VCT 2022 OFF//SEASON Pacific — Gwangju Esports Series Asia / Live Discussion Thread — Day 1

  1. He has an injury and just recently switched back from overwatch. It was pretty clear he won't ply in the beginning perhaps we see him prior to brazil getting more playtime

  2. I guess he’s still acclimatising to the game, only went back recently so not that much time to practice even if he didn’t take any longer break

  3. Holy that was some awful fragging from Rb,Stax,Mako. Its probably because they had to compensate to let Foxy9 play what he wants to play but goddamn.

  4. I am getting excited for VCT Pacific. I know it's a bit soon and Zest is not there, but for a new roster to beat DRX on Ascent is huge. My hopium for a competitive pacific region is rising.

  5. It’s definitely early days still but yeah this was built pretty professionally as a roster by bail (individual skill and team play / fitting together by an experienced coach)

  6. Getting your 6th more experience in big tournaments is a great thing, but subbing out Zest who only plays initiator (and I believe is the secondary caller?) with a Jett one trick is a bit strange to me

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