Made the daikon radish bacon!! Turned out soooo good. Crispy but chewy in some spots. Perfect.

  1. It’s not that I crave meat, it’s just fun to make something creative and different. I’m not vegan for the health benefits (though they’re abundant), I choose not to eat animals because it’s not nice or fair to them, and eating animals is not necessary for me to live a full and healthy life. I don’t know why you let that offend you, seems like you have hang ups of your own if you feel you have to make fun of people’s diets. That sounds more like a “mental illness cult” to me.

  2. It’s funny how vegans naturally look to replicas of animal fats. It’s almost like they are what we SHOULD be eating. However nothing will ever truly satisfy you like real meat, eventually you’ll see this. Good luck on your journey

  3. These definitely satisfied me like the real thing! Though it’s been years and years and years since I’ve had bacon, I don’t even really remember what it tastes like to be honest lol. But these definitely gave my memory a jingle, so they must be on the right track.

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