G2 Gozen vs Shopify Rebellion GC / VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship / Post-Match Thread

  1. Yeah, they won an abysmal 10 of the last 49 rounds across the last 3 maps, so the first 2 maps are all the more forgettable.

  2. GGWP to G2, they played great. We ran out of steam in the end. Thank you all for your support, GC scene has never been more exciting.

  3. I really hope sonder stays off socials for the next few days bc holy shit if she’s boomed now, the amount of shit she’s about to get

  4. Really hope Sonder isn’t remembered for that map 5 after the tournament she had. Getting numerous MVP performances, including the team they’d been 2nd best to the whole year should be what someone is known by. Unfortunately after getting railed 2 maps straight your mental isn’t gonna be the best. Looked like that was the case

  5. I honestly didn't think they could get back. I'm so damn happy for the Gozen girls. Let's goooo!

  6. Seeing Sonder cry is so painful. I hope she knows she did well. She proved everyone wrong and they wouldn't be in the Grand Finals without her.

  7. Damn, I thought I wouldn't get as sad again for team losing finals as I did with Keria, but Sonder crying like that after an amazing tournament broke my heart

  8. Great series. I think a lot of people are surprised by the sudden turnaround from map three and are looking at it backwards, thinking that SR dropped off hard inexplicably. Yes, I'm sure that not having their coach did hurt their ability to adjust and reset, but this was actually a map strategy problem on g2's side.

  9. I think this a good take. I also like the fact that the pearl meta is still so open for interpretation. It will be interesting to see whether a team cracks Pearl and makes it their best

  10. My heart breaks for sonder, she went beast mode all tourney and all anyones going to remember is the collapse from map 3 on today :(

  11. (all) mimi: as an European it was always hard for me to understand American culture. What was fascinating for me is that they like bragging about their freedom which was weird for me, because I didn't think that I have any less freedom than them. I always thought 'What is the difference'. However after this game I finally understand it. NA is just so fucking free.

  12. I was rooting for SR but this copypasta is a timeless work of art lmao. It's so well paced, luring you into a sense of intrigue only to completely betray u at the end.

  13. Bro Fanatic got destroyed by XSET lmao shut ur mouth when you have nothing sensible to say. You managed to beat a team without a coach and you're happy. EU clowns are so pathetic

  14. I've never seen sonder torn asunder like that before (sorry I'll leave now). Platitudes aside, the heartbreak is understandable, especially considering the swirl of emotions the SR girls experienced in the last 24 hours. Sonder and the rest of the team had an extremely great tournament, even conquering the bane of their existence in C9W along the way. There's a lot to be effusively proud about, but it's hard not to leave with the sinking feeling of what could have been if they had a coach to rein them in and help disrupt the freight train that was G2 from map 3 onwards.I'm still unendingly proud of the SR girls. Congratulations to G2 Gozen, absolute gods and a latticework of a team tbh, absolutely deserved.

  15. Petra was the MVP of this game but man Mimi Glance and Mary were just dominant this tournament. Mary for sure the best fragger(apart from Bob but Bob is a different role) and glance and Mimi were so improved from their EU quals. All 3 imo were the best of their roles and deserve so much praise

  16. You have to wonder if SR collapses like that with a coach to calm them down and talk through timeouts. Congrats to G2 but man I imagine everyone on SR feels awful

  17. Very anticlimactic and inevitable win after map 4. I still had some hope after map 3 but just felt them deteriorate. Real dumb situation with their being banned, definitely took a toll. Congrats to both teams for making it this far and representing their countries.

  18. Gg to G2 they looked great and worked hard all year. Hopefully riot’s incompetence doesn’t taint their victory in the eyes of fans, the players don’t deserve that

  19. KP: "actually, I remember one time we were playing against G2, Breeze, and it was 12-5 to G2 we were playing as ct G2 as T, and Benita said: "Guys if you think we are good, let's prove it now"" 12-5

  20. Unfortunately, as winning international tournaments is not within G2s brand, we are sad to announce Gozen will be disbanded effective immediately.

  21. What no coach does to a team . Unrelated, felt like last 3 maps SR(especially Sonder and Lorri) were getting caught off guard/out with their knives wayy too many times.

  22. Anyone trying too take this away from G2 Gozen can fuck off. They played a great Tournament playing all the favorites while winning every Series. If u want to be mad about the ruling be mad at Riot but the Players genuinely played their heart out and had an insane Year with their only blemish being against GuildX.

  23. If this is referring to the close schedule then the people complaining don't matter, there have been multiple tournaments like this, and LB winner is never to be counted out.

  24. They just warmed up and chose violence. 39-10 in the last 3 maps. A whole different league, holy. Kinda wanna see that team in Ascension.

  25. SR put up a good fight, G2 played their hearts out but I wonder how things would have played out on the last 3 maps if SR had their head coach I wish there wasn't that cloud over it.

  26. She looked so good on that flex role on Neon and Raze (even Kayo to some extent) but I feel like they threw map 5 as soon as they went for Reyna, you could tell she wasn't comfortable on the agent and that affected her confidence and mechanics.

  27. G2 is truly the best out there, but it's truly shameful SR didn't have their coach. They needed some Tactical Timeouts in the last 3 maps, I reckon it wouldn't be so one sided.

  28. You managed to beat a team without a coach. Congrats 👏 That's the only way you can win anything. Well see next year if EMEA will reach top 3 in normal VCT

  29. Unsurprising to me that this g2 team wins it all. They've put in the work and the core has mountains of experience and success across val and cs. A juggernaut of women's tac fps

  30. even tho they both didnt have the best preformance today, Sonder and Lorri def deserve to be in that convo for the best in their role in NA (Lorri imo def is)

  31. IMO you should only play Yoru once on a map at a tournament. It's way too easy to counter if you have enough tape.

  32. Riot definitely delivered with this event and all the girls delivered in game. I had a lot of fears going into this torny and I don't think any of them came true. Above all this event seemed to get the respect it deserved which is nice.

  33. Well deserved victory for the tournament they had, cracked team. Feel bad for SR with how everything kind of stacked against them coming in to today and felt horrible to see Sonder cry. She's for sure be back on that stage next year though.

  34. flowerful is the truth sheesh. rough for sonder. feel like trying to be the ego duelist after maps 3/4 just didnt work

  35. I always use to think that ‘Bloody Mary’ was a very exaggerated term for the late queen, however today due to her reincarnation I found out that infact Bloody Mary was a well deserved name.

  36. As unfortunate as the ruling is, can't blame losing that 2-0 lead to a lack of a head coach. SR still had their assistant coach with them, someone who works with the team daily. NT.

  37. You managed to beat a team without a coach. Congrats 👏 That's the only way you can win anything. Well see next year if EMEA will reach top 3 in normal VCT

  38. I always said and preached Gozen was the best GC team hut you muricans just couldn't let their copium go

  39. G2 just out here stomping teams left and right, the only team that made them sweat was TL and that was a 2-0, crazy how in every game they dropped a map they went on to win in such one-sided fashions.

  40. I never doubted ya'll G2. Their mental is unbreakable even after that 2 map loss. Feeling bad for SR

  41. Great job by G2, but also an absolute WTF moment from riot making me question if want to even follow this esport when riot can manipulate the rules however they want. How in gods name are they going to suspend the head coach of a team competing in the GRAND FINALS the day before for something players have done on previous events. G2 probably still come away with the win, but two lan events in a row the decisions by riot have been terrible and potentially result altering. Gj Shopify and unlucky riot made it so they couldn’t compete at their best.

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  43. You managed to beat a team without a coach. Congrats 👏 That's the only way you can win anything. Well see next year if EMEA will reach top 3 in normal VCT

  44. Are u smoking something? What did Fanatic and FraudPX place last champions? Didnt XSET (NA 2nd seed) destroy them both? Also for this gc You managed to beat a team without a coach. Congrats 👏 That's the only way you can win anything. Well see next year if EMEA will reach top 3 in normal VCT

  45. True the best team of 2022 was an EU team called Optic Gaming, marved and FNS are the polish pride

  46. Winner side getting all the bans really hurts. I guess they deserve some kind of advantage for getting there, but I think this is a little extreme. For Map 4 Shopify is left to choose between Icebox and Breeze, seeing them get absolutely demolished on Icebox gave you the automatic result of map 5.

  47. g2 learned the content ways of NA - lose first 2 maps in order to give them hope and then reverse sweep with ease.

  48. G2 played that second half like maniacs. If these players are not picked up by mixed teams this game is a joke.

  49. I came here to see the results cause I left the stream on map 2. I did not expect this turn around at all

  50. I didnt see the match last night, and I did not see the scoreline and went directly to the comments. When I saw the score line I went "WTF?", how is that 3-2 comeback even possible? How did SR crumble?

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