I GOT IT!!! 100% but I think effective date is off, I separated 10 months ago, shouldn’t back pay date back to date after separation? The dated intent to file instead

  1. Congrats. But we need more information. Did you file the headaches with your original claim? Why did you submit an ITF, just to hold the date for a future claim?

  2. Hope you don’t mind a few questions. I am service related for headaches (0%) and anxiety (50%). What sort of documentation were they looking for with regards to the headaches? I feel like my rating is not right based on the frequency.

  3. VSO here. They’re looking for very frequent as in a few times per month and PROSTRATING. That means you’re down for the count (most of the day, if not the whole day) and unable to do anything like run errands, go to work etc.

  4. Congrats! Hope you get what you feel you deserve! And a question, how did you get tension headaches?

  5. What's the difference in timeline for the effective dates? If you don't NEED the money, I'd probably just sit in the corner quiet and enjoy what I have. 100% is amazing, I'd have a tough time "poking the bear" for a couple grand. And I hear they might open it up for review at that point.

  6. I filed 350 days after retirement my effective date for 90% was the first day after I retired. I did file an ITF at the 9 month point as a fail safe but that was not needed. Your effective date should be at retirement or separation the only delta from my situation would possibly be if you filed something after your initial file date but even that should not make a difference. Good luck and congratulations

  7. You will be payed from when the claim was submitted. Unless they can clearly see that your injury or mental health happened while serving. Example: you started suffering from Post Traumatic Stress while in service and it was documented.

  8. Question, how'd you get to 100% with only 4 claims, 2 of which weren't rated? The ones that were rated came out to 70% and 30%. With VA math wouldn't that only be 80%? Or am I missing something

  9. Did you have any complaints in service for your migraines? Wondering if you got them presumptively since you claimed them within a year.

  10. If you filed it before 1year of getting out it'll give you back pay. I waited 11months to do mine, another like 9 months (start of covid) to get 90 then 100 a week later. They both back paid me from when I got out almost 2 years prior

  11. Any claim that is direct service connection that is filled within a year should go back to day after discharge. File a supplemental claim for the earlier effective date.

  12. I went to add a photo, but I’m new to Reddit and didn’t realize I can’t or I just don’t know how lol one of the conditions to getting a different effective date from when you filed, is if you are within 1 year of your separation from the military. I would contact a VSO and discuss your options. The worst that can happen is they say no, we will only back date to the intent to file. Just make sure you are only challenging the effective date, obviously. If you google “effective dates VA” you will see the “within one year” rule on most articles.

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