookie doughs. I even did a black bean brownie mix in it and so thought it was gonna catch fire it was getting so hot, but it made it!

  17. I bought the Ninja Professional 3-Speed w/ 72oz Pitcher. Best $89.99 I’ve ever spent. This blender knocks the socks off of blenders I’ve had that were twice the price I paid for this one. I saw another comment about the blades being hard to clean because they come apart? They don’t, and it’s super easy to clean if you rinse the pitcher once with water and then fill it half way with hot water and a few drops of dawn. Run it on high for 60 seconds and boom - you’ve got a clean blender.

  18. I have both but always seem to get significant ice chunks in the processor, even when I blend the frozen stuff first. How do you deal with that?

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