Been eating regular chopped cauliflower florets. Would blending it into cauli rice (same quantity) equate to more volume/ space on my plate?

  1. My favourite way to use cauliflower rice is just as a volumizer in other recipes. Like, with regular rice, or with ground chicken in my taco meat. I think if it’s just straight up cauliflower, I prefer it in chunkier florets and psychologically think of it as more volume that way.

  2. This! I mix it in to bulk up other foods. I would think that cutting florets into smaller pieces would actually create a smaller (denser) amount of food on your plate. So if you’re looking for volume, I wouldn’t do that.

  3. I think we agree. I like the meatiness of cauliflower florets. I wouldn’t bother ricing it unless OP personally prefers that texture.

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