Can the mods make their minds up about Destiny?

  1. Very much, after the third or fourth large scale brigade I've witnessed in the short time I've been here its pretty clear that they use this sub as a way to vent, troll, and propagate drama.

  2. I think many people, including me, enjoy both Destiny and Vaush. The extreme hatred from either side for 2 ppl who are so alike is very weird to me.

  3. This is exactly how I feel. I like both of them but it feels like I'm not allowed in vaush's community because I also like Destiny. The irony is that people on this sub will complain about VDS while showing the same symptoms in regards to someone who isn't much different than vaush.

  4. Same. I watch both probably an equal amount. As much drama as there is, they really have similar takes on like 90% of issues. I don’t agree with everything either of them says but it’s not like you have to agree with 100% of a streamers opinions to watch them (probably not healthy if that’s the case anyways).

  5. Yeah, like I don’t necessarily like Destiny as a person never mind some of his political takes, but he’s funny as fuck. Nothing was funnier than Destiny covering Vaush debating Charlie Kirk. The rant about how conservatives would ban seatbelts today was hilarious.

  6. Describing the lil' d simp posts as 'entirely harmless' is like describing Italy's recent elections as a 'progressive victory'.

  7. The other leftist subs ban people for posting here, I don't see why we would want to do the same cringy bullshit. Ban people for breaking rules, not associating with people you don't like.

  8. I whole heartedly agree. Ban anyone who has more than say 100 karma on r slash destiny, and the content of this sub would improve massively. The amount of shitposting I see going on in here by DGG'ers is absolutely insane. None of it is worthwhile content, it's all disruptive trash.

  9. Just let the DGG people post and selectively ban trolls/bigots. From experience being banned from places due to being a 'Vaushite', banning just because of your post history in a different subreddit is gatekeepy and annoying.

  10. I think those D-stans are annoying-af. BUT I can accept some annoyance once ina while if harassment inside this sub and going out of this sub is kept in check. And as far as I know it is.

  11. This is incorrect, Destiny's big manifesto, where I assume you got that idea, presents Vaush as lying about him and not presenting evidence because Destiny couldn't be bothered to go look for the video with evidence that Vaush tells people to go look for in the very video he clipped, but he jumps around when clipping it so that people watching it don't notice that.

  12. I’ve tried to post things about destiny here that I Think is important for the community to know yet both of my posts from yesterday got deleted by the mod teams for being “off topic”. Which is absolutely bullshit. They either need to make it an explicit rule that you can’t talk about destiny here or they need to stop targeting posts about destiny. It’s bordering on mod abuse at this point tbh.

  13. There is an explicit rule for posting off-topic things that is pretty explicit. This is a Vaush sub, why would posting something that has nothing to do with Vaush and is instead a meme about lil' d not fit into that?

  14. there's so much irrational hate towards destiny. I bet none of those people have had a primary interaction with his content. Im sorry but not being a far lefty doesnt make you a nazi, racist, fascist, mentally ill person as ive seen a lot of this rhetoric of this kind towards his stuff. Bro literally debates pro LGBT on a daily basis. screaming matches with nick about race realism. calling him a nazi when AT THE SAME SIT DOWN WITH NICK, a fan said I used to watch nick now i watch destiny is insane. Vaush talks a lot about how rhetoric is super important to change people's redpill/conservative views but this sub just wants to call a fucking progressive a nazi daddy.. like wtf??

  15. Come on guys. Can we please stop pretending that every single person who has a question about Mr. Bonnell or his recent manifesto is a DGG brigader? It’s really embarrassing. If the post is obvious bait, fine, but most of those accusations are being made on posts where people are trying to have a good faith discussion.

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