Parla Esports vs Natus Vincere / G-Loot VALORANT Clash - Showdown - Grand Finals / Post-Match Thread

  1. I thought the cast was good! This is the first time I’ve heard you guys cast and I thought the way you played into the history of the players/storylines was nice especially for you being new to valorant casting. Do you and lyric plan on pursing more Val casts?

  2. Not a feedback but I thought one of you sounded like the burger king foot lettuce meme and I chuckled for a good 10 seconds after realizing. Idk which one.

  3. Overall I thought the cast was great. If you want to improve, I'd watch some of Sliggy's streams/VODs. He points out a lot of things to do with teams' macro strategy and economy management that I think could be nice to incorporate into casts. But again, very well done!

  4. cNed finished the series with 107 kills, only four kills shy of the 111 he had in that legendary 3-2 win over Heretics to win Masters 1 - the win that really solidified cNed's international fame.

  5. cNed looks great, not sure I buy the Shao/Ange1 roleswap just yet but Ange1 looks pretty good on KayO. Overall a pretty fun tournament, Giants and Vitality look good too.


  7. Ange1 likes to take a lot of fights so him on initiator makes more sense. Also him going down as the solo controller often hurts the team, with shao being like a rock of the team it just makes more sense to give him controller duty if the map doesn't call for viper.

  8. Doombros in the final interview said cNed is not used to playing on a structured team lmao. He definitely look much better now and he's only been with this team for 3 weeks, it will only get better

  9. Parla deserves a shit ton of praise too here,beat franchised teams and took basically the best franchised roster to all 5 maps,very impressive performance from them

  10. Grinding through a tournament with a new team, weathering the resistance from unpredictable opponents with experimental comps/role swaps and synergy question marks, has to feel good, regardless of the heft/scope of the competition, especially for cned who dropped 107.

  11. Ange1 looked really good gainst vitality, he was hitting some good shots but i still dont buy the role changes, zyppan looked really bad in the first map, Shao not playing Fade was so weird

  12. S tier team btw, best team in franchise btw. They looked wayyy to uncomfortable playing, the fact that they almost losed proves it. Also grandpa Ange1 hitting the aimlabs and i think cNed can reach yay levels of performance in 2023 Edit: shouldve used the /j

  13. idk bro I get they’re figuring shit out but going blow for blow with an ascension team when they were hyped up to be possibly the best in the world?

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