What are your first impressions of HRTF?

  1. My first impression is bad because since gun shots are not HRTF, if the enemy is walking then shooting it's very confusing to "predict" where he is, since both sounds comes from different spots from the same target.

  2. OH THEY ARENT?! man I had a moment yesterday where I was really thrown off by the footsteps vs gun shots and I though it was just me being stupid

  3. It’s HRTF. Of course it’s an improvement. If you say it’s not an improvement, it’s because you aren’t used to it. Same thing happened in cs:go. Everyone thought it sounded funny at first, then they realized how good it was

  4. I was hyped as hell when I read about the HRTF changes because I was a CSGO player during that transition as well. I’m still not exactly sure how it technically works, I just know it helps a lot.

  5. I feel like this change/addition isn’t being talked about as much as the Yoru/Viper buffs. But the long lasting implications make this one of, if not the biggest change they’ve made to the game so far. My first impressions are that it’s definitely going to take some getting used to, but I can immediately see the benefits. It seems like verticality-wise the sound in this game just gained so much more depth. If you’re on B site haven you can actually tell if the footsteps are bottom mid or in front of garage. It’s a small thing that affected me directly on my first game. I’m really liking it.

  6. After playing rainbow six siege for years , all kinds of in game sounds appear better to me lol , siege has the most shit audio

  7. I feel bad for siege players. From what I’ve heard that’s an amazing game that’s being held back by dumb design decisions.

  8. I played CS when they introduced HRTF and had it off for a long time but eventually got used to it and loved it. I’m not really sold on it just yet in Valorant. The demo seemed awesome but in game it almost sounds like the sound is muffled or coming from the wrong direction sometimes. It’s great for verticality though.

  9. I haven't really given myself enough time to get used to it, but it sounds weird to me, like everything's underwater or something. I never really had a problem with Valorant's sound to begin with though.

  10. Teammate footsteps are definitely muffled but that’s by design so you can differentiate between friendlies and enemies. And they’re more obviously muffled now with this switch. And the enemy steps will sound more “muffled” as well depending on the material in between your characters “ear” and the enemy.

  11. I only tested it in the range and it sounds neat so far. I’ve never had any issues with how sounds before, this just makes it sound better

  12. Best way to test in range is playing as Yoru so you can test it out with his footsteps. That’s what I did too before an unrated game and I immediately was able to tell a difference.

  13. I never really had an issue with sound in the game and could tell directions 99% of the time, but HRTF does make it feel more precise

  14. Just to be fair, it was physically not possible to be correct in 99% of the times since the game did not differentiate between certain positions. But I get what you are trying to say.

  15. Wow you are so brave, anytime I try to make this exact comment I get massively downvoted by bots or something LMAO. Just for curiosity would you mine telling what headset you use?

  16. I have the Logitech G Pro Wireless headset, and I think the 3D sound on those headphones is worlds better than disabling it for HRTF. I’m sure if your headset didn’t have the 3D though, this would be a massive improvement.

  17. I'm a massive fan of the way Dolby does their Surround Sound HRTF Algos, can't play without them. There is a post in a comment above talking about how everyone is different and the way they perceive audio is different but Dolby just hits right for me.

  18. I have the same thing with my bose headphones. Pretty sure my headphones and hrtf try to do the same job and the sound gets super messy

  19. I'd say it's good for comp and other game modes but I think HRTF will make dm the worst (If you're using it to improve). Edit: I meant in a way campers with odins would be able to ambush u a lot more when there are people trying to improve

  20. does hrtf require headphones or will earphones do? you see cs pros playing with earphones right? sorry for the dumb question

  21. You just need a speaker on each ear. So ear buds/headphones and all that will all work exactly the same. It just works by estimating the time it would take to hit one of your ears vs the other. This, in essence, mimicks irl sound waves and your brain fills in the rest

  22. Super good improvement but the footsteps also sound a little quieter in comparison to the bullets. When they add HRTF to the guns hopefully it will balance out

  23. Played with it a while ago. I got flanked even tho I can totally hear the guy, sounds confusing. Turned it off next round got my cleanest round ever.

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