What skin do y'all hate if it's not upgraded?

  1. Seeing prime vandal without upgraded reload animations is like seeing turtle walking around without its shell. Happens to me when i bought prime vandal and i forgot that i have 0 rp :(

  2. Crazy, I use the prime reload for my Vandal, but that's only cus I want the chroma, I hate the reload, and i often equip it at Tier 1.

  3. They don't even have different stabbing, it's not how you use a butterfly knife even without flipping it

  4. Yup I always said the same. I hate the animation and how the gun looks when it’s all fractal-ized. The sound/VFX are so clean with just the base look

  5. I never even though about that. That one is egregious, that's literally a different product entirely. You're not getting what you pay for at all. It should be defaulted to be long (pulled out like the battlepass sabre for example), and the paid animation should allow you to have the pull out from short to long. Riot really needs to look into that one.

  6. THIS. Man It just drives me crazy. This Dragon was meant to be alive, yet people buy it and force this poor boy to be a statue instead.

  7. I once found a champion phantom while topfragging and it was unupgraded. I don’t hate it, but I was severely disappointed

  8. I get mental whiplash whenever I pick up a stiff dragon because I never expect it. It's in a league of its own.

  9. I am not meant to enjoy it, but the enemies that keep shitting on me with their "high immo in asc" bs will have their day ruined by picking up a not upgraded skin

  10. I like to use the Champions 2022 Phantom but it has literally nothing special if it isn't upgraded and looks just plain and carbage.

  11. I have an unupgraded dragon Operator that only has the sound effects. it looks so fucking stiff! It's my favorite meme gun

  12. The dragon skins look like ass imo when they aren’t upgraded but I’m also not fond of those skins even when they’re fully upgraded lmao so I’m biased

  13. I am always disappointed when I pick up a new skin and it isn't upgraded. Especially if it's a champions skin and you are the topfragger.

  14. Reaver unupgraded feels like the most unnatural thing in existence. That and prime but plenty of people have mentioned that already

  15. A few games ago I picked up a prime classic when mine was empty, upon shooting it I realized it was base classic and it threw me off so hard that I swear it made me lose the Duel. I pickup certain skins with an expectation on how they will feel and shoot. That actually messed my mental lol. Still thinking about it hours later RIP.

  16. I already hate the elderflame skins but picking up an Op and it not doing the wooshy thing was so jarring i was tempted to close the game

  17. earlier i played with some japanese dudes in tokyo servers and literally ALL of the skins i saw are unupgraded. Literally had a stiff dragon, raw prime vandal, a fkng rgx boxcutter. What bothered me the most though is i picked up a singularity deag that doesnt even have the cool reload.

  18. Singularity sheriff and phantom. With upgrade they are the most beautiful skins, without, they are so ugly

  19. Outside of hating every upgraded skins. I would probably say RGX, it literary looks like a gun you buy in a baby toy store. This upgraded version fixes this issue.. but it still looks crap

  20. Sentinels of light feels extremely cheap when not upgraded but when you do upgrade it it’s one of my favorite skin lines ???

  21. The champions 2022 phantom, I bought it and forgot to upgrade. Was so disappointed when I didn’t hear any music

  22. Just because im nice ill give both sides personally i DESPISE an un upgraded origin op :( how am i meant to quickscopenif the gun doesnt spin :( BUT ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE OF THINGS BEST GUN IN THE GAME UNUPGRADED STIFF DRAGON IT IS SO GOOD

  23. The broken balde of the ruind king looks so bad if you dont have the upgrade, and still with the upgrade equipped other players cant see the upgraded version unles the spectate you

  24. Anyone who makes comments about un-upgraded guns in the server is always broke af w no skins, why tf you care about what other people use

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