🥰In the holiday spirit and the gift of giving, one lucky follower will enjoy an evening with me inclusive of dinner, amazing conversation and a naughty photo shoot. Enter in the comments below (NOT by DM) why you deserve to be that person and you may be chosen🔥🥵❤️Stay tuned ……..

  1. Pick me so I can take you out to dinner at Burger King where I will “forget my wallet.” Then we’ll bone in the bathroom and I’ll have a premature ejaculation. An experience you won’t want to miss!

  2. Just wanted to say this is some cool interaction from you! And I love the amazing work. Happy thanksgiving. Hope the stuffing works out!

  3. Because I'm a naughty masseur and you should be glazed up with coconut oil like a nice honey baked turkey. Happy Gobbel Gobbel

  4. Long time masturbator; first time commenter . I love that you’re open and confident with your sexuality and I hope to drink some of that bourbon with y’all. I really want to end this year with a bang 😏I hope you’ll help me with that.

  5. I am a tall skinny young man that loves how raw you are. I have a lot of experience with lifestyle couples and know how to handle both women and the dynamic. I’ve also been told I’m traditionally handsome by quite a few of the women I’ve been lucky enough to have fun with. And I’m located very close to you :)

  6. First and foremost happy thanksgiving gorgeous. I think it should be me because in my opinion you’re the hottest woman on Reddit. I’m a complete gentleman and besides tell me a woman who doesn’t love chocolate lol. I have a great sense of humor as well

  7. Hubby is one lucky SOB! You are a treasure that would be a shame not to share! And I’m sure that anyone you choose will be grateful

  8. I love this. You are definitely one of the best creators here and love all the content. I would hope to start the date off with a nice smile and kiss then head off to dinner. Maybe we show up early and have a little car play prior to going in. Then talk and tease. Followed by a yummy dessert (that would be you) with some nice high end bourbon 🥃 that I would bring. I’ll be thinking about this for a while

  9. I may be a new follower of yours, your incredible portfolio and escapades...but I feel huge admiration - you are the reason I tune in. Would love to get to know this incredible woman, that brightens my day. Thank you for all you share. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I'd love to meet you, hum, let me lick the juices from your sweet juicy cunt while Mr. Flaky drills me from behind, feeling my nose push against your clit with each thrust,imagine the conversations you can have looking at the photos in your scrapbook yrs down the road.

  11. You’re definitely one of my favorites on VGW. I enjoy you taking us along the ride. I love your confidence and how in tune you are with your sexuality. No matter who gets. I’m always on the lookout for your photos. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  12. I love every inch of you and your confidence. We’ve had fun chatting some, and I would love to actually see your personality in person. Plus you’d get the best foot massage after dinner and I’ll bring some of my eagle rare, Buffalo trace, calumet farms 15 year, and others for you to have while I worship you 😍❤️

  13. Would love to get together! HUGE fan, absolutely love your page- very much looking forward to trying your homemade sugars cookies- I hear they are delicious😈🤤👏👅💦

  14. Well, simply put we’re rather passionate about eating as a couple… Oh and I suppose we quite enjoy good food too 😜

  15. Attempt 1: You’re fake. Prove me wrong by meeting me. I don’t think you will since you’re not real. You’re pictures are stolen from a hot sexy woman on the internet that I follow constantly. I don’t believe it’s you!!!!

  16. Pick me. I’ll take you to the Palm for steak and lobster, then back to your place for dessert. I happen to also be a photographer, so the photo shoot will be epic!

  17. Well for starters, I'm not sure anyone deserves anything in life. Whatever it is we want must be either earned by effort or given by the grace and kindness of another.

  18. I have read through the comments on your post. You have an incredible fan-base and so complimentary of you. I’ve found your posts to all be of wonderful taste, and I love how you take the time to respond to us. It makes you more real and I for one appreciate it. I would consider it a great honor if chosen for this wonderful prize. Even the opportunity to meet you is an answer to a fantasy. Deserving is such a difficult term to answer. So here goes. I am currently here at Joint Base Andrews for a six month deployment. While it is a choice of mine to be here, being away from home is always difficult. I can’t think of a more amazing present than to have the opportunity to meet you. Your posts are something that I look forward to every day. Even if not chosen, I will continue to do so. And thank you to you and your amazing husband for sharing your amazing content with us.

  19. I deserve it cuz I'm a veteran who's away from home for Thanksgiving. I love all ur post especially what's under the desk. But anyway if u pick me u pick me if not I still enjoy ur post. I'll be home in 2 weeks

  20. I'm down, Yolo., but im staying on VB , 35, 6"2, white guy. Dm for more information. I also do photography on the side. Have more info on that also.

  21. Well first off I’ve been complimenting you for a little while now. Secondly, it’s not just a fast an furious dinner to get to the main course (me) lmao. It will be a nice conversation during drinks and dinner. Lastly, think of this as a challenge I have only had one woman that can make me cum by BJ. So that is the reason why you should pick me. If not me I’m sure it will be an amazing night just not as amazing as it would be with me. 😜.

  22. I spend my time giving to those I see who need it, unselfishly nd most often with zero regard to myself. I do this instinctually as seeing others happier and brighter then when I met them brings me joy. I would love meeting someone whose soul intention was to return the love...I believe your love would do nicely.

  23. Pick me iv soon almost all you content and would love to be in it with you I’m in the service and want get introduce with the life style and what better way than with you

  24. I need a lady to help me Jumpstart my of/fansly and get rich together ❤️ I am not only a great lover, I'm a great conversationalist and grade A chef, so let me cook for you babe. I won't disappoint you hand over my heart ♥️

  25. I’m a recent college grad and have had a fantasy in my head of fucking your sexy self since i came across your page 😝

  26. Would love to spoil you with some good bourbon, dick, and anything else you could ask for. End and start the year with a Big Bang.

  27. I know you love bourbon, so I will pour three drinks from a fresh bottle of Elijah Craig 18 year. Two for you and hubby, and one one for me poured over that amazing ass. 😜

  28. If I win I am going to take you dancing. It's one of the most fun things a couple can do with clothes on! I just now discovered you. And I must say I love your content. I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. Your smile also shows how much you enjoy making content. Which personally makes it more enjoyable for me. You are an awesome person. Keep keeping it real.

  29. I just want to add that I love the variety of your content especially the public play and that you don't post the same picture to 20 different subreddits.

  30. I’d like to meet you so I can taste 👅 every hot 🥵 wet juicy drop of you and tongue 👅 fuck that sexy ass really really good why I deserve that is because I haven’t eaten pussy over a yr now and I’m so hungry and thirsty

  31. 32 m from Chesapeake here. I think I should be pick since I promise you a fun and fantastic evening. Conversation will be fun and fulfilling, I have similar interests than you. Comment to brighten your day and I feel our time will do that for you. Plus, I have some kinks that I believe most others here don’t that you enjoy. Choose me to be the one you enjoy and let your evening be fun.

  32. I am very real and you are very wrong. In a few days we will pic a fav follower and you can tune back in for the outcome. If you think I’m shit posting your welcome to remove me from your feed……..

  33. You would be impressed at the level of intelligent communication I am capable to either conducting or participating in. 👩‍🎓

  34. I’ll throw myself in the fray, I’m a good cook a pretty good pleaser, and fun and outgoing, exhibitionist so the thrill is where it’s at pretty open and straight forward..apart of the BBC community, young energetic…and comes equipped with toys and potential outfits to offer

  35. What a great competition and way to meet one of your followers. I’ve enjoyed every post of yours especially the ones where your lips are in the shape of a heart. Tends to mean you can be naughty and nice, one of which you’ve proved on here. Speaking of naughty and nice, my bday is actually on Xmas and I can’t think of a better gift than those heart shaped lips up close. Would definitely be the absolute best bday/Xmas gift ever!

  36. You are so sweet, thank you for your kind words. We’re going to have a very hard time picking the perfect person. There is so many wonderful candidate.❤️

  37. As someone newer to the lifestyle talking with you would be a great experience to learn from you and the way the lifestyle should be so all parties are comfortable

  38. I think I Seaver’s the chance cos I would treat you brilliantly go out for a meal and drinks first if you wanted I’m relatively inexperienced which could make you enjoy it more as you will be dominant over me which I like

  39. 👀 well this would be a bucket list item to snag a bombshell of a woman like you. Just think of the content too? (Virgin btw) so would be some interesting content to say the least 👀 just a thought

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