Update on Riots cascading agent select system

  1. what's the problem with them instalocking 3 duelists? if you want smokes you can play smokes yourself, if you want a sentinal you can play one yourself. and if you want to play a self sufficient duelist yourself you can pick one as well?

  2. People instalock before even seeing the team comp because someone else will probably take your agent otherwise.

  3. It doesn't solve anything but it lets players feel less bad about picking agents they want to play. The current system takes advantage of "fill" style players to play supportive roles. The cascade queue will let fill players to choose what role they want to play every once in a while, whether that be duelist or support.

  4. I basically never play Duelists because other people instalock them, and I just fill what’s needed. Now players like me will finally get a chance to play them.

  5. Instalock is better for the game because it makes it so that people can play what they want to play. Also this game is already so slow I don't think they need another reason to stretch out the time it takes to get into a match.

  6. Role queue is the worst. It ruined OW for me. I was pretty solid on many roles. It helped me in competitive until it didn't. Come to find out, I'm not much of a role specialist.

  7. Now if I have to choose between a one trick instalocking Jett OR having them on smokes because someone else locked randomly their agent I know what I'd prefer....

  8. That's why I don't think this is a good idea. I'd much rather everyone play what they're comfortable on, even if they're instalocking duelists, than have people filling roles they suck at.

  9. The secret to stopping the instalock is to randomize the agents so their positions are unknown in the agent select screen.

  10. Hope they remember people with shitty PCs, sometimes when I finally see the screen to select my agent the timer is already in 20 seconds left

  11. To people who say this change wouldn't help , You can't find a way to stop people from doing troll picks . These people will always find a way to ruin a game. You can't make a system just for those people because it might affect other players. What needs to be done is system that helps normal players that can use their mics to decide what to play. is this system gonna be perfect ? ofc not at the start but it could be improved on.

  12. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really find instalocking to be a major issue rn. As a support player, I don’t mind instalocks as long as they do their job on the agent

  13. You cannot convince me that this isn't a fix to a problem that doesn't exist. I can't remember the last time I had teammates fight over a character pick.

  14. I don’t even understand the issue of insta lockers (at least around diamond level). Maybe it’s absolutely horrible at lower rank, but I seriously doubt it. Chances are if they’re instalocking they’re way more confident on their ability than anyone else in the lobby, which is good. Sticking a duelist player on smokes or a sentinel would be horrible, and vice versa.

  15. as long as the game waits for my potato laptop to load the selection screen im fine with this, otherwise:

  16. who the fk even suggest this riot? I would rather have my team all go duelist than someone who pick support agents for the team and doesnt completely know what hes doing.

  17. This fucking sucks, if I'm first pick as fill, I don't know what my team will lack, please don't implement this

  18. it won't be that bad it doesn't force you to lock in it just gives you the first option to pick. Also it looks like you can still hover over agents.

  19. Is this active now or are the devs testing it privately? Might skip ranked today if it’s active today lmao

  20. Riot Games just need to accept and publicly acknowledge Valorant is a hero shooter. That means you introduce two queues of role lock and open pick.

  21. The way it sounds though is that you can still not lock if you want but just forces players to wait until doing so

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