When Twin Vtubers have to share a streaming room...

  1. I don’t know the SPECIFIC answer here but it depends on mic. Good directional mics will not pick up anything outside the correct direction. A Blue Snowball will pick up sounds 2 rooms over

  2. Yuki is an artist (she designed our outfits!). It's a pretty good tablet. She used to have a Kamvas tablet as well, but upgraded. :)

  3. This is the office chair equivelant of having a unicycle next to a ferrari. Steelcase Gesture ($1k+) vs a plastic stool .

  4. Mostly having to place the phone in an area where the phone holder can clip to is hard. The phone above the tablet has horrible tracking but there is no where else to put it. I have to angle it down.

  5. It's actually really helpful to see how people place their face tracking. It must be fun to work together this way

  6. I also enjoy seeing placement of face tracking as well as work areas. I am envious of how some people have their area set up.

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