Episode 2 is beyond creepy... that husband.

  1. Even if he wasn't involved in her death, he is still an A-1 jerk fo the way he treated Pistol. Not letting that confused teenager into the house to at least get his clothes and things, not giving him any pictures or part of her ashes says a lot about what a peice of shit human being he is.

  2. THIS! The way Rob took so much pleasure in denying Pistol his own mother's ashes. Fucking sick! Is there a RobHate subreddit? Because there should be!

  3. I was literally yelling at my screen when he took her ashes out of the box, the creep couldn’t even get her a nice urn??? Give Pistol his gd mom back!!

  4. It pissed me off that he was talking about how he always loved sleeping with her ashes but then goes on to pull her out of the back of his closet in a shoebox. Rob doesn’t have to like pistol but I feel he should respect the fact that that was that boys mother and went through a lot trying to find her. Didn’t they also say that patrice was also unhappy within their marriage and allegedly wanted a divorce? That keeps me out even more because of how possessive he was over her ashes

  5. Also... why the fuck would that creepster change the locks on the house on the day that she went missing, if she wasn’t 100% confident she was dead??

  6. Having lived through something similar with my husband, it is very much a POS move. Hubs mom died suddenly, the day before she was due to sign divorce papers at 8am. Ex claimed her body, took all her jewelry off it, locked her kids out of her house, and had her cremated. We got some stuff when we had the police there, things that had been hers, and weren't able to get all of it. He later sued us in court and won a judgement for 1k against us for some things the movers took mistakenly, that we offered to give back and tried to return. He kept my husband's grandfather's records, some other family stuff and refused to allow her kids to have her ashes.

  7. I'm watching this right now and came to search it on this sub to say this. The way he said he didn't want him in the house because he didn't like him and didn't want to put up with him... how can you possibly be so cruel?

  8. I believe that Rob has her wedding ring in his house which is why he changed the locks so quickly. Furthermore, I believe he wanted to see her remains to check for anything incriminating against him.

  9. The part where the husband says did they use a wheelbarrow to move the body....ugh super specific dude if you didn’t do it.

  10. My daughter exclaimed at that part! It was like he started to get into it and then caught himself and said “I dunno”. I’m glad someone else caught that, it was one of his creepier moments I thought.

  11. And how he wanted her bones to be laid out on the table to have some time with her. I couldn’t help but think he got some sick pleasure in “see what happens when you try to leave me?”

  12. YO! Plus when he said he carried her skull around for a while. And he slept with the ashes. THE ASHES WERE LIKE HIS TEDDY BEAR!!!! “I’m protective of Patrice”

  13. Yes !! Like wow way to be suspiciously specific ! The detectives mentioned they were trying to figure out how her body got to that location , guess we know now! He also had to brag and smirk about his degree in “ Criminology” . Something is really off with that man.

  14. Or the way he said that someone might have kept her as a toy. He talked about her dead body just waaaaaay too casually, a normal, sane person wouldn't be able to talk about a loved one's dead body that easily. I have no idea why he agreed to the interview, he incriminated himself like 60 times.

  15. I would also like to hear interviews with his friends about their marriage. The man kept saying everything was ok and they never discussed divorce. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any friends which suggests more that something is not right with this man.

  16. It’s 1am and I’m just sitting here not being able to sleep because of how creeped out I am by this episode. I’m so upset for the son, he was just a kid. If you love someone you’re not going to treat their child with such extreme disdain, particularly when he doesn’t describe him having done anything overly terrible aside from having some behavioural issues (which isn’t surprising considering what he was dealing with at home).

  17. I agree that his behavior immediately after she went missing is definitely suspicious. Shouldn't he have been too busy searching for his missing wife to change all the locks? There's no proof of this but... it's almost like he already knew the house would be all his now and that no one else would be living there other than himself.

  18. I thought this too. Compared to episode one where the wife immediately flew in all of her missing husbands’ relatives and sat around the table figuring out their next steps, Rob’s first thought is to change the locks?? Come on. The mans guilty as sin

  19. I'm not even done with the episode and came to this subreddit just to see if anyone was as freak out as I am now. And I found your post, guess I'm not alone in this one. That "husband" made me feel sick. Who locks a minor the day after outside the house?! What a douche...

  20. Omfg yes! When he pulled out the ashes, my husband and I looked at each other like, wtf yo he totally did this. Husband was def guilty. Super creepy.

  21. I literally got to the part where he says the son was jealous and searched for a sub talking about it

  22. this is me right now, not quite finished the episode but came here to see i'm not alone in thinking this dude is a sociopath!

  23. SAME. I hopped on Reddit immediately after he called her a toy, because I’m the least observant person in the world and even I had alarms going off.

  24. Just the fact he wouldn’t give Pistol even the smallest amount of his mother’s remains screams sociopath to me. The asking for her bones to be laid out and and spending time with them screamed Bundy. Sleeping with the ashes “like a teddy bear” screamed Dahmer. “Maybe someone kept her as a toy” made it sound like Toybox killer or Charles Ng and Lenard Lake.

  25. Other things that were off: he doesn’t cry/seem at all upset saying things like “maybe she was used as a toy” but when he’s talking about what he did/how he felt walking around with her bones (shudder) THEN he cries? And saying he sleeps with her remains, then pulling them out of the bottom of a closet and saying “I never open this” doesn’t add up... you sleep with your dead wife’s ashes that you keep in the original cardboard box, but during the day you chuck it in a closet? Nah, sociopath behaviour.

  26. Can I call the Georgia crime bureau and just report this episode? I mean... are you seeing this shit? There’s more than enough circumstantial evidence here, right?

  27. Commented this on another thread but I truly hope he gave away insider info to the cops w this interview, I hope he gave something away by talking about a wheelbarrow, using her as a “toy,” his pocket knife, or his comment about seeing her bones being the last time he saw her “intact”!!!

  28. When I saw the number at the end of the episode this was my immediate reaction! Call them and just say, "So...did you watch that Unsolved Mysteries episode?"

  29. I'm guessing the investigator actually has a bunch of evidence that suggests Rob is the primary suspect.. he seemed pretty insistent on the fact that the alibi doesn't clear Rob but rather just made it extremely unlikely; and he says at the end that there are other evidence that only they and the actual culprit would know that they don't want to make public yet, so they're probably waiting for him to slip up.

  30. that’s exactly what I said lmfaooooo between this case and the other episode about the mother, I wanted to just call and be like “unsolved mysteries shows your suspects”

  31. Honestly the way he treated Pistol makes me even more convinced Rob had something to do with it. Killing her was an act of hatred. Locking her son out was an act of hatred towards her as well. How would she feel knowing he did that. Cruel.

  32. The husband creeped me out, even when I saw photos of a couple there is something in his eyes.

  33. Yeah, right? Keeps her in a battered cardboard box stuffed in the bottom of a closet and yet says he won't give any part of her remains to her own son.

  34. Yeah that husband had something to do with this or knows more than he's telling. Oh I studied Criminology. I have a gas station receipt... it couldn't have been me. He was smug like he knew he had got away with it and that he had all this evidence to prove it couldn't have been him when in reality his evidence as to him not being the person behind it is all circumstantial.

  35. All this! Also, his treatment of her ashes gave me the chills. Who would treat their loved one's ashes like this guy? Taking them out of that box, and just kinda slapping them

  36. I agree the husband creeps me out and his actions just feels off. He's just so possessive of her even in death that it's weird. Also being so jealous of other people having her attention, like her son, to the point of locking him out the day after she goes missing and never allowing him to see her remains doesn't seem like the behavior of someone who's completely innocent either.

  37. I absolutely love that this show is back, updated with new mysteries but retaining the old musical score and branding from the 1990's. I'll be glued to every show!

  38. The husband seems like a very obvious suspect, though I tend to think he hired someone to kidnap her. That explains the unknown vehicle, the missing cash and ring, and him having a solid alibi. The fact that he immediately changed the locks and refused to let Pistol come in, even to get clothing, makes me wonder if he kept her there for some time before killing her. No genuinely concerned husband of a missing woman would change the locks right away.

  39. What kind of grown man gets jealous over the attention a parent gives their child? A sociopath. And Patrice sounds like the kind of parent who would not tolerate mistreatment of her child. No way you can “love” someone yet treat their child with such cruelty. He may have well just killed Pistol too, because the amount of pain he has caused that young man throughout his young life is just fucking heartbreaking.

  40. I just don’t believe anything the husband says after he claimed they never argued. As soon as he said that I came here to see if anyone else thought he was off. Every couple argues, but besides that, her son and friend said they had issues and argued. And when you’re close friends with someone you tell them about your arguments with your husband etc. So it’s not like they would randomly say that. The whole episode I just had a weird gut feeling from that guy, I really think they need to investigate him more. And why would she want a divorce if they were so good like he claims?? Weird weird weird

  41. For real! I started questioning that the moment he said it too. He didn’t want to draw any negative attention to the relationship so he wouldn’t use the word argue to describe their “debates”. He was the classic, jealous, manipulative husband.

  42. He instantly became my prime suspect when he said that. Then he just got creepier and weirder the more he talked 😬

  43. I’m currently watching this episode. Did anyone else notice the way that he started shaking as soon as he was recalling about being taken to the PD? Any time he talks about her being missing or something he starts shaking but he’s fine until then?

  44. Yes! I’m watching that right now! And then he’s proud to have a degree in criminology. Not like nonchalantly we say I have this crap degree in the recession lol, but he’s proud like he beat the system in some way?

  45. His shaking was the first thing and also that crazy look on his face where I couldn’t tell if he was mad about it or possible insulted or happy to be asked to go to the police station.. i for sure thought it was strange to blurt out he had a degree in criminology... all of that right from the beginning made me feel like he is hiding something .. by the time it was over I was so creeped out by his shit show! He’s a dangerous person.

  46. Shame they can't prove it was him. At least now tons more people know what a terrible person he is. Poor pistol. Also, Pistol Black is perhaps the coolest name I have ever heard, seems like a really good guy too.

  47. I just finished the episode and the first thought that crossed my mind when the scene with the ashes came up was "he wants to possess her". He wants to own her in a way no human should want to own another, and the that he kept going to sleep with her ashes, refering to them as "his teddy bear" was not just beyond creepy but also such a huge red flag. Holy shit, if noone thought him guilty up till now, they definitely do after watching this episode.

  48. Yep. I think she was absolutely going to divorce him. Her sister said so as well. That set him off and he pulled the old "If i can't have you, nobody can".

  49. I just finished the episode and he clearly had something to do with her murder! I think he told the hired murderer that he would pay him by having him take Patrice’s wedding ring (1.5 carat pear shaped diamond) and taking whatever cash was in the register. Maybe someone desperate enough for money who was okay with that payout. Rob, the husband, creeped me out when he said he carried her skull around and slept with her ashes “like a teddy bear.” Come on, police!! THIS DUDE HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH HER MURDER!

  50. He strikes me as the kind of guy that would have wanted to keep the wedding ring. I bet he has it stashed somewhere.

  51. the way he talks about seeing her skeleton is just fucked he said he picked it the skull and kissed it shudders

  52. Watching and listening to the husband definitely made me uneasy. Pistol's recollections about the first year of marriage and what happened after that - from interest to disregard - is concerning.Did the issues with discipline etc. come up then and why.

  53. Seriously the husband is so unhinged. Everything he says is so off, especially when he's taking out the ashes. It just seemed so scripted.

  54. rob made my blood boil like truly. he definitely was up to something. he seemed so off and fake. also how he treated and talked about pistol was crazy to me. who locks a child out of their home when their mother goes missing literaly a crazy cruel man. also i agree with that he had a criminology background and definitely knows what to do and what not to do to kill someone and get away with it. hope the family will get justice and peace one day.

  55. He’s old and probably won’t out live pistol.. I wonder if pistol will get her ashes when that creepy old fart dies. I hope so.. it’s disgust to know she wanted to divorce him and not what’s left of her is stuck with him.. He won’t even admit they were having issues.. So gross.

  56. I just finished watching the series and his interview gave me chills watching it. It was like watching him flaunt that he killed her knowing there was no way to prove he did. From the creepy comment about her being “someone’s toy” to him having her bones put back in order and then coveting her ashes, it was all so obvious! And if he is that possessive of her remains I can’t imagine how possessive he was of her behind closed doors when she was alive.

  57. As soon as she goes missing he runs home and changes all the locks on the house! Kicks her son out by not letting him in the house even to get his belongings and clothes for school.. Sounds like this douche bag knew she was never coming home.. it’s disgusting he has her ashes and her own son can’t have them.. This is one sick hateful individual to treat a 16 year old boy that way..

  58. I knew seeing him he played a part in her disappearance. It wasn't until reading the comments it dawned on me. (Maybe someone has already said this).

  59. He kept her in a shitty box beside his shoes so he could teach her a lesson. She is his now entirely his possession. Finally obedient and within his control. She doesn’t deserve to be treated well because she was disobedient in life. But now he’s managed to banish the last source of anger and jealousy (Pistol) and that completes the circle of control. His criminology classes came in handy - he’s a psychopathic smug little know it all.

  60. Speaking of it, could you recommend 2 or 3 really good shows in this genre? Something that doesn't try to create too much drama by repeating things, but seems more fact-focused? I'm intrigued by unresolved mysteries of any kind, but haven't watched many shows on them yet.

  61. Who changes the locks on their damn house the day after their wife goes missing? Someone who knows she’s not coming home.

  62. Rob says he “chooses” not to remember the bad times. There’s multiple people saying that he was jealous and possessive but this guy’s in denial about how happy they were. He feels like he won, by getting her ashes. Disgusting.

  63. Not sure if it’s been said, but what if he changed all the locks and wouldn’t let anyone in because she was trapped in there?

  64. That’s my thought as well. I can’t get it out of my head, his comment about someone “toying” with her for a while 😢

  65. If he didn't know his wife was dead, why would he immediately change the locks and kick her son (whom he knew she loved) out? That action makes me confident he knew she was already dead. While the timeline was condensed, it is possible he held her elsewhere before killing her... He's one weird damn dude.

  66. I cannot get over him. He locked his grieving step son out of the house only 1 or 2 days AFTER his mother ‘vanished’. And listened to him yell and beat on the doors wanting to collect some of his belongings. Even if he didn’t ‘like’ him, how could someone do that? This guy clearly has psychopathic traits. The way he talked about her, even her remains/cremains, was disgusting. She was a thing to him, not to be shared by anyone especially her son. He definitely had something to do with it. She was planning on leaving him and he wouldn’t have been able to stand that. Lvl 100 creep.

  67. I literally feel like I need a shower after this episode. Dammit that Rob is a creepy motherfucker who I'm almost 100% positive murdered his wife as soon as he found out about the divorce intentions. No sane person has a funeral director assemble someone's fucking bones on a table just so he can cradle her skull! What in the sick kind of person does that? The ending? OMG I wanted to scream and run out of the room when the camera had me looking into his dead eyes! Someone should investigate whether or not he has murdered other women. The way he talks about her being dragged out back and being someone's toy. He seemed way too comfortable talking about that. This man is a psychopath. Like this is some Joe from "YOU" level of creep.

  68. Ugh, I just finished this episode and immediately came here to see if everyone else thinks the husband is guilty!! He was so creepy and proud of himself. I hated the way he treated pistol and it's terrible that he would deny him his mother's ashes and belongings. He was so jealous of her and Pistol's relationship as well as her relationships with others that he either killed her or had her killed so he could have her all to himself. I think he knew she was going to divorce him and thought that if he can't have her, nobody else can either. As a matter of fact, he's the type that probably did it himself. For him to lock those doors immediately, he may have tortured her for days. I wish the police would have touched more on whether or not they searched that house from top to bottom. I really hope someone out there knows something so this case can be solved.

  69. Ok I’m not even through the whole episode but I had to come here and comment on the husband. He’s a grade A douche bag. One of the first things he mentions is that he has a degree in criminology and he smirks when he says it. I literally played it back twice to make sure I heard right. Then he says he locked Pistol out just so he doesn’t have “the constant mental drag on me that you’re here and I have to put up with your stuff.” Who does that to a 16 year old kid who just lost their mother?! He’s such a dick! I guarantee he was involved in her death. Either he did it himself or he hired someone to kill her.

  70. I appreciate how he kept her ashes in a dirty box on the floor of his closet when he wasn't snuggling with her.

  71. good god, you are so right. That stupid grin... "I slept with her remains... she was my teddy bear." Oh, and his hatred of the son. This guy is a piece of shit whether he had a hand in this or not... which he did.

  72. I think this episode falls under the 'Making A Murderer' syndrome. The main suspect is a asshole and very emotion less That you kind of want to root for him to be the one. People who can't emote well usually are put on the short list of who done it.

  73. It bothers me that the creepy husband gets her ashes, and not the son. He was controlling while she was alive, and still controls her after death. This show makes him look really guilty, how has he not been further investigated?! How did they not find the blue car?! I feel like this episode left out a lot of information.

  74. The cop said that some information was left out on purpose, for investigation purposes. (For example to help discern a real confession from a fake one)

  75. All I can say about this episode is that I really, really feel for Pistol. I hope he has a strong support system. That poor dude.

  76. That guy screamed sociopath. He kept saying it was the first time he did this and the first time he did that, and looking at interviewer for response. Most telling thing about his character is that he refuses to allow her son to have any part of her ashes. That alone proves what an evil person he truly is.

  77. I agree...I specifically came to this sub to make sure I'm not crazy in thinking he's guilty AF. Also mentioning the time stamp on his gas station receipt...who even mentions that?! It seems he made sure to set up an alibi.

  78. Exactly my thoughts. Setting up his defense as if he felt he needed to. Somebody innocent wouldn’t need to go to such lengths to prove their innocence.

  79. Let’s not forget about the comment he made about the skeleton along the lines of “that was the last time he would see her anywhere near intact” 😳

  80. My thoughts are he changed the locks because he brought her back home to be with him. He tortured her and knew he couldn't let her go. So he killed her and wheelbarrows her body to the back of that church. He probably slept next to her after he murdered her for months. The fact he said he slept with her ashes. Sheesh creepy as hell. Too specific on the wheelbarrow. Who says wheelbarrow, unless they k ew it was a wheelbarrow????

  81. First of all: this show is not even close to being the same without the narrator. The whole time I feel something is missing.

  82. I made an account just to comment with things that bothered me that should be discussed. Fucking Rob. Unless I am remembering super incorrectly, why didn't he sit there and try and talk about how “we need to find her killer”. It bothers me so much! Here is her son Pistol, still struck with grief years later, and wanting justice for her while Rob fondles her skull and talks about I couldnt have done it. I cannot believe he withholds the remains of a women who had family, Dad, Sister, Son, etc., who wants to also have a physical piece of the women they loved so deeply for her entire life. I would be absolutely livid if I were them and if I was a lawyer I would so represent that family and get them their little piece of heaven.

  83. Just watched the episode on Patrice. The husband sent shivers down my spine. His behavior at the funeral home and thoughts/actions regarding her son sound like a man wanted complete control over her. "If I can't have you, no one will" type of mentality.

  84. I definitely think the husband did it. Normally murders are straight forward and committed by someone known to the victim. In this case I don’t think it was straight forward, it sounds planned to give him an alibi. Also the alibi relies on assumptions. It assumes that he only had a certain window of time to abduct or kill her. Maybe he was there during the phone calls to the Salon but hiding out the back (having made himself known to Patrice). Maybe that’s why she was distracted. She was forced to do a few customers as an alibi knowing he was waiting in the wings. Perhaps he threatened to not just kill her but a customer too if she didn’t keep quiet. He could have deliberately waited for a few calls to the Salon so it would seem that window of opportunity was smaller than it actually was because it would appear that someone was with her or talking to her - but that doesn’t exclude that her was right there with her.

  85. Yeah he’s definitely creepy af. I don’t think he murdered her, I think he hired someone to do so, and I think that person spoke about it to the guy who fake confessed, he just took that story for his own for attention

  86. As much as I hate that bastard (Rob) he strikes me as default/classic abuser husband, like 'if you're not mine, you're not gonna be someone else's'. And yes, he's VERY creepy (the skull and the ashes, yikes) BUT how's no one talking about the psycho that confessed the murder of Patrice, giving exact details of the salon and the car in the parking lot? Like, c'mon. Is the police holding crucial info or why the hell is that guy still not charged for this murder? He literally confessed! I find very much credible knowing he confessed to multiple murders, although creepy husband has a lot of fingers pointing at him.

  87. My theory is he was actually the kidnapper for hire, or murderer for hire. He got the details of what happened with her body wrong though, I think the husband disposed of the body himself. Don't know if she was alive or dead when she was dropped off to him, but I do believe she was in that house after the abduction, and that's why he changed the locks, and ignored Pistols pleas for his stuff, so Pistol wouldn't walk in on whatever was going on. That's why there's so much confusion and why they can't get solid evidence.

  88. I knew things were going to be bad when he said that he married her when he was 50 and she was only 30. That’s not a good sign. Her first husband that’s a farmer seemed like a pretty cool dude that you could have a drink with. Not this piece of shit. Screw him.

  89. If they search his house, her wedding ring is probably there. I wish Pistol would kick his ass. He’s a POS. He had something to do with her murder. After someone goes missing, you put differences aside and come together and set up a search party. Changing locks on a home and kicking Pistol out was a big red flag. I wonder if he has connections to the police because they should have searched that house ASAP. It seems like he’s being protected by his cronies at the police department.

  90. I’ve read this thread bits and pieces during the 5 minutes and 58 seconds this episode has been on, and when that disgusting creep started talking completely devoid of any emotion and then they show the wedding picture AND HIS HAND IS GRABBING HER NECK?! Aw hell no. This asshat did it. Hope he gets corona and suffers a loooong slow death.

  91. FINALLY someone who thought that pic was as weird as I did!!! And the other one where he was grabbing her in a super awkward, possessive way! Something super wrong with those pics. Don't even get me started on the ashes.

  92. I was furious watching him talk about her ashes and keeping them from her son. HER SON FOR GOD'S SAKE! Pistol deserves to have his mothers ashes more than that lunatic. I have a particular distaste for stepfathers like Rob. My heart truly breaks for Pistol, I can't imagine living with a reality that the man who possibly killed her has her ashes. It's a disgusting display of control, even after death she couldn't escape him.

  93. What gave it away for me that Rob murdered her is when he changed all the locks and kicked Pistol out the day of her disappearance. What made him so certain she wasn't coming back?

  94. He absolutely did it and the fact the detectives aren’t looking into him more in crazy.. The way he loathed Pistol because his mother “worshiped” him, the cruel remarks he’d make, the holding of her skull, the sleeping in bed with the ashes, immediately changing the locks the VERY next day.. it blatantly obvious imo. How could you not let her son have a picture of her? Or share the ashes.. I mean come on.. He’s doing that because he’s psychotic and obsessed with the idea of possessing her. Ugh. Poor Pistol to get caught in that. Fuck Rob. Take him down.

  95. Keep in mind he also immediately cut the son of without any worry of repercussion from the mom. He knew she wasn't coming back

  96. He speaks as he owns her, even after her death she is not free from him. The way he described the killer may have kept her as a toy for while and the day after she disappeared he changed all locks... maybe he kept her in the house 'as a toy' and so he kept the son out of the house. Everything is off about this guy. I hope someone breaks into his house and take the ashes back and let her be free somewhere.

  97. Oh my gosh. He gave his own ass away when he said he has a degree in criminology, then scoffed with a smile like "duh, it DEFINITELY couldnt be me." He did it. Why did he make Pistol leave when he was already devastated. I bet he had his wife in that house hiding her.....He is definitely on the sociopathic side. Also doesn't help his case that he has that degree...if a sociopath gets a degree in how to act basically ... come on.. Hes glorifying himself on tv like a serial killer would!

  98. Rob was a grade A dick head and I hope Patrice haunts his ass every day. He definitely knows what happened.

  99. I like how the husband was bragging about how the police had cleared him, and then the police said they had verified his alibi but could not rule out murder for hire. Makes me think the cops are leaning towards that theory, and 100% the cops have not ruled him out as a suspect.

  100. This was the one episode where it seemed like police actually did their job, but there just wasn't enough evidence for charges. Rivera and Brooks episodes were the worst w regard law enforcement investigation.

  101. No way it’s the son Pistol. He is the one that brings up that she asked him where he would go if he could go anywhere. He also plays to the camera a lot while also looking away and to the right as he speaks. “I would feel really angry and upset at the same time”. Hmmmm I wonder.

  102. It does not add up. Rob claims they were very intimate, which contradicts with what everyone else was saying, then the fact he stored Patrice's ash in a shoebox hidden behind a dark closet with house keeping tools stocked aside, I mean, what a disrespectful way to treat someone deceased, let alone that is someone you loved. Rob is just so creepy. Rob's way of treating Pistol is outrageous.

  103. Agreed. Is it just me or do the police seem to dismiss him rather quickly without much explanation as to why he isn’t a primary suspect? The police never discuss the behaviors that have been mentioned through out this thread, ex: changing locks on doors, his assertion of the perfect marriage that are clearly not consistent with Pistol or her friend’s observations, the funeral home activities, keeping her ashes and belongings from her child. Surely they would know these things. This guys is obviously a horrible person but I would like a better explanation of why the officers no longer suspect him, because I for one am not convinced he isn’t involved.

  104. Some of that stuff they likely didn't know, (although I really hope they are watching this!) But they did say that just because he had an alibi it didn't rule out a murder for hire. I got the impression that they suspect him but can't arrest him due to lack of evidence. (And who knows, maybe the whole purpose of going on the show was to see if they could get more information from Rob!)

  105. Is there a petition we can all sign to get Patrice's cremains returned to Pistol?! Rob's comment of "I've never shared these cremains with anyone... Especially Pistol." Made me soooooo angry! Even in death he has to have her all to himself. Can't even give her son a photo of her!

  106. Perhaps w this docu series,he has been given enough rope to hang himself, and now the detectives will investigate further, like receipts and concrete evidence.

  107. Rob totally did it, he must have held her captive. Maybe even in the house hence changing locks. Then killed her. Wheelbarrow her to the remote place. He went to get gas that day so he could have proof and he went to work while she was locked up somewhere. Criminology degree...He was possessive, jealous and totally revisited her at the funeral home like serial killers do. Wedding ring symbolic to motif. I mean surely they can see he is trying to cover his tracks with agreeing to be in the doc.

  108. I hope someone in legal can fight for Pistol and gets his mum’s ashes back. Surely he has a right to them?

  109. I’m so interested to know about that “guilty knowledge information” ... I wonder what that info is. I know it’ll be detrimental to the case to know, but I’m so intrigued.

  110. The 20-year age difference immediately raised red flags to me. He sounds so abusive it's not even funny. Like the way he's adamant they never argued? The way he treated a teenager, even before Pistol lost his mom? The way he only seems to think about himself and the impact his wife's disappearance had on him (e.g. the lock thing "for his safety")? How proud he is of not letting Pistol have the ashes, 20 years later? Doesn't mean he had something to do with her death but he sounds like a dangerous POS for sure.

  111. I am almost 100% convinced the husband killed Patrice, or had some sort of role in it. The creeper wanted to see his dead wives bones laid out on a table! As well as holding the skull and kissing it? Seems a bit like something a murderer would do in my opinion. Also being very specific about the wheelbarrow? This dude definitely did some thinking.

  112. This husband said he has a degree in criminology. He most definitely will have some knowledge and understanding about ways murderers go about their actions then right? I bet he definitely hired someone for this murder.

  113. I agree! He either did it or had someone else do it. The ending was very creepy. And the fact that he sleeps with her ashes. Wtf?? It was creepy and the line he said at the ending where he said “I still have her”. In other words, she tried to leave me, but I still have her even though she’s not alive. I just got red flags from him the entire time. The reference to the wheel barrow was another red flag. I was angry about how he didn’t allow Pistol to get closure. They definitely need to look into him more.

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