List of 49 Republicans Who Voted Against Food Security Help for Veterans

  1. Republicans like to pretend but just like everyone else they use; Republicans have zero use for Veterans. They are no longer supporting the war machine so Republicans could care less if they starve.

  2. I would personally love to see a bill that exempts all military (and Coast Guard) pay, bonus' and retirement from federal taxes PLUS any income (up to a certain amount...say $50k) for veterans who were honorably discharged.

  3. Jesus Christ we already spend more on our military than the next 9 countries combined and you’re out here saying income shouldn’t be taxed as income. You want to offset it by not sending support to a country that is defending itself from our #1 enemy and is costing us zero lives.

  4. How about we stop acting as the police of the world? Lower costs, and less need to help people who got a limb blown off so some company can get cheap labor in a country we destroyed, most likely because her people decided they wanted something better for themselves, while killing American jobs.

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