[Flynn] Americas spreadsheet 20.0

  1. Rossy hasn’t been scrimming with TSM for a while, iirc most recent person scrimming with them was Nature, not sure why Rossy is still listed

  2. this dude was reporting the same TSM roster while they were scrimming with nature and hazed for the past 2 weeks so i would take the list with a grain of salt

  3. Alot of people said that knights killed skuba chances joining a good team with a high buyout alot of teams wanted him last year

  4. Shahz said he's leaving this week for a one week trip to do content for his new team's announcement, so if it's G2, as we expect, you should find out soon & definitively.

  5. Interesting, on stream Rawkus said to expect big things soon and now he's no longer listed on stewie's team. The Haze to TSM rumor is also out of left field; this spreadsheet is subtler than usual but still mistifying wtf.

  6. If anything, it will be better that zombs left. They can get some other good controller. I mean no offense, zombs did have a hell of a season in 2021 but in 2022 we saw a lot of good controllers who are free agents or even T2 scenario who can replace him and grow as players along those veterans from CS.

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