[Valorleaks] Big 5.12 Patch + Map Rotation Information & Changes. + Chamber Changes Coming + Smurfing Updates

  1. Kindda related, Does anyone know what's happening with in-game tournament mode beta? Last I know of it started like a month ago in Brazil but no news came after that.

  2. When they tested it in Brazil, the devs said it was around 60% ready. So surely lots more work to do but it'll be released in 2023 for sure. At some point after the first challengers split if I had to guess

  3. Yeah they will have made some changes for sure. I’m pretty sure they removed it because they didn’t like how the map played in pro matches. It was almost guaranteed that pro matches on Split would go into overtime every match because how proficient they got at defence

  4. Statistically at the pro level split wasnt any more defender sided than the other maps after the changes made to it though - you can check the tourney stats for yourself.

  5. Why? Valo has had some significant, meta changing patches in the past. Right now, giving franchise teams a chance to adjust and strat would be a great time

  6. Wonder what the chamber changes are, I hope they dont completely wreck him, It would be fine if he remains viable as an op agent so a tp change or nerf would be the best imo

  7. Please don’t flame me, but how do we know if this is legit? Does this guy have inside sources? Cause I haven’t seen this info from any official Valorant account. From what I know this guy is posting the same thing as all the other news accounts.

  8. Curious to know what the patch notes are. I’ve played 1 game total this entire Act just because the burnout has been real for me.

  9. Gaben just announced the release of Half-life 3, so i guess there is a chance for that to happen.

  10. I wonder what “rotation” means in this case. Is it just swapping split back in and removing another map? Or are we talking a bigger shake up how map selection works. Something like Apex…? 🤔

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