What unresolved case would you give anything to see resolved?

  1. Amy Mihaljevec. I think because I too was a girl growing up in Ohio in the 70’s/80’s. Just a heartbreaking case. The thing that always gets me is how they had a cop come in and give a stranger danger talk the same day or week and she still met up with a stranger. :(

  2. It’s especially heartbreaking because she was apparently trying to help pick out a gift for her mom. The stranger/danger talks didn’t cover situations like this, that happened over the phone. They were all about not getting into a car, or not leaving a place with a stranger. If someone called your home back then with personal information it would be believable. She had to have been targeted, as in her abductor had to have known about her mom’s promotion.

  3. Other girls got calls from what is assumed to be the same man and he claimed to be one their mother’s boss from work, whom he had the name of and everything. I think he probably pretended to be someone Amy knew.

  4. I grew up in Cleveland and my parents took me on a walk shortly after that happened to a bit of woods nearby. They made sure I knew to never go with strangers but showed me how to get home from there in case I ever needed to. I was 8 or 9 at the time and I still remember that day.

  5. Ugh I grew up in the town over. Whenever I would go to that shopping complex as a kid, I would be terrified.

  6. I've thought of Anthonette Cayedito so often over the years. The 911 call breaks my heart. I would love to know what happened to her.

  7. I lived in Gallup briefly. In the same area as Anthonette. Every few months I Google her to see if there was an update on her case. I taught in NM for 3 years, worked with kids in poverty, kids who were responsible for siblings because of their parents’ addiction. My heart aches when I think of Anthonette, she could have been one of my students :(

  8. I believe the mother knew something. Had some connection to the abductors that she was ashamed or afraid to admit. I think it was solvable in the time the mother was alive, but perhaps not anymore sadly.

  9. I didn’t know this case, the others listed I did so I red the wiki and listened to the 911 audio. Like omg.

  10. The Lane Bryant Murders. There is such a detailed sketch of the perp from the surviving victim. He is a very distinctive looking person. A 3-D sketch was done recently which I've linked. I just can't understand how no one recognized him. And the whole crime just doesn't make any sense. Robbing a Lane Bryant store, where most likely the customers used credit cards so there was little cash and first thing in the morning when there would have been only minimal cash in the drawer. And this is a store in a mall, not a stand alone that would be isolated. It just boggles my mind how this one has not been solved.

  11. I agree that this was an odd choice for a robbery. I've never even heard how much the perpetrator actually stole from the store. To me this always seemed like a more personal crime that was disguised as a robbery. I wonder if the police did a deep dive into the backgrounds of the victims to see if maybe one was targeted.

  12. What a sad sad case for the 5 who lost their lives and the wounded employee. The had a very good description of the suspect, can't believe noone came forward to ID him

  13. This case is so sad to me. I’ve shopped at the strip mall quite a few times following and it’s kinda crazy the murderer has not been caught yet.

  14. Yeah, this happened in my hometown. Rocked a lot of us to our core. Unreal that it seems zero progress has been made. Shows the danger in just random acts of violence, which this somehow seems to be.

  15. I think it’s pretty simple why it wasn’t solved, he had an easy asf getaway literally right behind the store. Easily could have parked a car on i80, did the crime, and run right back to it. Dude took off.

  16. i'm hoping for familial DNA to come in clutch again. this case has been so mishandled it'd be laughable if it wasn't such a horrific situation. but i know they exhumed her to extract DNA in 2013 and it was successful, i really hope she'll be identified soon and am praying whoever murdered her is still alive by some slim chance.

  17. That is a tragic case, but if you’ve watched the Disappeared episode on it, it came off that the suspect put forth in that episode is most likely responsible for what happened to them. Can’t remember his name but hes in prison for a different murder.

  18. This was my answer too. Living in the UK, I still regularly see his picture on billboards and nearly all of the possibilities hit so close to growing up at the same time as him that I just want that closure for his family.

  19. I know. I saw arrests had been made in possible connection but investigation is still going and they havent said yes or no yet. Ive been waiting all year to hear. I hope and hope and hope Andrew is alive somewhere and can return home

  20. This is definitely one I'd like to see solved, whether he's dead or alive that family needs a closure, I see his dad every year sending a message on the anniversary of his son's disappearance and is so heartbreaking 💔

  21. unfortunately i don't believe it will ever be solved. whoever did it is long gone imo. would be great for the family though if even her remains were recovered.

  22. It's so infuriating that every step her killer made he was obscured on camera. He was so incredibly lucky

  23. Seconding the Beaumonts. Makes my heart hurt that their Mum died without ever knowing what happened to her babies, it would be nice if the Dad could have some closure.

  24. I don't see Al Kite mentioned often in these type of threads. He was a well-liked 53 year old living in Colorado. In 2004 he was brutally tortured and murdered. The details are horrible. The main suspect is a man who rented out Al's basement days before the murder. All of the information this man gave on his rental application was falsified, and he went by the alias "Robert Cooper". Multiple witnesses met "Robert" at the time and there's even surveillance footage of him using Al's ATM card, but he was wearing a ski mask. I'm on mobile but I'll add a link that has a lot of information. There's also an FBI wanted page, an Unidentified wiki page, and write ups on this sub for anyone interested. I'd genuinely love to see this one solved. It was fairly recent (compared to other cold cases), very violent, and we have so much information about the suspect. Al seemed like a good guy and it's sad he lost his life in such a terrible way. It's also frustrating that we know so much about the main suspect, but he hasn't been found. Same thing I feel with the Delphi murders.

  25. I think that Al Kite's just isn't as well known compared to many others like JonBenet Ramsey, Asha Degree or the Springfield three. I actually only remembered it once you brought it up but this is definitely one of the lesser known cases I'd like to see resolved.

  26. Dulce Alavez. A 5 year old girl who went missing from a park in NJ while her mother was yards away in a car with her younger brother. There is a lot of terrible insinuation or outright accusation surrounding the mother. All that aside, I can’t say why but the images of Dulce circulated at the time of her abduction have stuck with me. They were captured on security cameras at a local convenience store picking up ice cream bars before heading to the park, and then gone. I think of how scared she must have been and I don’t know if it’s better to hope that she’s no longer alive than some of the alternatives. I’ll think of her from time to time and I don’t know why this one missing child case stays with me.

  27. Just on a positive-ish note....five years ago, my answer far and away would have been EARONS (and I'm sure I'm not alone). And I was so sure that even if it was ever solved, we were past the point of justice

  28. Genetic databases like ancestry for example, are making it much, much easier to catch criminals and solve cold cases, it's only a matter of time and intrest these days.

  29. this case revolts me so much because there is an audio and a video of the murderer and still he was not caught

  30. I think this one will be solved within the decade tbh. They've never stopped investigating this one hard and they're playing so much close to the vest still. I think they're circling someone and closing in slowly.

  31. On a first come,first serve basis, meaning as old as possible, the Boy in the Box. It's time he was given a name before everyone who might have known him is dead and gone too.

  32. I would say a case that is local to me. The case of Heather Teague. I would just like to see her mother get closure since she no longer has trust in the way law enforcement handled the case.

  33. On a less mysterious note they stopped digging at one of the sites where Dean Corll buried his victims and they had an unattached femur bone in their hands, so they knew they were missing at least the rest of that one body.

  34. I remember reading about this one after I saw Odd Thomas. Absolutely broke my heart. They're trying to build a DNA profile from evidence though, and there's been a lot of success with that lately, especially with all the genealogy websites out there.

  35. This is my #1 too. So horrific. The Springfield Three and Jodi Huisentruit are right behind it.

  36. This is a case that few people know about or even remember. God I wish this was solved and give the family some closure.

  37. My hometown case. I’d love to see a definitive solving of it. Most locals have a theory on it, and it’s semi logical but it would be great to know the truth.

  38. I just thought of another case. Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman from Vinita, Oklahoma. Their remains have not been found.

  39. If I am not mistaken, the freeman Bible case has some updates. I think they are confirmed deceased and know who did it. Someone plead guilty to the murder of the freeman family and abduction of the girls but never indicated where they were ultimately put.

  40. Evelyn Hartley. 15-year-old abducted and (presumably) murdered in LaCrosse, WI in 1953 by someone who broke into the basement of the house at which she was babysitting. Some speculate it was the work of Ed Gein, who was visiting family just blocks away from the abduction site.

  41. This is my answer too. I remember hearing about her disappearance when it happened. I lived less than an hour from her and even closer to wear her backpack was found, and we were about the same age. I’ve always wondered what happened to her. As unlikely as I feel like it is at this point, I hope one day there is justice for her and her family.

  42. While I personally don't think his case is super mysterious (IMO I think he had some sort of psychotic break/mental breakdown, was spooked in the airport and ran off to succumb to dehydration/exposure) I think the airport footage us kinda creepy and I still hope that his remains are found one day to give closure to his family.

  43. yes! I just learned about this one recently from a podcast, and it haunts me too. I as scrolling down this thread wondering if anybody else would mention him (and about to go google to be sure I spelled his last name right before I posted)

  44. Jack the Ripper. Another cliche, but I want to see one of the most recognisable serial killers finally be positively identified.

  45. Just gonna say, his mom almost certainly killed him. Saying that he was safe but would never be found. The blood in the car. It just seems like he can't be alive somewhere

  46. I just heard about this one. The fact that he lied about where he was, how his family somehow “didn’t notice” him hanging there for ages, the random orange juice… Such a weird case.

  47. His case is what got me intrigued with true crime. To this day it's still so bizarre how he disappeared. Even if he did walk out the bar, there's never been one hint of where he went or any discovery of his body or personal property.

  48. This is one of mine too. I live near the area and one of his family members is convinced he left of his own accord. She stated he was not as portrayed in the media and seemed to refer to him as somewhat wild.

  49. Just so much tragedy in this case. Brian's mom died of cancer a month before his disappearance. Then a couple years after Brian went missing, his dad was killed by a tree branch in a freak accident during a windstorm. I really hope the only surviving member, Derek (Brian's brother) is doing okay.

  50. Alicia Navarro! I have an autistic daughter myself. I follow her page on Facebook and it is so heartbreaking that there are just 0 clues. That Alicia vanished into thin air.

  51. Jason Jolkowski. I remember when he went missing. I remember the radio station he worked for running a message about his disappearance for a couple years afterwards. A local music site that I was a regular on had a banner up about his disappearance until the site finally came down a couple years ago. I never thought he would still be a missing person 21 years later.

  52. This is mine as well. It's just so mysterious and bizarre and sad. What happened in that span of 15-20 minutes from his house to his old high school? Who wanted to harm him?

  53. I want them to find Susan Powell's body. I live in Utah, I've been following her story since she disappeared. Her family deserves closure.

  54. I’m sorry, I know it’s so not the point, but I cannot believe the man in the Wikipedia page for the Dardeen murders is 29?!

  55. Boy in the Box, Little Lord Fauntleroy, St. Louis Jane Doe, Opelika Jane Doe, Vernon County (WI) Jane Doe, Elizabeth Barraza, Missy Bevers, Judy Smith, Springfield Three, Delphi Murders, Asha Degree, Angela Hammond, Brian Schaffer, Amy Bradley, Anthonette Cayedito, Johnny Gosch, Laureen Rahn, Amber, Adam Walsh, Morgan Nick, Fort Worth Trio…there are so many out there that don’t add up or, on the contrary, seem to have so much evidence that it’s absurd to think they’re still unsolved - but here we are.

  56. Opelika Jane Doe makes my heart ache. I can't think of a more vulnerable child, and I hope that whoever did it gets what's coming to him.

  57. It's not a majorly known case (I have many I'd love to be solved that are commonly known of) but Gasden John Doe 1975 - Hispanic dude found without a penis, but the shaft had already healed. I want to know how the hell he ended up without a penis (obviously there's medical reasons, but carteld and cults in Mexico back then we're also known to remove members penises to show loyalty, and also as punishment for mistakes.) and then had the terrible luck to ontop of that, end up a murder victim.. I guess it could be cartel related. I did a write-up on the case before as there's not many (maybe 2 other than mine) on the entirety of the internet. And one of the other posts written are also the ones who compiled the very short wiki for him. The case is just super strange.

  58. For the Missy Bevers case: I'm a local and from what I hear they don't have enough evidence to make a case and convince a jury. Maybe the new DA will try to make some moves, but I doubt it. The perp shot her and then used some tools, so some people in the police think it was personal and targeted. It's just a matter of time before they slip up and tell someone.

  59. This one drives me nuts because in many unresolved cases there's often a wild explanation and a conventional explanation. In the Jonbenet case, both possibilities are insane. Either some stranger broke into their house undetected, lounged around for a while, wrote a lengthy note, lured Jonbenet into the basement and murdered her, leaving without a trace. The other option is a family member killed her and they've been holding onto the secret for years. Either way, whatever happened is insane.

  60. Definitely Briana Maitland. I’m just so baffled about what happened to her, and the image of her car backed into that house and abandoned is so haunting.

  61. Mine is very cliché as well. Elizabeth Short/The Black Dahlia. I wanna know once and for all since the theory about the doctor was debunked.

  62. I lived 5 mins from where Amber was abducted. She was a few years younger than me. Still haunts me. I worked at a bank years later, and her mom banked there. I never said anything about it, but you could just tell the years of sadness and grief she had to endure. I can’t imagine.

  63. “There was another odd development in 1979, when a private investigator one of the families had hired died from suicide after ordering all of his files from the case to be destroyed.”

  64. A story close to me, they threw the killer in jail a long time ago but the body of Sarah Anne Wood. She was abducted and killed by a man named Lent and he did give cops a detailed map of where he buried her and they spent a month or more looking but never found a shred of evidence she was there and I truly believe he never gave the cops the real location and to this day refuses to tell her family where he put her body and that irks me that a guy who killed at least 2 children we know of refuses to tell authorities where one of the kids bodies are to keep hurting the family who just want closure. They’ve made multiple appeals to this guy too to just tell them where she’s buried and it’s almost like he’s taunting them every time he’s said he’ll disclose the real location then change his mind at the last minute. I’ve always remembered that case because I live a few hours from the victims family so every time anythjng happens with the case it’s on all the local news networks, papers etc.

  65. Belmont Children. Joanne Radcliffe and Kirste Joan Gordon. Poor Joanne tried to stop the abduction and no adults paid attention. I know someone related to the one of the girls. Even to this day they are devastated. You don't get over either of these abductions, if you are their parent.

  66. I was going to say Lauren Spierer too. As someone who also partied when they were in their early 20s it just sticks with me. It seems like the answer is obvious but you really never know. So many things happened that night

  67. The West Memphis Three. Or the Girl Scout murders. Or the Hinterkaifeck murders. OR. The Setagaya murders.

  68. They consider the Girl Scout murders officially solved now. They matched the DNA to the man arrested for the crime but he was acquitted of the crimes and died in 1979 before the DNA was matched. He was in prison for another crime when he died of a heart attack.

  69. Omg the Setagaya murders drive me insane! He left so much evidence and they still can't do anything. The whole family must've been so scared. It makes me so angry.

  70. I would give anything to see the Beaumont children given justice. They just disappeared. No bodies, nothing. A mother lost her children in the blink of an eye in an era where that was never even a concern to parents. It changed how Australians viewed their childrens safety forever, and they’ve still never been found. Absolutely heartbreaking.

  71. I 70 Killer. Did he kill Billy Brossman in 2001? What about the I35 attacks in Texas? Are there more we don’t even know about over the years?

  72. Maura Murray’s case. There’s just so many unanswered questions. What gets me is that fact that her family is still trying to find out what happened to her 18 years ago. I watched a recent interview with her sister, Julie, and she talked about how their mother and older sister have passed, their father is getting older and it’s so frustrating that they don’t know exactly what happened to Maura.

  73. The murder of Swedens Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. In size the greatest murder investigation in the world, however, not even close to being resolved .

  74. The 3 Skelton boys in Michigan. These 3 boys went missing after Thanksgiving maybe a decade ago with their dad, they haven't been seen since, dad's in prison and has never admitted to foul play. No body's have ever been found.

  75. The disappearance of Craig Frear. I’m from the same town. I went to school with him and worked at the same grocery store as he did. And I was part of that “suspicious“ crowd he hung around with in the months before he went missing, but I’ve known him much longer. There’s so much misinformation out there, and too much speculation from people who didn’t know him at all. He did NOT kill himself. And it breaks my heart that so many people jump straight to that conclusion instead of actually trying to figure out what happened.

  76. It’s so cliche, but I really want to know who killed Hae Min Lee and if it was really Adnan Syed. Another case that may not be well known outside of Atlanta is Katie Janness. She was killed in a very public park while walking her dog at night and over a year later no one has been charged with her murder it’s awful

  77. Timmothy Pitzen, Susan Powell(we pretty much know what happened, but I hope they find her body for the closure for her family, I hope she is able to be next to her sons), and the Delphi Murders.

  78. Any of the following - Bryce Laspisa, Patti Adkins, Ben McDaniel, Bob Harrod, Ray Gricar, Zachary Bernhardt, and Brian Shaffer. The first two seem fairly obvious but no body has turned up yet in either case.

  79. Patrick Alford went missing from his foster home while throwing out the garbage 12 years ago in Brooklyn, NY. This happened in my community.

  80. The holly staker case from 1992. 11 year old was R and murdered while babysitting in Waukegan. IL. They never caught the killer. The same man was falsely convicted three times and won a 20M lawsuit for it. DNA between that case and a 2000 murder have been linked. Still no arrest.

  81. 3 times?! That poor guy. I couldn’t imagine how life ruining that would of been for him. And for the victim’s family with that constant false hope of catching the guy. That’s so sad.

  82. Marble Arvidson. I'm friends with one of his closest friends, and I'd love to learn what happened to him for his loved ones. And Andrew Gosden, that boy's face haunts my nightmares.

  83. Dupont de Ligonnès murders and disappearance. It’s been heavy on my mind ever since I first saw that Unsolved Mysteries episode about it on Netflix. I am always hoping that one day they find Xavier dead or alive. Hopefully alive to get some answers. :/

  84. The disappearance of Nicole Morin from her apartment building in Toronto in 1985. She left her apartment to meet a friend in the lobby to go swimming, but never arrived. I remember seeing the search party looking for her.

  85. My friend’s death that happened in my house. The police there are notoriously corrupt and didn’t investigate. Just said it was suicide and called it a day, even though it was obviously murder. I tried digging, but everything I tried I hit a brick wall. No one wants to talk about it. I finally got it reopened, but they won’t answer any questions because I’m not blood related. 🤦🏻‍♀️it weighs on me everyday, but because I’m the only one who cares, it’s impossible to get it solved.

  86. Have you thought of making a post about what happened on reddit? Especially since you mentioned that you're the only one who truly cares about finding the truth, maybe fresh eyes could help. Obviously it's unlikely that anyone on reddit would know anything (although stranger things have happened) but someone might make a comment that points in a new direction or sparks an idea.

  87. The Short Family Murder. On Aug. 15, 2002, investigators found Michael and Mary Short dead inside their home in Henry County, Virginia. Their daughter, 9-year-old Jennifer Short, was considered missing until she was found dead under a bridge in Rockingham County six weeks later.

  88. Alonzo Brooks. Someone knows something and that poor young man and his family deserve justice. My heart breaks for his mother.

  89. Sherri Jarvis, formerly known as Walker County Jane Doe (for over 40 years!). Her death was horrific and she was only 14. I’d love to see her and her family get some kind of justice.

  90. I think about Abby Williams and Libby German of the Delphi Murders every single day. I grew up in the Midwest and spent a ton of time at local parks and exploring local trails with my best friend.

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