[Geddes] Zander set to leave v1 and join xset co founder’s new org

  1. george has been pretty useless after the roster lock for partnered teams. Flynn out here getting us the real news with the spreadsheets for all regions

  2. Tbf, it's because Geddes has certain limiting factors in his way—he's tied to an org that sets certain journalistic standards. He can't stoke the flames of hype as easily as he can't report on rumors/hearsay/trials, even if it's somewhat reputable. George needs things to be concrete while Flynn can rapid-fire put out leaks in the format of a personal blog, with more room for error and less fear of repercussions.

  3. It’s cause Flynn is just a rumor mill while George tries to be an actual reporter. George can’t afford to be wrong on a player move or report without hurting his integrity while Flynn by nature can show much more speculative content. Just different journalistic styles but nothing wrong with either.

  4. Ascension-friendly Canadian superteam. Like literally, if you told me this was a roster for franchising (looking at you, EG) I would have believed it. All of these players are too good

  5. On one hand I'm thankful for George's reporting and on the other I think he should keep his professional work separate from his personal thoughts. Leaves a bad taste/impression seeing him be spiteful especially directly to valid criticism. Not saying everything out there is valid criticism but he can be quite onion skinned when it comes around. Keep up the good work though, George! Hope you build even better mental fortitude.

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