Gen Zers are growing up sober

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  2. For people that didn't read the article, they meant that the Gen Zs show 10% less interest in alcohol as their next cohort

  3. That's for the US study, in the UK, gen z is the lowest at 26% not drinking compared with boomers who are at 20% not drinking

  4. Right, but what about when the Gen Zers get to the 35-54 age bracket, will they be at 70% then? Or compare the now 35-54 year olds drinking habits when they were younger.

  5. So basically they’re like any other generation that has some users and some people who choose not to. Very article worthy lol

  6. They’re all on adhd meds and anti depressants. Of course they don’t want to drink and aren’t interested in sex. Duh

  7. Probably nowhere. I feel like these statements about whole generations can never be accurate. Can't really make an accurate statement when talking about tens of millions of people.

  8. Yup. We've all but stopped going out. Might have a takeaway once a month but we don't go to a bar or pub anymore as it's ridiculously expensive.

  9. In Finland we always find a way, can’t pay rent? Bury your sorrow in alcohol, don’t have money for alcohol? You always find a way.

  10. I was blown away by how INEXPENSIVE drinking is after I had to stop smoking weed. I get a $20 bottle of vodka and that lasts me a week when I was blowing through $240 every two weeks on weed

  11. Honestly I (29) noticed this with my sisters (16-18). By their age I already had a few years of getting secretly drunk with friends under my belt. They've shown almost no significant interest in alcohol even as they've moved into the legal drinking age. Like they might drink, but not excessively in the way myself and my peers did. I've always wondered if it had something to do with the fact that they have so many more things to occupy their boredom with than my generation did.

  12. Old Gen z here. Tech is partially it. Why go out when you can game all night and talk to your friends on discord? A lot of it is also stigmas and fear. Kids are just getting smarter and more cautious. They're also being bombarded with comfort and convenience so doing anything too crazy or out of their element is less appealing than it once was.

  13. Same here. I’m 29, my brother is 17. He and all of his friends hang out and have clean wholesome fun. I was out getting drunk and stoned.

  14. This makes me happy, we started drinking heavily at 13. Today I’m five years sober, and I think maybe if I hadn’t started drinking so young I wouldn’t have learned to use it as a crutch.

  15. They might drink less. Drug culture is just as fucking bad if not getting increasingly worse. Source am gen z

  16. I am right at the lower age bound of millennials in central Europe and the GenZ here definitely drinks less and also smokes weed less or about the same. Tobacco is down significantly but vaping is popular among some fringe groups.

  17. Sometimes sober is only used in reference to drinking. It sounded like the article was focused mainly on the alcohol aspect rather than other recreational drugs.

  18. Gen Z is 1997 to 2012, so they are aged 11 to 25, which means only about half of them are even college aged. Highschool starts around age 15, so over a quarter of Gen Z isn't even the age where most people start getting exposed to drugs / alcohol. Note that I recognize the age of exposure varies based on person and area, but usually high school is when most people are exposed to it. Also, looks like they are using "Sober" to refer to alcohol predominately and not abstaining from THC usage.

  19. Every person I know either uses Nicotine, Weed, D8+ derivatives, and binge drinks. Only binge drinking with cheap high alchohol sweet stuff. J

  20. Im 24 currently, and I know a surprising amount of people who don’t really drink or smoke weed. They either stopped when they got in their 20s, or just never did.

  21. That’s California sober my dawg. “I don’t drink but I just downed an 1/8 of shrooms and really felt connected.”

  22. You forgot therapy. I'm a Zillenial and no one older than me in my family goes to therapy in any form, and they often "need to drink" to cope, while I'm just fine chilling with some chips and some Lana Del Rey mix.

  23. What a dogshit headline. Weed and other drugs are more prevelant than ever. Ketamine is gaining insane popularity and cocaine never really went anywhere. Benzos and Xanax have also become increasingly popular. Nitrous and ecstacy are also still super popular in the music scene. It should imply strictly alcohol not use a broad term like “sober”. Also; as Gen Z’er, i find this hard to believe period.

  24. At my college nitrous was second only to alcohol and weed, maybe even with coke. The ground is littered with hundreds of those little cannisters

  25. I mean all that shit existed when I was in college 10 years ago, the only thing I agree with here is the rise in popularity of ketamine, zoomers love that shit source my cousin is in jail for distribution lol.

  26. Most of gen z is still living with their parents or in a dorm room. I know a few that banded together to get a crappy apartment but that is the small minority. Most parents know how hard it is out there and are okay with their kids living with them.

  27. Yeah. It's possible to do that. I'm 30 years old with a harsh childhood and less than stellar prospects and I have not touched alcohol or drugs once, and yet I manage. If you ask me, it's never, ever worth it to touch the stuff.

  28. People's minds get blown when I tell them I don't drink alcohol or do any drugs. I did when I was young, but haven't touch anything in almost seven years and it's the best thing I have done for myself.

  29. I wish I could do that. Even at my worst I'm not as bad as some other people, but I hate the hold alcohol and weed have on me. For the past 4 years I've probably smoked AND drank 99% of nights.

  30. Alternate Conservative headline: "Gen Z is Destroying the Alcohol Industry in an Attempt to Outdo all of the Industries Millennials Have Destroyed!"

  31. The alcohol industry is actually exploring a lot more non alcoholic products more recently because the market is trending that way. It’s pretty wild!

  32. My son is a Gen Z and none of his close friends drink. They all, however, smoke weed all the time. I’d rather him do that than drink, but to say they are “growing up sober” may not tell the whole story.

  33. No the fuck we aren’t. Maybe compared to boomers that are borderline alcoholics. Gen Z definitely does a shit ton of drugs though.

  34. We definitely are. It's not a night and day difference but young people drink less, do less drugs, and have way less sex than previous generations. It may be crazy to think about, but our parent's peers were way more wild than we are.

  35. Oh absolutely we are. I love clubbing and drinking as much as the next guy, but when I’m tired or don’t feel it I can stay home and play video games.

  36. Is it any shock? Their every move is being filmed by a digital Stasi in which every one of their friends is an employee.

  37. Maybe I’m just out of touch but it seems like alcohol isn’t quite as widely glamorized in media and pop culture as it was when I was younger (older millennial). In my teens and 20s it seemed like every second song on the radio was about how cool it is to get wasted (where the Bacardi at, like a g6, tiktok the song not the app, 90% of LMFAO’s discography, and so forth)

  38. True, binge drinking culture was really big. I remember being 14, the goal wasn’t to have fun it was to drink as much as you possibly could.

  39. How much of that metric is due to just not having the money to spend compared to previous generation? Getting hammered can be an expensive hobby.

  40. They like alcohol a little bit less than the previous generation. Meanwhile drug culture is rampantly mainstream and kids pop pain killers and benzos. How uplifting.

  41. I don’t think Gen-z kids are significantly more likely to be addicted to painkillers than any other generation at the moment, but I could be wrong

  42. I’m a millenial and I myself made the decision to quit drinking in December! I’m doing really well with it too

  43. I smoke weed and do plenty of other things, but you're taking the best example of one and the worst example of the other. Either can be better or worse.

  44. Don't worry, the young rednecks will smoke weed in addition to doing that. Probably while on tramadol or oxy, also.

  45. A lot of this is because they're a lot more "stay at home", and drinking is a thing that is (generally) done while going out.

  46. Of course, why would they drink when there’s a psychedelic renaissance and weed is getting so close to legal?

  47. My Gen Z kid gives me a lecture whenever I have more than one drink in a sitting, which happens once or twice a year. I also have no history of alcohol abuse.

  48. Good! As a millennial I had to conform to peer pressure and start drinking from an early age: 18 (still Highschool age). Anyone who wasn’t drinking was a loser and had almost zero friends. Based on my life experience so far - I don’t need alcohol at all. So kudos to the gen Z kids 🙌🏼

  49. Tbh I'd rather smoke weed than drink. If we go out I'd rather eat half an edible than have drinks. I'm already starting to get bad hangovers and I'm only mid twenties

  50. It’s funny that the actual stat is “60% of Zoomers drink, down from 70% of millennials” and yet the headline would lead you to believe that this is about multiple drugs and the numbers are down past 25%.

  51. Huh. As a Gen Z myself, I personally haven’t ever had an interest in alcohol or really anything that would alter my mind and stuff. Just doesn’t appeal to me and I guess it’s the same for some others my age

  52. Smart of them. As an older millennial (mid 30s) I remember how much drinking was emphasized and almost force fed in my teens and early to mid 20s. If you didn't drink you were weird or an outcast. Getting blackout every weekend or more was considered the way to be.

  53. I bet this is related to how most millenials are turned off from hard drugs because they witnessed the effects of the massive drug issues of boomers but said millenials became alcoholic because it wasnt as "bad" in a sense, and the side effects were so long term that it was too late for them to recognize.

  54. I don't even think it's true, seems a bit sensationalised. Anectotally every gen z age person I know gets wasted just at much as everyone else. But I'm English, it's kind of our national pastime.

  55. People often use drugs recreationally to self-medicate mental ailments they aren’t even fully self-aware of. And that includes alcohol, which of course is a drug, and we need to stop treating it like it’s anything else.

  56. Interesting. I'm sure sure article knows that what exactly "sober" means. Sober would mean weed free too. And I see gen Z sucking down weed products like there is no tomorrow. Don't even get me started on Kava.

  57. There's all kinds of gray area between being a teetotaler, and getting blackout drunk every night. Someone tell the author of TFA that.

  58. This would be a good time to note that alcohol in any amount is unhealthy. However, moderate alcohol consumption (1-2 drinks per week) isn’t that bad

  59. Living life in constant fear of school shootings, grocery store shootings, being one illness away from total financial ruin, and having no social security is really a drug in itself.

  60. It’s a good sign, we have a deeply problematic relationship with substances and almost a third of all people who use drugs (includes nicotine and alcohol and even weed) develop a dependency or addiction.

  61. In no way would I support prohibition but education on the physical and, more importantly, the psychological effects of alcohol will hopefully keep gaining traction. Alcohol harms every organ in the body. I’m hoping with the advent of legalized marijuana we will see a move away from over consumption of alcohol.

  62. I noticed this the other day at a concert. All the old people like me had beers and well cocktails, and all the early 20-somethings had water or just a little weed. And beer is dirt cheap at the venue. Good for them.

  63. I personally hated the intense pressure hanging out with friends to get shitfaced. I always had mad fun but yo, whole nights would be shot cause of being so wasted. These days I entertain a nice buzz and that’s it.

  64. Wait until the realities of life and debt sink in. I’ll read this poll again in 10 years.

  65. This isn’t good news it’s part of Gen Z being absolutely killed by the pressures of society

  66. I think maybe we’re just stopping younger? I’m 25 and still smoke weed, but myself and almost everyone in my circle my age has quit hard drugs. Why? Literally fentanyl. Everyone my age knows someone who has died from it. Just can’t fuck with the good shit anymore because it’s all fucking cut with this shit.

  67. Bro alcohol only went up in price and got taxed harder atleast where I live. You can just buy weed and it's cheaper that's how bad alcohol is. The safer, arguably better alternative is cheaper. No wonder.

  68. I now only drink in private with people I trust, family and some friends. And I haven’t been drunk in years. Even if my intention going out is only to have one or two, the temptation to keep going was too much, and this way I never have to worry about driving, or stumbling around, or making an ass of myself.

  69. Ive been shit faced maybe 5 times in my life im 35 and havent drank it 5 years. Its disgusting, expensive, (in canada) and it makes smart people dumb and dumb people

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