Since it’s almost Halloween, what are the most creepiest mysteries that give you the chills?

  1. There was an Unsolved Mysteries segment about a teenage girl who was found dead in a cemetery. They were able to trace her footprints to figure out that she tried to hide from her pursuer by ducking behind headstones, and then attempted to make a run for it to a home in the distance, before smacking into a fencepost at the edge of the cemetery.

  2. Completely agree… she almost made it. Had she not hit that fence post I’d like to think she would have gotten away from him.

  3. I don’t understand how it says the guy that did it is eligible for parole in 2038…surely this is a situation where life is definitely life behind bars with not even an opportunity to try and get parole?

  4. The Codex Giga really freaked me out as a kid especially with the creepy backstory. Basically its a huge 165 pound book from the 13th century that contains the entire Bible and a lot of historical texts. It was determined that it was all written by one person and it would have taken them bare minimum 30 years. The legend behind it though is that a monk broke his vows and was sentenced to be walled up alive in a room in the monastery. He begged the other monks to give him a chance to spend one night writing a book that being honor back to his monastery. When they left him to it and he realized it was impossible he prayed to satan himself for help and satan obliged. Theres a very cool full page drawing of satan in it. Even without the creepy legend behind it it has a very interesting history, including almost being destroyed by a building fire. It was thrown out of a high window while the building was in flames and landed on a person below.

  5. It’s so crazy that someone could put together such a thorough collection of stories and information, and history forgets who they were.

  6. The Villisca Axe Murders case has always given me the major creeps. Obviously a brutal crime, but the thought that the killer was in the house just waiting for the family to go to bed is the stuff of nightmares. Still unsolved to this day.

  7. I live near there and one of my son's best friends live in villisca. It's a creepy feeling driving by the house knowing what happened there.

  8. How the fuck do you even reach the point in life where you’re eating children? If it weren’t for the fact that his notes were in code, I don’t think I would believe that he really was as fucked as he was. My brain just does not compute.

  9. This is barbaric wtf. That man wasn't even human. And why in the eff did he keep being released or only put on probation and even thanked for his "cooperation"? The justice system was as fucked in the head as he was.

  10. Oh why did I read that :( what a disgusting person. If reincarnation is real, I hope he comes back as the bottom of a port-a-potty.

  11. The mysterious deaths of ELEVEN family members via hanging in Burari India. The family consisted of 9 adults & 2 minors. They were all found hanging from the ceiling in a circle, the 77 year old matriarch was deceased by asphyxiation in the adjacent room. Their eyes were blindfolded, mouths gagged with cloth and taped shut, ears stuffed with cotton, limbs tied with cloth & for the minors extra binding by electric cables.

  12. There’s a good documentary about this on Amazon Prime that answered (for me) most of those questions. The father of the family died, and the family seemed to unravel.

  13. I saw that there is a theory the dad had been convincing them to do this for years as a way to "show their faith in him" as the leader. The last time they all did it they were all convinced that the grandfather was going to come back and untie them all as their hero. Of course he didn't and they all died waiting for him. Cults are weird.

  14. Well they are genuinely believed they would survive it. They had plans to do it again the week after, and even the order in which they would untie each other. They also did this on a random night like they were fully expecting to just open their grocery store the next day.

  15. I love the story of Spring-heeled Jack, still to this day it’s a story that continues to be told around liverpool. I remember my mother telling me as teen and I was scared to stay out with friends after dark

  16. Many in Japan believe the Setagaya murders were a specific South Korean former military member. He likely went to a joint exercise at Edward's Air Force Base with the USAF.

  17. The haunting abduction of Heather Teague terrifies me to my core. She has never been heard from again since she was last seen sunbathing at a beach on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River in the middle of a late summer day in 1995.

  18. I first heard this case on RedHanded and it has stuck with me for so long. Almost has that Rear Window feel to it.

  19. Just watched Never Seen Again on Paramount plus season two episode 4 if anyone is interested. Super creepy, they have a couple theories on who abducted Heather

  20. was the telescope his or was it part of a "overlook" area? I live near a river that divides two states and there's lots of telescopes bolted to various pretty view areas to look at the other side of the river.

  21. This is it for me as well. It’s haunting and has definitely made some people check attics and barns more often

  22. Never heard of this one before but just from reading the wiki, my attention was drawn to the community knowing about abuse/incest more than anything else. The repulsion and public rejection seems like it could’ve been enough for someone (not necessarily sane) to think the whole family had to go.

  23. The "Devil's Footprints" case spooked me when I read about it as a kid. In February, 1855, people in Devon, England, awoke to find hoof-like footprints in the snow. The prints ran in a straight line (one in front of the other) and even went up and over hedges and rooftops. Estimates were made at the time that the prints extended 40-100 miles over Devon and Dorset. Wikipedia has a decent write-up on the case.

  24. Absolutely loved that one. And the idea of a hoaxer making their special hoof Krampus shoes lol. But wonderfully inventive sinister tale.

  25. Yes! This one is freaky to me as well. I remember a weird theory that they could have been from a escaped Kangaroo lol. Since travelling zoos were a thing in Victorian times.

  26. Years ago in Berkshire we woke up a few inches of snow and a single line of small footprints going across our lawn. Each print was only maybe 5 inches long but it was like whatever had made them only had one foot. We were in a fairly rural location and we’re used to seeing lots of wildlife around us, but that had us completely stumped. I still don’t know what made the marks.

  27. I read that some of the prints where melted into solid ice like they had been made with white hot metal. That part is probably just legend though

  28. I know there are several dark cases with children but the case of amber hagerman absolutely devastates me, I can't imagine how much terror this child went through because she was kept alive 2 days after the kidnapping

  29. Just about the most evil murder of all time. Two killers sick enough to torture a child like that and leave her to die. The detective was on Paula Zahn and he totally broke down, he was so traumatized.

  30. I remember watching a movie about Amber with my mum and we were both literally crying at the end of it. It’s kinda bittersweet how such a horrible thing had e something so good come out of it with the Amber Alert :(

  31. I'm so sad it looks like this post was removed. Do you know if it was reposted anywhere? I love creepy phone call stories, they always give me the serious chills.

  32. The Sudbrink calls do not get the attention they deserve. This story is so weird. A lot of people are quick to dismiss them as something doctored by Sudbrink but, to what end?

  33. I just read the transcript too creepy. I have a story of my own... When my dad passed away, (2003) we got a phone call from a zero zero zero zero zero zero zero number. My mom answered it and it was silent for a second, and then Morse code started beeping. My mom was trying to figure out what it said, and she got "I love you." My dad was a radio dispatcher in the AF during the Korean War. That call was from my dad.

  34. Look up Saint Vitus’ dance, which is now known as a certain type of ‘chorea’. I always thought this was the best explanation. For some reason, some infection or whatever affected a lot of people in one place at once.

  35. Apparently there have been several “Dancing Manias” throughout history. According to the Wiki. “There was one in 1237 in which a large group of children travelled from Erfurt to Arnstadt, jumping and dancing all the way, in marked similarity to the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, a legend that originated at around the same time.” Imagine if this really was what the Pied Piper story was based on.

  36. The disappearance of Shelley Miscavige, wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige. Always by David’s side—sort of a “first lady of Scientology.” Sometime in 2007 she for unknown reasons decided to carry out a few executive decisions without David’s okay. In August of that year, after attending her father’s funeral, she vanished without a trace. The Church of Scientology denies that she’s missing and states that she is working for the Church out of the public eye, although they won’t reveal her current location to the media or any of her close friends. Former members have said that when they asked about her, their questions were quickly ignored or otherwise avoided. A missing persons report was filed in 2013 but it was quickly closed and classified as “unfounded.” Shelley Miscavige hasn’t been seen or heard from for over 10 years now.

  37. It gets worse. They declared her not missing because an officer said he spoke with her iirc. Since then it's been revealed he has ties to the church and there is no proof of anyone else seeing her.

  38. Yes! I recently listened to the Dark as Hell podcast about her. I think she could still be alive but if she is I don’t think she’s having a good time…

  39. The beast of Gévaudan creeps me out a lot. I just want to know what that actually was, and how much of the reports are credible or just exaggerated. So intriguing.

  40. It’s solved now but still vastly horrifying. Starlight Tours. Cops in Canada (can’t remember exactly where) picking up young drunk Indigenous men and leaving them to die in the middle of nowhere. It was only found out when someone survived.

  41. this was in saskatoon, my hometown. we're on the prairies and our winters are notoriously harsh. two cops killed a man named Neil Stonechild by abandoning him on the outskirts of town in -28C weather. they beat the shit out of him before they dumped him out the cop car, he was last seen with a faceful of blood pleading for help because he knew what they were gonna do to him.

  42. Ngl as a gay man I’ve seen a lot of odd older men like this gimp suit fetish on Grindr. I’m sure there’s plenty of straight guys that are similar and would do something horrible like this. Its just a horrible sad story of an old pervert harassing a young woman, but very explainable

  43. Jodi Huisentruit, a news anchor in Iowa who was abducted on her way to work in 1995. She was late for the morning show, her coworker called her and she answered, saying she overslept and was on her way. She never showed up to work. Her stuff was found strewn about near her car at her apartment complex. She was never found and nobody has been charged with anything regarding her disappearance.

  44. Kary Mullis is a super genius, really interesting guy. He developed the process for Polymerase Chain Reaction. Won a Nobel prize. Told Bill Clinton “You really should have inhaled. That’s the best part!” Just a fascinating cat.

  45. My aunt's and her best friend's murder. Happened in 1996 and it's still unsolved. We don't even know how they died cuz when they were found in the desert (3 months after they went missing) they were too decomposed.

  46. Obviously a joke gone too far by the family but for some reason Gef the talking mongoose freaks me out lol

  47. Okay, this one isn’t that creepy, but shortly after I graduated college in Boston there were reports on the news of a tickler terrorizing college students by tickling their feet as they slept. I think I actually know people who claim to have been victim to the tickler.

  48. There was a guy called the Action Man when I attended Harvard in the early 90s. Most undergrads lived in campus housing so all the undergrad phones had similar prefixes. Many male students got nighttime calls from the Action Man, whose tagline was, "You want a little... action?" Apparently if the voice that answered the phone was female the Action Man would hang up.

  49. The Oklahoma Girl Scout murders. I know people say the DNA has solved it but I still think there was more than one killer.

  50. The Hannah Upp story kinda creeps me out. She had dissociative fugue and disappeared 3 times, and the 3rd time she was never found. I personally think she is deceased, but part of me still wonders if she’s out there somewhere living a new life with no idea who she actually is.

  51. Honestly, any mystery where people just vanish into thin air without a trace. There's a lot of reasonable explanations for every disappearance and yet so many unsolved cases are just so bizarre and out of the ordinary that it makes you wonder... keeps you up at night thinking about it if you look into it for too long, so I can't imagine the families of these people.

  52. Sandra Hughes is a missing person that weirds me out if anyone here has heard of her. TL;DR: She goes missing in the wilderness and her campsite is found in a state of disaster, and then her car is found in a ditch also in a state of disaster, and she is sighted several times just barefoot and hanging out calmly in the woods and not asking for help - there is also a story of a little boy who described having seen her when no one else did (implying she was a ghost). I can understand that the story told by the little boy is probably made up for internet clout, but the other sightings of her are still so strange and mysterious to me. What on earth was she doing out there?

  53. Daylenn Pua. He went hiking on the stairway to heaven trail in Hawaii and was never seen again, but the really creepy part is he took a snapchat selfie and in the background there’s a man who appears to be crouching in the bushes as a if trying to stay out of sight.

  54. A friend of the crouching guy posted in a previous reddit thread and said he was just another hiker and had been in contact with the police. Such a creepy shot though!

  55. God I really hate photos where there's something creepy happening in the background and nobody noticed. Makes me paranoid that's happening all the time.

  56. Has anyone tried to find the truck since tech and satellites are so much better? They seemed to have a possible location (Chilili, New Mexico) with the rain and yelling at the helicopter.

  57. What about some european folklore? What really scares me is 'the wild hunt'. The wild hunt consists of dead soldiers and animals, led by Odin that roam the sky in the nights around the christmas days/new years and you can hear them coming when the winter wind turns into winter storms. If you somehow spot them in the sky you have to join them. It's not quite a mystery per se, but the stories of the wild hunt spook me since I was a child. Also look for famous paintings, that is stuff nightmares are made of!

  58. I'd argue that there could be a mystery to it. How did this myth begin? Was there an specific incident or two that started it, or was it just a general explanation for, say, people who didn't come back from hunts?

  59. The Todermorden UFOs as featured The Uncanny podcast (i knew them before). There are tons of witnesses including actual police officers. It is mad shit.

  60. While I personally think that the disappearance itself might not be that mysterious (IMO he had a psychotic break/mental breakdown, was spooked by some likely harmless person in the airport, ran out and succumbed to the elements/dehydration) those airport videos are still creepy.

  61. Eh, I don't find that at all convincing. The tools very plausibly could have been there from when the bridge was constructed.

  62. Oh 1000%. I have an irrational fear of sharks and when I was a child I had a recurring nightmare of going into my laundry room and opening the door and there's a huge shark in there that eats me. 🤣 Insanely strange but still fear of the sea is something that still gets me to this day.

  63. Someone pointed out to me that the cases of spontaneous human combustion stopped right around the time people stopped smoking cigarettes in their homes/beds/recliners. I think dropped cigarettes and flammable clothing/blankets was the real culprit here.

  64. This is me every time I get a bit sweaty and think I'm about to combust into flames. Sometimes I regret reading about this shit when I was a kid

  65. I also read a book like this as a kid - spontaneous human combustion, UFO’s, spring-heeled Jack and a bunch of other stuff. I was absolutely obsessed with it and read it over and over.

  66. Bennington Triangle in Vermont. Several disappearnces in the middle of the 20th century. Most of them out in the woods and one on a city bus. I've hiked in Vermont a few times but Glastonbery mountain is one place I have desire to go to.

  67. For me it's the Sodder children. I know the most likely situation was that they died in the fire, but there are aspects that make me wonder if they were abducted, even if it makes no real sense why they'd be taken.

  68. This one has always stuck with many strange things like the father's ladder was missing, the neighbor's phone wasn't working, it took the fire department (which was only a few miles away) 8 hours to get to the house, no remains of any of the children at all...? Just so weird!

  69. I'm a basic, middle-aged, out-of-shape woman. I listen to murder podcasts to get to sleep. I know intellectually that it isn't a thing, but for some reason, the Smiley Face Killers theory just freaks me right the hell on out.

  70. What is beyond the edge of the universe? We know it’s expanding, but into what? Is there such a thing as true nothingness? Can we even conceive of that? Where did the initial singularity from the Big Bang come from if space and time didn’t exist before it?

  71. I remember about 15 or so years ago, I was back by the famed "Blue Hole," which according to lore, is supposed to be the hangout of the Jersey Devil. Was there with a couple of friends, shooting the shit, walking the trails, and eating the wild blueberries. We ended up hanging out until it was getting dark. Problem was, the Blue Hole is kinda deep in this wildlife preserve, so it was a good walk back to my car. The four of us are walking back to my car, using what little light our cellphones could muster to help us stay on trail. During the walk back in the pitch black, I kept having the feeling we were being watched and potentially followed. We get into sight of my car and increase our pace. Everyone gets in, I throw on the lights, and start the car. Nobody says a word. Driving back to my friend's house, I finally ask, "did anyone else feel like we were being followed?" My friend, without hesitation, said, "yes, but I didn't want to say anything."

  72. I remember being a kid and crying at night because I was convinced the Jersey Devil was going to peek through my windows. We lived in NYC.

  73. Any murder, especially unsolved, with surveillance footage of the perpetrator really creeps me out for some reason

  74. I'll preface this with i'm sure as i can be that it's a hoax, there's really no reason to believe it's real but it has never been conclusively debunked and some people believe it so i'll mention it. I'm a naturally skeptical person who doesn't normally get scared by these kinds of stories but the first time i heard about the Phantom Social Workers on the Unresolved Mysteries Podcast it creeped me the hell out. Just the idea that this person shows up at your home seemingly to help you and your kid, you leave them alone with your child, they leave then you find out later they abused your child, you phone the Social Work and find out they never sent anyone to your home. I think the "not who they said they are" idea associated with anything like abuse or murder is a primal fear i have. There's stories of them trying to abduct children (again either way i don't believe it) but i actually find the abuse then leave stories scarier because the victims parent never knew anything was wrong for hours and said goodbye to the person who just abused their child.

  75. The write up linked in another reply to you features a comment about a man in Colorado impersonating an “immigration doctor” in order to assault children during spurious home visits. So someone pretending to be a social worker to secure similar access doesn’t seem like much of a stretch considering the ruse has been pulled off successfully in his case (including playing on the residents’ fear of/trust in government authority).

  76. I am a health care worker and I have seen this first hand. Some lady came in claiming to be a social worker and just wanted to see patients’ charts and shit. She just left when asked for identification. It was bizarre. But people who want to be involved in situations where they have no business will make these lies up to get in them.

  77. Maybe off-topic but there's a great podcast that has covered a few of the events that others have mentioned. It's very well-researched too. It's called Dark Histories, if anyone wants a listen for spooky season.

  78. Surprised no one has mentioned the black eyed kids. Those things freak me out. Not sure if it’s a hoax but the stories that these kids just show up and this immense feeling of dread sounds horrible. I don’t know why but kids showing up to your door in weird old timey clothing with BLACK eyes is so scary.

  79. There's a short horror game called The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan about this! They find the ghost ship and, spoilers:

  80. I’ll always wonder what went through the minds of the Mary Celeste crew and passengers as they abandoned ship. Did they think they had a chance to survive or soon realize they were doomed?

  81. Not sure if this counts as a true “unsolved mystery” but as a lifelong cat owner, toxoplasmosis has always freaked me out and we still don’t really know the true number of infected and how it actually affects the human brain and our behavior.

  82. For what it's worth, there are/were definitely feral wallabies in the Peak District of England. Five got out of a private collection during World War II and survived and bred. They were thriving enough in the eighties that I remember them being a thing on a family holiday, though they may be gone now (occasional sightings up to 2017).

  83. For me it's the following - I've included links for those who may not be familiar with the stories in hopes that someone somewhere maybe able to help 🖤

  84. Regarding Spring heeled Jack, has anyone ever considered a mass paranoia related to piquerism? I read a really interesting article (which I found through Strange Company's blog) about how women back in the day were in fear of being stabbed (usually in the behind) with hat pins or knives while out and about the streets. So much so, people invented armor for the ladies to go under their dresses. Some of the very specific items that Jack wore could be indicative of a serial piquer (piquerist?) Who never got caught due to his insane agility.

  85. That’s really interesting! Thanks for sharing. Maybe the early attacks might have been a actual person, maybe a prankster but afterwards it turned into some kinda mass hysteria.

  86. This angle is discussed in the Talking Till Dawn podcast episode on Spring Heeled Jack. Touches on the possibility of it being, at least partly, driven by pranksters as well as piquerist and salirophilic attacks from (potentially) multiple unrelated perpetrators, all taking advantage of panic arising from old traditional ghost tales of jumping spirits. Basically a feedback loop where the real attacks feed the panic and the folklore and the press furore, and the panic, folklore, and press furore inform the style/persona used by the attackers.

  87. My favortite thing about Spring Heeled Jack is that in India in 2001 there was a series of incidents that sound very similar, attributed to the

  88. There’s an interesting theory that the person who did the torso murders also killed the black dahlia! The killer also sent postcards to eliot ness taunting him about being unable to solve the case until ness died in 1957.

  89. Dyatlov Pass is creepy but an even more terrifying true story is when a group of hikers in 93 went out and all but one of them died. The ones who died just started pouring blood from their eyes and noses, screamed in pain and dropped dead. The only survivor ran away and was eventually found by a group of kayakers. Its still unsolved but many people believe it was an area where they were testing a type of chemical warfare and they just happened to stumble on it

  90. There was actually something similar in Baltimore (where I live) in the 1960’s. He was known as the O’Donnell Heights Phantom, and he leapt from rooftops, and hissed to women from beneath automobiles. People would hear sinister organ music from the surrounding cemeteries, where he was said to live within the many crypts.

  91. I would say they definitely count! The stories like that never fail to make me feel unsettled, even in my own house, for a few minutes.

  92. Erin Valenti’s death gives me the creeps, even though I know it’s likely she suffered a psychotic break that ended her life. In her last phone call with her mother she claimed reality is just a thought experiment and that we’re in the Matrix. Yes, typical things to say for someone experiencing psychosis.

  93. The Khamar Daban incident: A group of Russian hikers went up a hill. Then all but one of them mysteriously started bleeding from their eyes and died. Even more mysteriously, the most inexperienced member survived.

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