In 1977, Terri Jentz and Avra Goldman were attacked in Cline Falls State Park, Oregon. The assailant drove over their tent while they slept and attacked them with an axe. The identity of the driver has never been determined. Who was the Cline Falls axe attacker?

  1. I read the book. Terri is a good writer and told a good story. Her account presents a strong case for Damm being the assailant. I haven’t read any other perspective so I can’t tell how valid her conclusions are. What was lacking is the record of the actual police investigation which would have been public record after the statute of limitations expired but it was destroyed. For whatever it is worth, Damm appears to have made a life for himself as a petty criminal and all around trouble maker with a penchant for hurting women. He was a “frequent flyer” in the Oregon Prison system. He has also been able to rely on the support of his family; particularly his mother every time he got in trouble.

  2. A GREAT read. Her return to the town where it happened released a whole bunch of "Oh, yes, we know who did it" from the townspeople used to dealing with Damm.

  3. i haven't read it yet but i definitely plan to. I also had heard that Damm had ended up in prison so it seems little has changed in that regard. I personally believe he did do it, but for what reason is a whole other matter.

  4. One odd little detail I gleaned from Terri Jantz's book: The surgeon who treated her injuries after the attack also gave her an un-asked-for cosmetic nose job while he was at it.

  5. As many people for some reason are surprised by this, strangely, it is possible it was done because without doing so would have made her face out of proportion. Despite the outrage, people tend to forget that part of recovery is that you feel and look normal, and if the attack left the nose malformed, fixing it was probably a good move.

  6. every single thing about this story is the least-likely outcome. they're attacked by a stranger, randomly, while camping in the woods, and he uses his truck and an axe. they both survive despite massive injuries, partly because one of them physically stopped the attack as it was happening. despite seeing the guy, they can't ever identify him, and no one is charged even though there is a lot of evidence and a very strong suspect.

  7. agreed. It's a crazy story that I couldn't believe I'd never heard of. How they managed to survive such an insane attack is a mystery in itself. It's sad they could never pin down who did it for sure (although I'm sure most would believe Damm was involved), but at least they both lived to have what sound like good lives.

  8. I think about it a lot too, I live right down the road and I wonder if whoever did it is still lurking around the community. It’s not really a woodsy place though, it’s right off the highway and the waterfall is in scrub land. Unless they were near the parking lot and not the actual waterfall but both areas are fairly visible from the road.

  9. This is absolutely wild and I cannot believe one girl shouted and another fought back and then got help after being run over and axe attacked. Wow.

  10. The car that came to the park after they'd gotten help had to be the attacker. It's too much of a coincidence otherwise. And yeah, he likely saw they'd sought help and decided to flee instead. Very creepy story. I genuinely don't think I could write a creepier scenario if I tried.

  11. Having heard and read many true crime stories over past decade it is amazing what many survive with some vicious attacks!!! Sadly with some of these the scum bag attackers get away with it at least a few get captured.

  12. I read it as that guy was imprisoned for that heinous crime against the little girl after the truck attack, but I could be wrong. Hopefully that’s the case and he was imprisoned for life

  13. It's written kind of weird so I get why you're confused but Richard Godwin was actually convicted and imprisoned for that AFTER 1977 and after the women were attacked.

  14. I tried camping long ago and decided it wasn’t for me. As a kid it’s fun. As an adult trying to stay clean and feed everyone and wash dishes….no fun. I find the act of first running over them to be extremely bizarre, especially if you’re the type not afraid to get up close and personal and bloody with an axe. Then when he gave up after Terri fought back despite having every advantage my first thought was this is someone young and/or inexperienced. Running over them first adds to that impression. I’m vaguely familiar with this crime, but I didn’t know a book was written. I’ll be reading it. Great write up, OP.

  15. I reckon he ran them over first because he was afraid that one would escape, or that they could've been armed. It sounds like he wanted to hurt people without running the risk of being hurt himself.

  16. I saw this case on a 2020 years ago and have never forgotten it. Excellent write up, OP! One of the most chilling things about it is that both of them could not shake the sense of being watched, but like anyone would, shrugged it off as paranoia. It's a survival instinct, so I'm pretty sure he WAS watching them.. for a while, at least. Scary as hell!

  17. Indeed, it’s a very plausible scenario any of us could easily face. But you’d be well primed to push it aside if you couldn’t see anyone near you. I don’t think someone was watching them the entire time they were there, but it’s likely that someone was for a period of time.

  18. New camping fear unlocked. I would’ve never thought about being run over while in my tent. There is no way to escape quickly and you can’t really see what’s happening. I’m glad that they both made it out alive.

  19. I do a lot of camping and keep a knife handy so I can cut myself out if I need to. I've always been more concerned about fire or animals, and I don't know if you'd have time to react if someone tried to run you over, but it's an easy way you can guarantee you can escape from any side if need need be.

  20. If Damm was under the influence when he was questioned, do you think there's a chance he might have been if/when he did it? A meth trip can last anywhere from several hours to multiple days, meaning it's plausible that drugs could have played a role all the way from following them to the attack itself

  21. it's possible, I'd say. I don't know what a meth trip feels like for the person and whether it would impair their ability to drive, but if not, he could have been.

  22. Good question! There were some suspicions that I came across about whether the destruction of the police evidence may have been deliberate. There was a reference to somebody (maybe Jentz) suspecting that a suspect they had came from a well-liked family in the area, and that they got rid of the evidence possibly at their request. I didn’t mention it in the post because I’m not sure if it’s accurate or just conjecture, also I can’t say if the suspect in question was Damm or someone else.

  23. I'm inclined to agree. If the discovery was genuine, I can't fathom why they wouldn't hand it in to the police. It would be pretty important evidence. It sounds more like the sort of rumour that spreads like wildfire but has little basis in reality.

  24. This is such a terrifying story. Why would a man who used a 5 year old’s skull as a candle holder be out of prison? That’s some Ed Gein shit

  25. The story is still terrifying but I don't think he was out of prison for the murder, I think the murder happened (or at least he was arrested for it) after this attack.

  26. After some digging: he murdered Andrea Tolentino in 1976. He wasn't arrested for it until after this attack occurred in 1979. There's an article on (that I didn't copy the OCR or link for; apologies) that has a little more detail, but I have a migraine and OCR formatting is tough to parse right now.

  27. Wow! Never heard of this one but thank you for sharing. I’m in awe of their fight for survival. Great write-up and I love your writing style!

  28. I love camping and this is terrifying. I would never think about the possibility of this happening. Those poor girls.

  29. It’s crazy to me that she was able to hold back the attacker with both arms broken, wow. Both of them definitely had a strong will to survive

  30. Well written, thank you for a great write up and bringing this courage of the two woman forward! I’d never heard of this case and their endurance and resolve are truly inspiring.

  31. I have not read the book so go easy on me, but I do wonder how the attacker knew their precise location? It stands out as weird to me that practically in the middle of the night, this guy navigated a truck around obstacles to reach them specifically.

  32. I suspect it may have just been one of those very unfortunate chance encounters where he saw them, perhaps spied on them for a while, then returned later.

  33. Unsolved Mysteries did a segment on this and so did one of those shows like Dateline. I think only Terri was on the Dateline type show and they went back to the scene of the crime. I think this was in the 90s or early 2000s.They placed a lot of emphasis on the cowboy guy.

  34. This is the case I point to when my friends want to go camping in godforsaken areas, or even less-godforsaken areas. If it's not a super busy campground with lots of foot traffic, I don't want it.

  35. I'm an avid (female) hiker and camper and I feel the exact opposite! My mom wanted to get into car camping and I felt very strongly that she'd be safer in a secluded area than a busy campground - if no one knows you're there, they're less likely to attack. In the case of this story, it sounds like the girls were doing the opposite: secluded but visible, camping in a spot visible from a road. In the times I've camped (or even slept in my car) in a non-campground spot visible from a road I've felt extremely vulnerable. Rest stops are the absolute scariest to me.

  36. This is the case I also tell everyone about... once we arrive at the campsite. I still love camping, but this case is definitely in the back of my mind the whole time.

  37. I’ve never been keen on the idea of camping anyway but after researching this case, it’s never gonna happen.

  38. I’ve camped in some reckless places with my ex over the years and have frightening flashbacks of paranoia of what could have happened

  39. Those Russian university student also went camping (in winter) that ended up running out of their tents naked trying to climb up some tree before freezing to death…

  40. What an absolutely terrifying story! Both of those girls strength is beyond incredible, I can't believe they survived this. Thank you for sharing their story, I hope the Cline Falls attacker can one day be revealed.

  41. It’s always fascinating (and unnerving) to me when I come across an Oregon case I haven’t heard of before! I vacation all the time near there, not camping though, but it’s a very popular place to camp!

  42. This is beautifully written and a wonderful write-up for an otherwise frustrating case. Thank you very much for sharing.

  43. The reference in your opening to "two young girls" made me think this was about children, so I was surprised to read Terri and Avra were adults, being 20 and 19 years old at the time.

  44. You’re right, I looked back at it now and the wording wasn’t great. I’ll give it an edit when I’m back home!

  45. That's always been my assumption, too--either they were a couple or the attacker perceived them as such. I think he was watching them or saw them earlier in the day.

  46. I just heard a murder in the rain about this a few weeks ago. Was pretty crazy how different the aftermath was for each of them mentally. I am going to try and get ahold of the book.

  47. Always felt there was more to this one than the 2 women shared. I think there is a reason that one of them has simply chosen to move on with her life, while the other has clung to it and angled it into a career as a writer.

  48. From what I gathered reading about it years ago they were a couple. Terri is out as gay, and she has mentioned it in interviews but stated that she tried to downplay it in the book to prevent it being the focus of the story (and probably out of respect for Avra). Avra is now married to a man and I think denies/tries to distance herself from any mention of having been in a lesbian relationship with Terri.

  49. I find it truly bizarre that I can find the phone number, date of birth and address of Damm through a very simple google search. Why is this information public?

  50. A good guy or gal with a gun may have come in handy that night. I did a lot of backpacking in my teens. I’ve had some spooky experiences but nothing earth shaking. However, life has taught me that there are some sick and evil monsters out there and to always be ready to protect yourself and those you love.

  51. I would like for some of these down voters to tell me how I can protect myself (medium size female) from another human that is set on hurting or killing me?

  52. Redmon Oregon, well I'd look at active serial killers of that time to try to determine it wasn't possibly them, then maybe ask around people that were camping there if they spotted or saw anyone weird.

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