How much water should I add to a cup of dry rice to get more volume??

  1. Adding extra water to your rice is not going to give you more volume, it’s going to make the same volume but as mush instead of rice. Bulk up your rice with lower cal whole grains or extra veggies/greens. For example when I want to eat curry with rice, I do 1/4 cup brown rice and 1/4 cup quinoa on top of a bed of spinach with the sauce and cooked veg poured on top.

  2. the cells in rice that absorb water have only so much capacity before they break, you'll end up with a paste rather than solid grains.

  3. You can make rice congee, I think it’s ratio is usually 1 cup dry rice to 8 cups of water? I usually throw in some vegetable stock cubes. You cook it for a few hours (I like the slow cooker best) and it makes a nice thick porridge. I feel like you get so much more out of a cup of rice because of it because I get full faster eating congee than regular cooked rice.

  4. You can use cauliflower rice instead of rice, or swap some of the cooked rice for cauliflower rice. But you can’t just add more water to make more rice

  5. If you soak the rice beforehand and have time to simmer the rice in a pot with chicken stock instead of a rice cooker, you can get more “volume” by adding more water/chicken stock but it will be soup (congee) as opposed to normal cooked rice.

  6. dont add too much tho! yes, it will “bulk up”, but it will have a very porridge-like consistency

  7. 100g rice - circa 1200ml water 😁, cook 1 hour, you will get rice puree kinda.. Eating that meal everyday for 2+ years, and have to say that it still is my favourite meal!

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