Agent 14 is supposedly a duelist. Thoughts?

  1. Update: Quote from Riot - “That said, we wanted to sneak some insight into the future here. The year will tear open with a Duelist for all you “lurkers” out there, who will keep you on your toes around which angles are truly safe.”

  2. It's interesting to see how they will see out a Duelist as a "lurk", so far all duelists are optimally best as entries.

  3. Hopefully the duelist has some good mobility, such as jett’s updraft or omen’s teleport. If it does, I’m gonna be thrilled, cuz most of my plays revolve around stealth.

  4. I stopped playing OW when it introduced role locked which caused long queue, and the overall feeling of the game dead to me.

  5. Man, I just want another controller. I love playing smoke agents but I'm getting kinda sick of Brim and Omen. Rito pls provide a new controller.

  6. This also means hopefully, for the other roles' sakes, there will be a lack of duelists for future releases until there is close to an even amount in each role.

  7. This is correct! This one will probably be the last Duelist, for a little bit - the other roles could use some new agents as well.

  8. Would be nice to see a lurking agent to change the way sentinels are used and/or how you can create pressure as a solo artist on the periphery of the map. This is especially true considering the changes to Killjoy.

  9. Wasn't this confirmed months ago? Swear Morello said it on stream before he left the team when KJ came out that next was an Initiator (Skye) and then a Duelist (14)

  10. That was a very long time ago and these things change. Getting confirmation closer to the release date is a lot more credible.

  11. I genuinely thought and hoped that it was a controller. It’s the only role we haven’t gotten a new agent for since release (or even since beta). Not to mention that we pretty much only have 2 controllers now, since Viper is not viable most of the time.

  12. Now I can FINALLY rage lock a duelist after another lobby of Reyna, Raze, Jett insta locks, and not feel like I'm leaving the other guy out :)

  13. Prediction: i've seen people that think the new agent has invis based off that icebox easter egg, but i think he will be able to go under the map allowing him to go past cypher trips and kj util. I bet he'll have a weapon upgrade ult (like raze and jett) too with massive aoe. Prob a flash too.

  14. I think that fits with them saying tear open. Gave me vibes of something earth based. I'm just curious how they'd implement it

  15. Always wondered why valorant seemed to have agents for different play styles in CS but not a lurk role. This is great news. They just added duelist because it best fit there. No need to freak out about it.

  16. Like a horse with a blinder, he’ll have xray vision in that limited straight line wherever he’s watching in his ULT. Just a theory. Would be cool if this happens.

  17. I'm curious if "tear open" has significance. While technically correct, it is a bit of an odd word choice, and that makes me think it is connected to the agent's abilities.

  18. I feel the game needs another smoker or at the very least MAKE BRIMSTONE'S IPAD SILENT. I feel that since 1 smoker is definitely needed in every comp, that role should have diversity (yes I know Jett and Cypher have "smokes" but I won't count them as smokers here). I get it though that it could become a cluster fuck if there were 5 smokers and you have a 5 smoker-team re-smoking chokepoints. I guess Riot needs more time to make that addition a banger, gotta make it count.

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