Used this bad boy all throughout college. Still works, tho battery barely lasts half an hour now.

  1. It mights sound strange, but I feel like that would remove the core of what the iPod was. It would certainly be an upgrade, but it somehow feels wrong to me to alter it lol

  2. I modded my dad's iPod 5G with deeper back plate, 3000mA battery and 512Gb of storage. It's absolutely amazing! You can also put a Bluetooth transmitter in there, but I don't think I'll do that.

  3. The battery job seems difficult, but with the right tools, it can be done with minimal dings to the back cover. I bought a brand new in box 7th gen classic and the better swelled after a few months. Thankfully, I caught it in time and replaced it before it destroyed the screen. But I was hella nervous about getting that back cover to come off. Get some guitar picks, an iPod opening tool, and a lot of patience!

  4. I have one like this, too. I mainly use it when plugged into my Yamaha dock or otherwise plugged into the mains. Other than the short battery life, it works very well.

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