Grateful - And TBI, PTSD, Knees, Plantar Fasciitis, Headaches, and Fibromyalgia to yet be Rated

  1. TBI would be an increase, not a new rating - during my PTSD exam the doc said she can medically distinguish between the TBI & PTSD

  2. Yes, I’d take a look into local or National resources that provide help with TBI bc once that program is complete your rating will increase significantly.

  3. Unknown at this time - Ive been on the road, after speaking with the doc on my PTSD claim she recommended I file for that, as well as headaches, TMJ, and for an increase for TBI

  4. Hey buddy... What all did they do as far as testing etc for tinnitus. I operated heavy equipment in the Army. When I'm at home there is always some form of background noise; TV, Fans, etc. , or i always hear ringing

  5. Tinnitus was presumptive for me - IEDs, MOS (0341/0311), etc. As far as I know theres no test for it

  6. I'm no expert but when I was tested for hearing/Tinnitus at my retirement exam and at my C&P exam they were able to test for Tinnutus by sending a sound in my ear and seeing the echo back or something like that. If certain frequencies dont echo then that is a definite sign of Tinnitus. I'm not sure of the details but it was a clear indication I had Tinnitus, I don't believe that shows you don't have it but it is a strong indication that you do. I received 10%. Good luck on getting all you deserve.

  7. You and I have a lot of the same conditions. I’m at 90% right now. But putting in for diagnosed tbi. My doctor thinks I have fiber myalgia. Burned through five jobs.

  8. If you're burning through jobs its probably time to look at TDIU if Im understanding how that'll work. But yeah, getting it all in there will help! Im guestimating PTSD will be 70%, Knees at least 10%/10% (Pain in each, arthritic) 10% plantar, 40% TBI... I didnt realize how much fucking shit I had going on until I started looking at the DBQ's and rating systems. I should have been getting most of this years ago after I got out in 2009 :/

  9. I was about to say you should have PTSD with TBI from my experience. Then saw you said “Yet rated” here’s hoping for your well deserved and earned 100 mane 🙏🏾

  10. OP has bilateral factors boosting the overall rating. Both upper and lower bilateral ratings. These are golden!

  11. You may qualify for TDIU (total disability individual unemployability) if you put in for it and are not able to work. Would bring you up to 100 percent and your dependents would qualify for CHAMPVA also. You can have a job while you have TDIU, but you can't make over like 13,590 which is the federal poverty line I believe.

  12. I work IT as a manger, so able to work. I'll get 100% for sure at this rate with everything I have pending or can file as secondary

  13. Wife and I are too - She's never 'known' the person I am apart from many of these diagnosis. When we were in college we werent dating at the time, and didnt date until I returned from my 1st deployment where most of this shit went down

  14. I personally haven't yet, but if I don't hit 100% with the remaining active claims I will be. It was recommended by the psychologist who did my ptsd exam

  15. I cannot wear regular shoes without supports. My feet begin have excruciating pain within a week if I try

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