Thoughts on B2Gold Corp (BTG)?

  1. Hey, bit older post from me so the p/b got cheaper for all but, for miners if you want value you should buy below or at close to book value as you can - those represents gold in this case jn the ground:

  2. Great analysis. Kinross has been screaming undervalued at me and likewise 8-10 dollar range keeps coming out in my assessment. Company looks solidly invested on both its future growth and the local populations whom it employs in droves. Also, as I like to consider forward thinking companies, it is one of the best in class in environmental impact.

  3. PE unfortunately has four quarters in it and there is a big difference between last quarter and one a year ago because of the price of gold. Annualized for last quarter and PE is 18 and declining. Suddenly not so good.

  4. Thanks for pointing that out. Found better EPS data. Actually using last 3 years averages for EPS in 2018, 2019 and 2020 we get 0.306, which gives us a P/E today of 11.83. EPS isn't necessarily in a decline trend if you look at the last 8 quarters. But yeah my initial number of 6.46 is not accurate enough. Will edit post.

  5. Be careful!! I used to own this and sold out.Their largest gold mine was in Mali and was seized by rebels during the revolution in the country earlier this year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think rebels give back seized property easily, and I wouldn’t expect that asset to be back in their hands for years, if ever.

  6. Thanks for the comment. It also seems that the bigger issue here is that actually they were recently denied an exploration by the new government. More likely the government will continue to favor local companies over B2Gold so the outlook for this company doesn't look good in Mali, but the stock price had already suffered anyway.

  7. This post is absolutely incorrect. The mine they operate has not been affected and is currently operating normally. What happened earlier this year was about permitting on an exploratory section that they expected to have renewed. The permit was given to another group right before a change in government causing. It caused a lot of agsnt as they have spent $27m over the last several years exploring the area with the expectation of using the Fekola processing plant going forward. This is a setback no doubt but not a loss as you suggest.

  8. Own it in a regular account not an ira. Canadians keep some of the div and you get a tax credit. I heard a few interviews with the president, he seems quite good.

  9. Is this a specific recommendation to not hold it in an IRA? Or just a clarification of your own situation. Is there a reason to keep it out of an IRA? Thanks

  10. Contrary to popular belief gold doesn't perform well during crisis, it performs well in light inflationary environments. That said, i would also recommend to invest in gold royalties not miners. Royalties outperform miners and are generally better businesses.

  11. Great post and I’m a holder myself. Just wondering why you said they’re trading at 2% of 52 week high. At 3.46 right now they’re trading at ~48% of their 52 week high.

  12. oh sorry typo. Thanks for pointing that out. I meant 2% of their 52 week low (I screen for companies trading at <15% of their 52 week low)

  13. For our tool, The Everest Formula, BTG seems a good value-investing company. It's profitable and not overvalued. However, it's a small-cap, therefore it's not taken into consideration in our strategy.

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