willminder's greatest teams of all time tournament. Who do you think is winning in this bracket?

  1. My guess is he didn't wanna repeat orgs so Fnatic and PRX made it in by being the only finals squads that didn't also win a LAN.

  2. It’s too early in the games lifespan to actually do this imo. The ‘21 teams don’t really compare to the ‘22 imo besides maybe peak gambit (I’m biased)

  3. I dont see how loud does not win. Not onlyhave they left the impression of being fucking insane, they also are a BR org who could have their fans vote bomb the thread.

  4. Teams in 2022 were so much better than 2021 that this is a pretty pointless exercise. Executes and set plays both on attack and defense are so much more refined than they were over a year ago etc. Also find it funny that people are saying Gambit in the comments when they had such issues with executes to the point they weren't qualifying for Masters. For reference Gambit lost 8 of their last 15 series. Similar to early Sentinels they peaked and were surpassed by teams that continued to get better.

  5. Agreed. We went from Sideshows video about DRX flash and dash plays being a ‘insane set up’ to now being in a state where if you don’t have site execs involving multiple pieces of utility with good execution of the timing you are simply not going to win against competitive competition

  6. Personally if you're taking strength as their relative ability to the scene at their time I think it goes 21' SEN, 21' GMB then 22' LOUD.

  7. It would just be LOUD vs Optic again. They were the strongest teams of the (up until now) strongest generation of the pro scene. LOUD probably reaches the finals without dropping a map again honestly.

  8. comparing eras in this game is difficult but i think if prime Gambit had better circumstances this year, they would have had really good results. Them and 2022 Loud are the 2 best teams ever imo

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