Top essentials for new car? VEDC kit?

  1. That’s a great idea. Get the basic tools (don’t forget duct tape) then I’d get one of those jump starting batteries, space blanket, small first aid kit, I like having an actual ax, but a hatchet or machete and decent pocket knife, small shovel, fire starters, that type of stuff. But I’m a little more rural in my needs so he may not need a lot of that.

  2. Big 2nd for the jumpstart batteries. I’d add in a set of car fuses, a can of fix-a-flat, road flare, hi-vis vest, rain poncho, flashlight, some paracord, zip ties and duct tape. Nice thing is most of that all comes in multipacks so you can keep some for a set of your own.

  3. A postcard every 6 months that reminds him to charge his lithium jumpstart pack and refresh the supplies in his first-aid kit.

  4. Please get the guy a fire extinguisher. You never know what you may roll up on. And a crow bar for prying open doors. Along with a safe way to shatter glass. The rest will fall into place with the suggestions above. Always carry a spare set of clothes with and if you live in a winter climate a set of long John’s, winter coat and boots. Always a back up cell phone charger too in addition to the cheap gas station that is normally used.

  5. Good comment with one caveat: make sure that anything heavy is securely tied down, if it's in the passenger compartment. Lots of cars these days are SUVs or crossovers with no trunk. In an accident anything heavy is a dangerous projectile.

  6. AAA Premier membership, a usb rechargeable headlamp, and a Leatherman Wave+ w/the bit set. Then the usual duct tape, large zip ties, leather gloves, and a battery jump pack.

  7. Liion battery jump with 12v output for accessories. Small 12v air compressor. Air pressure gauge.

  8. Don't forget a car fire extinguisher (they're smaller) and a big bucket. Just remind him that fire extinguishers are not for engine fires.

  9. Id say an impact is a lot. I get what you mean, and i carry one when wheeling since it can be a lifesaver, but for normal conditions id say a breaker bar works just as well if you need torque. Most people would forget to charge their impact too if it stays in there long term

  10. So lots of good Ideas, plan for your climate definitely. I'll add in along with para-cord and good quality duc tape. A piece 10 ft of solid strand wire. Wire can mend a broken muffler bracket when most everything else in your kit won't

  11. Grab some beers and an afternoon of bonding, all wheels off copper grease nuts and wheel faces onto hub. Same with tow eye. If he ever gets a flat and needs to change he will remember and love you for it. Don't forget to check tightness after a few miles.

  12. Jumper cables, flashlight, 12V phone USB charger and cable, flares, tools, water, non-perishable food, extra clothes, lighter, candles, toilet paper, shovel, windshield washer fluid, tire repair kit, tire inflator, duct tape, plus more in our

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