Ultimate 2001/2002 Setup

  1. For a true 2001/2002 setup you need to run Mac OS X 10.0, or at the very least Jaguar. For that authentic molasses slow experience. :)

  2. I was running 10.2 before upgrading to Tiger! Jaguar was fun, but if I wanted to have some form of an up to date experience (I would need stuff like YouTube, a better browser...etc if I wanna use it daily) I needed Tiger

  3. I believe iChat can work on your local network using Bonjour. I tried to set it up so I could remotely monitor my 3D printer and it worked until I got to the room with the printer.

  4. nice setup but serious question—how do you use the IBM keyboard? Obviously you can map the Alt to command and Ctrl is in the right spot, but what do you do about the option key

  5. I haven't found the need for ctrl as much as I have for option so I just remapped ctrl to be alt! But you can also change the mapping of Caps Lock to be ctrl/option/command if you desperately need all three :)

  6. Nice! I put it on my main setup as to give a whack at actually using it for a bit... Considering it still has it's original 16MB Rage 128 Pro though, stuff like YouTube through PowerPC Media Center is proving to be a bit more painful than I thought! Nevertheless, it's still a fun experience!

  7. I loved the optical IntelliMouse I got to go with my G4 AGP back in the day. No mouse since has quite lived up to it.

  8. You can use any XMPP server as a jabber account in iChat, or if you want you can register an AIM account on iwarg.ddns.net and use that!

  9. You largely can. The biggest thing stopping you is how bloated the modern web is. But if you go back to simpler style websites from like 2006 and earlier you should do pretty well.

  10. Hey nobody is stopping you! If you are crafty and willing to forgo certain services and things you can definitely utilize even the slowest G4 to it's fullest potential :D

  11. Can you use the TiBook dual screen? Looking to pick up a DVI to HDMI adapter for mine and want to know your experience.

  12. You absolutely can! Both mirroring and display extending work fine, not sure if you could get native resolution, I had a few issues getting my 1366x768. But you can use DisplayConfigX to get native resolution regardless, so it doesn't make much difference!

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