[VALORANT Champions Tour] A competitive ruling has been issued against Rob “Robwiz” Kennedy.

  1. I mean, can this really be classified as “gc drama”? There was the turret drama at champions a few months ago over another shitty Riot ruling. This is a Riot problem, not a GC problem

  2. A suspension is way too excessive of a punishment. A fine makes sense, but this is just way too much of an overreaction.

  3. Maybe don’t tweet challenging Riot and the ruling and this wouldn’t have happened. He couldn’t help himself though

  4. You can’t even type “dumb” in league chat right now without getting banned. Riot is going insane.

  5. I still don't understand why Riot is so against BMing in Val; why can't this be considered as a joke that went a bit too far due to emotions?

  6. Call me batshit crazy but I don't see his Tweet being that inflammatory...it would have made more sense to suspend him for the bird only than for the bird and the Tweet. Not that a suspension for the bird makes any sense in the first place.

  7. Bro is this the old Overwatch player Robwiz? Never thought I'd see him in the Valorant scene al these years later, let alone GC.

  8. Actual moronic decision. We've had T1 pro players do this after games and they haven't ever copped close to this punishment. Yet they wanna make the coach miss the Grand Finals.. nah.

  9. Clap Clap Clap. Thanks for ruining a great year of gamechangers riot. If G2 wins tomorrow everyone will side eye the title of the first ever Gamechangers Champions.

  10. lmao? I get the C9 players were just bantering but like they literally shit talked Shopify all year. He flicks the bird for like 1 second and is suspended from grands??

  11. I highly doubt the finals will get higher vierwership since the finals are at the same time as the first match of the World Cup. But yeah, this doesn’t help

  12. Not defending the suspension, but do you not see the difference in tweeting on your own twitter vs an action on Riot's broadcast from a business perspective?

  13. Even though I think what he did was kinda weird—the optics of a grown coach flipping off teenage girls, especially in a format like game changers isn't the best—suspension and a fine feel too excessive. They're obvs citing a direct rule that he breached, so he had to know, in some capacity, how to behave and the fallout of not following those rules.

  14. That's gonna sting for a grand final tomorrow. It does seem a little excessive for a middle finger but he kept poking the bear with his tweets, pROBably regretting it a little bit now..

  15. Yeah I feel like it’s obvious that this is the result of him poking the bear and being petulant on main. In which case it sucks for the SR players that this happened but, better to set the precedent now ahead of the franchise league. Just send a message to all the coaches. “Hey, you’re being held to a higher standard than the players because you’re supposed to set an example. If you poke the bear the bear will maul you with a suspension”. Everyone’s acting like he got banned over a middle finger.

  16. Absolutely horrible ruling imo. A fine is MORE than enough if you want to punish it. Was it maybe an extreme reaction in the moment? Sure. But there is shittalk constantly. Like, FPX wasn’t fined/suspended after their comments during the XSET FPX situation—nor should they have been. This has been made into a WAY bigger deal than it is.

  17. if they have an analyst or assistant coach, maybe they can take the place of the suspended head coach and the head coach can relay info to them too? Thats maybe the best they can make out of the situation.

  18. as a fan of valorant, this ruling is disgraceful. just a big middle finger to the development of a great esport that could have great rivalries and great storylines.

  19. I am Rob's father, and I raised him right and taught him manners and how to be a man. I did not teach him to show middle finger. After this incident of his behavior recently, I have disowned him. He is no longer a son of mine. I must urge a boycott of Shopify Rebellion. Come home my boy.

  20. I guarantee it would've been just a fine if he didn't give the passive aggressive tweet. Also the guy's a coach, they should be held to a higher standard

  21. Anyone old-timers remember the time Riot fined C9 Hai for flipping someone off? Riot has a precedent here.

  22. There were multiple middle fingers in male Valorant as well, people are trolling riot with them under the tweet announcing the ruling. Riot are being soft and dumb as fuck. None of those were suspensions. Plus riot has the middle finger moment in their highlights video, it's fucking ridiculous.

  23. Yep. Knew it. And the unrepentant behavior/tweets is probably what sealed the deal on him getting suspended for tomorrow's grand finals. So stupid, he's hurt his team's chances to win.

  24. Kinda harsh/an overreaction imo. Also kinda stupid because it'll impact the game tomorrow when it doesn't really warrant that

  25. Which idiot in riot said to suspend him for the finals for showing the middle finger. Just give him the fine bruh

  26. Imma be down voted for this but it's immature and childish to give a middle finger to someone who is competing at a pro level no matter how much they trashtalk prior. Of course riot would punish this type of behavior.

  27. I don’t think anyone’s arguing that he shouldn’t have dealt with a punishment, just that a suspension is too far, should’ve just been a fine

  28. This is an absurd ruling. Suspending him for finals is a wild move. A fine sure, but suspending him for champs for a middle finger?

  29. Wish both teams can walkout to boycott the ruling tomorrow. Its unfair the SR girls have to suffer because of this. If he walked up to C9's faces or threatened them and did it, it would make more sense but JUST A GESTURE AND FOR THE GRAND FINALS UR INSANEEEEE

  30. If they had any integrity they'd boycott. Fuck this shit. I want to see two teams at their best in the grand finals, not a title with an asterisk next to it.

  31. Then we'll be boycotting till the heat death of the universe. Arbitrary rulings based upon optics/how offended riot feels has always been the norm when it comes to riot e-sports.

  32. people use NFL or NBA as examples but they are ignoring that those are grown ass people, in this case young people are involved. it would be more appropriate to use examples of this happening in the baseball little league or it's similar for the rest of the sports

  33. Good. Funny from a third party perspective? Yes. Wildly unprofessional and antithetical to everything the GameChangers circuit stands for? Also yes.

  34. To be fair, it was a guy coach who did it to a team of females…feels wrong especially in this tournament

  35. Riot devs would poop their pampers if they were in the FGC. Btw I'm now certain Riot devs parse the subreddit cause every action is made after a meme post gets popular. If you see this, John Riot, you suck

  36. This is some bullshit. It's the grand finals and they're already underdogs. Hope the girls can put up a good showing anyways

  37. A bunch of losers defending the coach, I guess it does reflect most of the Valorant player base so I shouldn't be surprised so many people are defending this type of behavior that shouldn't exist in any sport, period.

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