Now deleted tweet from c9 Mel

  1. I can only imagine Riot went with this because they intentionally do not want Robwiz's action to set a precedent whereby other coaches or individuals feel empowered to make "offensive gestures" or what not...

  2. You can establish a rule easily while being lenient to the first person to be punished. All it takes is saying something like "going forward, we emphasize that any such behavior going forward by any player or coach will be a suspension and a fine"

  3. Literally any other organization in the entire world would've just fined him and told him not to do it again or they would suspend him indefinitely.

  4. Riot just needs some fucking consistency wrt how they apply their rule book; they unequivocally deserve criticism in that regard. Yeah and like you said, you don't want the game to ever become too sterile, so while rules must exist, they have to ensure that said rules allow for some for villain storylines, performative banter and dynamism.

  5. Imo, there’s a difference between friendly banter and toxic banter and this by Robwiz was the latter.

  6. No. You imagine this because you have no idea what Riot is. They did this because they have to sterilize anything, lest we remember they're all a bunch of sexually harrassing fart huffers

  7. I remember sentinals vs g2 the first time around there was tension because both owners were dissing each others orgs. After each round win sentinals went crazy and yelling cuss words at the other team. I thought this was actually more hype because you feel more tension and it was a better rival narrative. I would be sad if this kind of stuff stopped.

  8. Player related stuff is fine for Riot, I just think Riot doesn't want the coaches to get to out of control

  9. Good guys Riot knew that people were gonna clown C9 so they decided to take the hit by releasing a competitive ruling rivaled only by the XSet/Fnatic replay in sheer stupidity. I'd send whoever came up with this ruling a nice bouquet of flowers on behalf of the players if I were C9.

  10. Kinda L decision. Practicality of the punishment matters and the fact that it is grand final match should be taken into consideration. Maybe increase the fine or something else but this is too far.

  11. I mean theyre literally silencing people mid game for swearing now. Regardless of context. Company is soft and thinks grown people can't handle swearing or seeing it. Almost like they have a fucking filter or something for those who don't wanna see it.

  12. I think riot should be handling GameChangers with more caution. Just look at how many GameChangers posts this sub has had of girls trying to cancel eachother. Theres so much drama in GameChangers. GameChangers is supposed to be a force for good, and if they aren’t careful it could easily turn into a toxic sesspool.

  13. Honestly im glad something was done, yeah it was for lolz and C9 clearly is ok with it but opening the door to stuff like this promotes toxic behavior in general, whether in good humor and in malice. And game changers has plenty of malice coming in as is. Tldr the more professional standard we hold the league to the better

  14. Nobody would be complaining about the ruling if it was just a fine. It's taking something that is poor sportsmanship and negatively affecting the competitive integrity of the grand final.

  15. So sad because emotion is what drives competitive spirit and engagement. Do they realize how much shit NBA players talk to each other during matches? Some of the most successful competitive people were assholes in times of competition.

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